Strachan Sees Vinny in Big Market City

Saturday night, HNIC analyst Al Strachan said Vincent Lecavalier has “spent enough of his career” in Tampa Bay. On the HNIC Hotstove segment, Strachan suggested that Vinny’s agent and brother Phil would be requesting a trade to a larger hockey market from Bolts GM Jay Feaster. New York, L.A. and Montreal were said to be possible destinations.

Phil Lecavalier is a huge proponent of American markets for his players and prefers to keep his clients as far south as he can. This flies in the face of the Lecavalier boys’ father’s wish to see his son fulfill his destiny as the next great Habs Captain. Jean Beliveau even placed a personal call to Vinny in the offseason before the lockout, stating that he would bring his celebrated #4 jersey down from the rafters at the Bell Centre should Vinny  
decide to come home.

Strachan’s suggestion has been discredited by Fox’s Spector and French hockey analyst Charles Magne in recent days

My question to Vinny is, “why be a giant fish in a tiny pond when you could be a whale in the only pond that matters?”

Here’s to hoping that if he does move that he comes home and not to New York or L.A. devastating Habs fans the world over.

We can all dream can’t we. I had almost gotten over it.

Thanks Al Strachan.