Strachan Sees Vinny in Big Market City

Saturday night, HNIC analyst Al Strachan said Vincent Lecavalier has “spent enough of his career” in Tampa Bay. On the HNIC Hotstove segment, Strachan suggested that Vinny’s agent and brother Phil would be requesting a trade to a larger hockey market from Bolts GM Jay Feaster. New York, L.A. and Montreal were said to be possible destinations.

Phil Lecavalier is a huge proponent of American markets for his players and prefers to keep his clients as far south as he can. This flies in the face of the Lecavalier boys’ father’s wish to see his son fulfill his destiny as the next great Habs Captain. Jean Beliveau even placed a personal call to Vinny in the offseason before the lockout, stating that he would bring his celebrated #4 jersey down from the rafters at the Bell Centre should Vinny  
decide to come home.

Strachan’s suggestion has been discredited by Fox’s Spector and French hockey analyst Charles Magne in recent days

My question to Vinny is, “why be a giant fish in a tiny pond when you could be a whale in the only pond that matters?”

Here’s to hoping that if he does move that he comes home and not to New York or L.A. devastating Habs fans the world over.

We can all dream can’t we. I had almost gotten over it.

Thanks Al Strachan.

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  1. habskovalev27 says:


  2. BillyGambles says:

    Right now I think any Flyers fan would love to see him replace Daniel Briere in the offseason.

  3. BillyGambles says:

    and yes, it is wishful thinking.

  4. puckhead94 says:

    In the not so distant past, i recall Flyers fans taunting the Rangers fans about the contracts of Scott Gomez and Chris Drury and how they weren't earning a dime of those monster deals..

    Fast forward to the present, and here we are with the Flyers involved in a catastrophic standings free fall of epic proportions, and the Flyers fans are begging to trade their once highly-regarded, still highly-paid center.

    I live in South Jersey, surrounded by these people, and it amazes me how the sentiment has just done a complete 180. A friend of mine who is a devout Flyers fan wishes they could trade him yesterday.

    He has come to the realization that I tried to explain to him back when the signing was made. Daniel Briere was only successful in the environment of the Buffalo Sabres where it was high-flying, speedy, offensive hockey, and where he was complemented with other speedy players under a specific system.

    Daniel Briere will not be the savior for the Flyers.

    And I would venture to say that if they had to do it all over, Flyers fans would have rather signed Gomez or Drury…

    But anyway, Vincent Lecavalier is a phenemonal player, and I'm sure he would be welcome on any team in the NHL, but I don't think the Lightning would trade him for Briere lol.

  5. percussio says:

    Al Strachan is an idiot.

    To quote Shakespeare "tis a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing".

    If Lecavalier himself and his agent shot this down, then where in the world would Strachan have gotten this information ?! If you have nothing else to do than to attract attention to yourself by INVENTING rumors for the sheer pleasure of hearing yourself speak, without reliable sources, do us all a favor and stay away from the press, dumbass.

    People who suggest it is possible for Lecavalier to come to Montreal have no hockey credibility and knowledge. These are people who are simply here to entertain there whims and fantasies and are not capable of hockey management.

    Why in the world would Jay Feaster trade away his franchise player, the man he is building around ? A player who is consistently one of the best year after year and most complete players in the game.

    Who does Montreal have to offer for Lecavalier in the first place ?

    The job of a GM is to interpret and analyze a teams needs. When you are a buyer or a seller, those needs need to be fulfilled with every variable taken into account.

    – Lecavalier is commited to this organization AND the community in which he presently lives (proof with the million dollar donation devoted to building a childrens wing at a Tampa hospital)

    – He has shown NO INTEREST WHAT-SO-EVER to leave.

    -Feaster has been working on a long term contract extension.

    -Vincent does NOT want to play in Montreal because of it's pressure, fickle fan base, media, taxes, weather.

    It may not be an impossibility but the likeliness of this ever happening in the next decade are next to none.

    Personally, I dream of owning a Ferrari but seeing as I dont have the funds now OR the foreable future, I live in a city that allows for 3 months of sports car driving and were the streets condition compares with those of Kosovo, I sure as hell don't go out telling every Tom, Dick and Harry.

    If you have nothing intelligent to contribute … keep it to yourself. Anyone can make a claim and this site is to propogate rumors but for this guy to publicly announce this possibility shows that some people will go to any lenght to attract attention. I have lost all if any respect for people of the sort. 

  6. habsrock99 says:

    No one friggin cares what you feel Al Strachan. Just because you think Vinny's spent "enough" time in Tampa DOESN'T MEAN HE FEELS THE SAME WAY!!! I swear to God Al Strachan and Eklund are the same goddamn person. Or they get their weed from the same dealer.

  7. GlenSather says:

    New York needs to make a big push to get Lecavalier.  The Rangers could make him first line center for Jagr, leave Gomez at second line with Drury as a winger.  This would make the Rangers a legit power in the East.

  8. habskovalev27 says:

    How can you loose with forwards like Richards, Carter, Briere, Upshall, Hartnell, Knuble (Lupul and Gagne if they are not injured….)

    Maybe it's the style…If they can stop being "Clarke style" and play hockey with speed and agility they have, they can be in 1st….

    I think John Stevens is the problem…

  9. habskovalev27 says:

    Fan base and media ?
    Sick and tired of this one

    Look at Kovalev this year, he's treated like a god and why ? because he's showing up every night.  That's what we want.  Players playing at their potential.

  10. BillyGambles says:

    Keep in mind, I understand a Briere move wont happen b4 the deadline this year. or would a trade w/ TBL for Vinnie happen. But What I hope for is whenever Vinnie becomes a UFA (i dont know it offhand when that is and dont feel like looking it up right now) I'd like to see him signed and Briere moved out as an off season move.

  11. BillyGambles says:

    Stevens may be the problem.

    Think there might be bad blood between Stevens and Kukkonen too. *****ers been a healthy scratch for some time now, gets a lil icetime during it play great, then is still scratched.

  12. rcichard03 says:

    i sell them both crack … its incredible how much rocks 2 people can go through in a week and still get there crap published

  13. percussio says:

    I dont care if you're sick of it … it still remains a factor as to why players wont come here. Brodeur himself said it.

  14. habskovalev27 says:

    yeah well will see this summer with the free agent…
    Habs prove they can be a contender….

  15. percussio says:

    Now that we finally are cup contenders, we can land impact players.

    The main problem with the media and fan base was concerning french canadian players. Montreal has been looking for a saviour and it's that kind of pressure they want to avoid.

    Lecavalier doesnt want to come, Brodeur admitted not wanting to play in montreal, Briere refused a very good offer from Gainey.

    With the expectations being much lesser from 1 individual and the entire team playing well, getting a french canadian impact player is much more plausible.

    As far as Lecavalier goes … Tampa is where he is happy and for many reasons.
    It wouldnt make sense for the Penguins to get rid of Crosby, so why does it make sense to say Lecavalier will leave Tampa ?! Just because Habs fans want it, it automatically makes it more credible ? Thats just pure delusion.

  16. Habs_pm says:

    Yeah they are shopping Richards & Boyle and at the same time might get rid of their franchise player….Don't think so.

    If they fail to move Richards then maybe but I doubt it.

    Vinny won't leave Tampa because they are ready to offer him $9 Million/year to be in Tampa for the rest of his career

    Would Lecavs come to Montreal……Well….Never say Never!

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