Straka, Hedberg to stay with Pens

The Fourth Period – The Pittsburgh Penguins have been entertaining offers for a number of their roster players. Teams have shown interest in the likes of Martin Straka, Ville Nieminen, Jan Hrdina, Michal Rozsival and Johan Hedberg. Reports indicate that a deal or two is a solid possibility in Pittsburgh, but TFP has learned that a specific two aren’t going anywhere.

“The Pens won’t deal Straka or Hedberg,” a source told TFP.

Previous reports suggested that the Penguins were entertaining the thought of dealing both players. Minnesota, Colorado, Detroit and Philadelphia were supposedly interested in Straka, while the St. Louis Blues apparently had their eyes on Hedberg. It’s now believed that neither will be dealt.

In fact, if Mario Lemieux decides to hang-up his skates after this season, Straka, who’d personally rather stay in Pittsburgh, would be in line to be next year’s captain. General Manager Craig Patrick, however, did not rule out a trade was coming. “We have to do whatever we have to do to move ourselves along to be better now and for the future,” he said.

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  1. mikster says:

    Makes perfect sesne. Straka makes about $4M, and his contract also runs through the 2004-05 season. Teams don’t want that and his trade value is too low and not worth it for the Penguins.

    Hedberg….i say the Blues should just shut up and land Burke. Trade Papineau and a 1st rounder, that’ll be enough…and i would pull that deal if i were the Coyotes, they need a 1st round.

  2. HailSatan says:

    Good call by the Pens. If they traded Straka and Hedberg the 13 fans they have left would probably commit ritual suicide. They need SOME actual NHL caliber players to keep them from being a total minor league quality team.

  3. HailSatan says:

    Unless of course someone has some cash and used jock straps they throw the Pens way (ie Kovalev to the Rangers)

  4. TrojanMan says:

    I say trade Straka and Hrdina. Whats the point of keeping them regardless of whether lemieux retires or not, they wont make the playoffs regardless and Wayne Primeau can captain the team at least for a year in the absence of Lemieux and Straka. A 4 million $ contract for a player with strakas skill is well worth it for a team to acquire this coming year and next.

    Rozsival wont be traded.

    *I wonder if this is the same source that said Kovy was a Maple Leaf

  5. TrojanMan says:

    “The Pens won’t deal Straka or Hedberg,” a source told TFP.

    Not the least bit vague. A source….meaning any one of billions of people could have said this regardless of knowledge (no offense mik).

    You guys will post anything on

  6. mikster says:

    Any media source that is told about a rumor will post it. It’s their job.

    It makes sense to not trade Straka, his contract is not cheap and it runs through the 04-05 season.

    Hedberg is a possibility, but his value is too low now.

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