Straka & Pens|Can Dafoe Help Thrash?|Mike's Replacement|Brodeur| and more!!!

How have the Pens done since Straka stepped in?

Can Dafoe really help Atlanta to Thrash?

A 19 year old kid carrying a $70M team?

Burns, are ya nuts!!!? Brodeur played all Devils games, but here’s why…

Who am I?

I was the first player ever to be drafted by the Avalanche.

The L.A fans unrest with monarchy rule when King Allison is ill.

Sports Illustrated the most pathetic sports magazine, and Michael Farber the most unprofessional and small-brained loser in the hockey world.STRAKA AND THE PENS

Well, the Penguins were one of the hot teams to start the regular season. Lemieux is scoring league leading points, Hedberg and J-S Aubin have been solid, Morozov is finally starting a good and consistent career (if Lemieux stays healthy), and Straka finally came back.

The Penguins are on a 7 game winless streak since Straka’s comeback (scoring 1 goal and 4 assists). The team has also scored just 15 goals in the past 7 games, a little over 2 goals per game, which is strange from the Penguins. Again, the Penguins lost to the Montreal Canadiens in OT, but the Pens most inaffective player has been Alexei Kovalev who currently has a -10.


Can he help? Well, here are some interesting facts:

In the past 5 seasons with the Boston Bruins, Dafoe himself faced 7,028 shots on goal.

In the past two seasons, the Thrashers goaltenders have faced a total of 4,750 shots on goal.

Can Dafoe handle the number of shots allowed from the Atlanta Thrashers? Aside from the shots, the Thrashers allow many quality scoring chances and are now without Richard Smehlik.

I think Lord Byron can be of help for the Thrashers, and he is playing through his prime. The deal is no loss for the Thrashers, as they are underpaying Dafoe after requesting $6M a season since July 1st. However, the Thrashers will not improve dramatically.


The 19 year old kiddo has played really well for the Rangers.

Small key facts: 4-2 in his past 6 starts since Richter’s injury. 16 GA on 185 SOG; .920 Sv%.

Not bad at all considering the Rangers defense has been decent at the very least (horrible 2nd periods). Blackburn appears to feel comfortable in net, and is the permament starter until a timetable has been released by doctors for Richter. If the timetable is lengthy, do not expect the Rangers to panic and acquire a starting goaltender (i.e Irbe/Hackett) unless Blackburn cannot carry his team furthermore. If Blackburn plays as he has done in the past 6 games, expect the Rangers to acquire a goalie like Brathwaite, or Hnilicka.


It sounds ridiculous, does it not? I mean, why not just rest Brodeur for one game? Will Schwab play 10 games, at the very most? This is tiring Brodeur, but Burns has every right to play Brodeur every night, as of now.

Here is the main answer: Brodeur has a .917Sv%!!!! Excellent saving percentage for Marty Brodeur, he is facing an average of 23 shots per game, which is superb from the Devils defense (as expected). Why not play him? Devils are hot, topping the East, and they are winning. At one point Marty will get a rest, but maybe after he plays his 20th game, or after the Devils play their 20th game.


I was the first pick in the Colorado Avalanche franchise history. I even stopped my first penalty shot against Jeremy Roenick on February 28, 2001.

Marc Denis

Marc Denis has been the spectacular goalie of the season, so far, yet still unpopular. Witnessing some of his games, he made spectacular saves to give his team the wins, such as the 3-2 win over the St. Louis-whichgoalieshouldwestart-Blues.

The 25 year old has stopped 534 out of 583 pucks on net. His record so far is 7-9-2, but with a GAA of 2.77, and .916Sv%. EXCELLENT! Forget Nabokov, Blackburn, Brodeur, Cujo’s cold start, Belfour and the Leafs, Turco, and Theodore….this goalie is the one who should get top Headlines! Great start for Marc Denis and the Columbus Blue Jackets, well…thanks to Denis for the most part.


The Los Angeles are starting a cold streak after losing their top King, Jason Allison.

Record without Allison: 3-4-1-2. Also, the Kings scored 26 goals without Allison, and 28 with him on the roster.

So far, not so good for the Kings, and even though Allison has started skating, it does not mean he can skate with physical contact on the ice as well. I don’t think the Kings will pull a trade, only if things get ugly. However, Palffy must step up and so do the other Kings.

“Toronto, the hockey capital of the world, is home to the NHL’s most notorious band of whiners, divers and cheap-shot artists,”

I seriously do not care if you agree with that or not (I tend to disagree), but Michael Farber showed that he is nothing more than an unprofessional loser. ZER0 class and sportsmanship from a writer who contributes to an extremely popular magazine.

After irritated and losing all sorts of respect to SI (S*it Illustrated), I was happily watching the Montreal Canadiens playing against the Penguins. During a commercial break, I switched over to the Blue Jackets vs. the Blues, and there I saw Farber.

Check this out:

Asked about the Cassels and Sanderson combo, Farber said that they are on the high level of Gretzky and Jari Kurri back in the Edmonton Dynasty. I was shocked, and purely disgusted by such a statement. Cassels and Sanders have played less than 20 games on the same line, producing decent-to-good points, while Gretzky and Kurri have played for years posting unbeatable points.

Sports Illustrated is a joke, and Farber is a notorious whiner, who dives for fame, and has a cheap mind…..or no mind at all, just an empty brain.