Straka & Pens|Can Dafoe Help Thrash?|Mike's Replacement|Brodeur| and more!!!

How have the Pens done since Straka stepped in?

Can Dafoe really help Atlanta to Thrash?

A 19 year old kid carrying a $70M team?

Burns, are ya nuts!!!? Brodeur played all Devils games, but here’s why…

Who am I?

I was the first player ever to be drafted by the Avalanche.

The L.A fans unrest with monarchy rule when King Allison is ill.

Sports Illustrated the most pathetic sports magazine, and Michael Farber the most unprofessional and small-brained loser in the hockey world.STRAKA AND THE PENS

Well, the Penguins were one of the hot teams to start the regular season. Lemieux is scoring league leading points, Hedberg and J-S Aubin have been solid, Morozov is finally starting a good and consistent career (if Lemieux stays healthy), and Straka finally came back.

The Penguins are on a 7 game winless streak since Straka’s comeback (scoring 1 goal and 4 assists). The team has also scored just 15 goals in the past 7 games, a little over 2 goals per game, which is strange from the Penguins. Again, the Penguins lost to the Montreal Canadiens in OT, but the Pens most inaffective player has been Alexei Kovalev who currently has a -10.


Can he help? Well, here are some interesting facts:

In the past 5 seasons with the Boston Bruins, Dafoe himself faced 7,028 shots on goal.

In the past two seasons, the Thrashers goaltenders have faced a total of 4,750 shots on goal.

Can Dafoe handle the number of shots allowed from the Atlanta Thrashers? Aside from the shots, the Thrashers allow many quality scoring chances and are now without Richard Smehlik.

I think Lord Byron can be of help for the Thrashers, and he is playing through his prime. The deal is no loss for the Thrashers, as they are underpaying Dafoe after requesting $6M a season since July 1st. However, the Thrashers will not improve dramatically.


The 19 year old kiddo has played really well for the Rangers.

Small key facts: 4-2 in his past 6 starts since Richter’s injury. 16 GA on 185 SOG; .920 Sv%.

Not bad at all considering the Rangers defense has been decent at the very least (horrible 2nd periods). Blackburn appears to feel comfortable in net, and is the permament starter until a timetable has been released by doctors for Richter. If the timetable is lengthy, do not expect the Rangers to panic and acquire a starting goaltender (i.e Irbe/Hackett) unless Blackburn cannot carry his team furthermore. If Blackburn plays as he has done in the past 6 games, expect the Rangers to acquire a goalie like Brathwaite, or Hnilicka.


It sounds ridiculous, does it not? I mean, why not just rest Brodeur for one game? Will Schwab play 10 games, at the very most? This is tiring Brodeur, but Burns has every right to play Brodeur every night, as of now.

Here is the main answer: Brodeur has a .917Sv%!!!! Excellent saving percentage for Marty Brodeur, he is facing an average of 23 shots per game, which is superb from the Devils defense (as expected). Why not play him? Devils are hot, topping the East, and they are winning. At one point Marty will get a rest, but maybe after he plays his 20th game, or after the Devils play their 20th game.


I was the first pick in the Colorado Avalanche franchise history. I even stopped my first penalty shot against Jeremy Roenick on February 28, 2001.

Marc Denis

Marc Denis has been the spectacular goalie of the season, so far, yet still unpopular. Witnessing some of his games, he made spectacular saves to give his team the wins, such as the 3-2 win over the St. Louis-whichgoalieshouldwestart-Blues.

The 25 year old has stopped 534 out of 583 pucks on net. His record so far is 7-9-2, but with a GAA of 2.77, and .916Sv%. EXCELLENT! Forget Nabokov, Blackburn, Brodeur, Cujo’s cold start, Belfour and the Leafs, Turco, and Theodore….this goalie is the one who should get top Headlines! Great start for Marc Denis and the Columbus Blue Jackets, well…thanks to Denis for the most part.


The Los Angeles are starting a cold streak after losing their top King, Jason Allison.

Record without Allison: 3-4-1-2. Also, the Kings scored 26 goals without Allison, and 28 with him on the roster.

So far, not so good for the Kings, and even though Allison has started skating, it does not mean he can skate with physical contact on the ice as well. I don’t think the Kings will pull a trade, only if things get ugly. However, Palffy must step up and so do the other Kings.

“Toronto, the hockey capital of the world, is home to the NHL’s most notorious band of whiners, divers and cheap-shot artists,”

I seriously do not care if you agree with that or not (I tend to disagree), but Michael Farber showed that he is nothing more than an unprofessional loser. ZER0 class and sportsmanship from a writer who contributes to an extremely popular magazine.

After irritated and losing all sorts of respect to SI (S*it Illustrated), I was happily watching the Montreal Canadiens playing against the Penguins. During a commercial break, I switched over to the Blue Jackets vs. the Blues, and there I saw Farber.

Check this out:

Asked about the Cassels and Sanderson combo, Farber said that they are on the high level of Gretzky and Jari Kurri back in the Edmonton Dynasty. I was shocked, and purely disgusted by such a statement. Cassels and Sanders have played less than 20 games on the same line, producing decent-to-good points, while Gretzky and Kurri have played for years posting unbeatable points.

Sports Illustrated is a joke, and Farber is a notorious whiner, who dives for fame, and has a cheap mind…..or no mind at all, just an empty brain.

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  1. wayne2 says:

    Straka wont be playing all season,he`ll be hurt again shortly and he is not the player that makes the difference in Pittsburg,its Mario.Dafoe will help Atlanta but not enough to make the playoffs,but its a start,couple of good draft picks/free agent signing next year and they could challenge.Blackburn will be a great goalie and i will collect his hockey cards,just in case.I honestly feel that at the present time,Martin Brodeur is the best goalie in the NHL.He is a team player and doesnt talk contract as much as many players in his situation.Marc Denis is another keeper,he will be great also.Allison is the kings best player and of course,makes a difference.Good article,lots of variety.

  2. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    I pretty much agree with everything you said. Actually the entire post.

    Straka will make a difference if he remains healthy.

    On Dafoe….Was Hlinka playing that badly?

    Blackburn is only 19 and not ready to lead a team. Give him some time. I think a trade is needed in Rangerville. The problem with a 19 year old goalie is if he goes into a slump, does he have the maturity to pull him out…EVER?

    Marty starting every game. This team has to remember that it’s a long season and their star tender will be needed. But Schwabb is a very good back up and there are no worries there.

    LA is nothing without Allison. Now Deadmarsh is out too…OH OH…Trouble in LA LA LAND

    Now to this FArber idiot. I do kind of agree that, my team, the leafs has become known as a whiny team. But the question is why. Every team has the whiners and the odd dirty hit. But the leafs seem to do the whining and dirty hitting at the wrong time. Of course when you hit a guy low in New York there’s going to be press on it. Then the rest of the no nothing reporters in the USA jump on the Toronto is dirty banana boat and boom, the entire nation thinks Toronto is filled with whiners and cheap shot artists.

    Onto the Gretzky/Kurri vs. Cassels/Sanderson

    Let’s do a comparison

    Gretzky- Has 2857 points in 1487 games played

    Kurri- Has 1398 points in 1251 games played

    Sanderson- Has 525 points in 785 games played

    Cassels- Has 649 points in 866 games played

    That gives the Gretzky/Kurri combo a total of 4255 points

    Sanderson/Cassels barely breaks a grand.

    And back in the early Oiler days Kurri had seasons of 1983–104 points

    1984–113 points

    1985–135 points

    1986–131 points

    1987–108 points

    1988–96 points

    and gretzky in the same years had numbers like this

    82–212 points

    83–196 points

    84–205 points

    85–208 points

    86–215 points

    87–183 points

    88–149 points

    Now if Cassels and Sanderson have even come close to numbers like this, let me know. I’ll retract my statement, send Farber a box of candies and tell him i’m sorry. Oh yeah by the way Cassels career year was 85 points way back in 1992 and Sandersons career year was 89 points the same year on the same team. So obviously there is a connection between these two. But comparing them to Kurri and Gretzky is unfair to them.

  3. DaAvs says:

    Denis has been great for awhile. Peple just don’t see it cause he plays for the Blue Jackets. I predicted that points would be picked up with Cassels. That is why I picked up Sanderson for my Salary Cap fantasy team (At 1.6 Mil 12 goals ain’t bad, nor the fact he’s not in negative +/-). But no way are Cassels and Sanderson that good. Brodeur year in and out is winning 30-40 games. Thing is he’s playing 60-65. He will wear down in time, I believe this will shorten his span in the NHL. Not to say he won’t play to 36-37, but it’s gotta be hard on the player to do that much year in and out. Other topics…let’s see LA is a one line team as demonstrated. Both Palffy and Deader can get it in the net, but need playmakers to get them that puck. Blackburn will be good, but honestly I think he’s a year to tow years away. And the Rangers need a defense to actually help him devolp. Dafoe will make this team competative. I think he’ll do more for them in the standings, but to much competition out East to say they’ll get in. I believe next year’s number one will not go to them though. Pens…This team has the potential to be great each year…but as demonstrated they are streaky. Mario may get a point to two a game, but honestly their power play was winning in the games, if the calls die down a bit. Then this team hurts. If they stay up this team is a contender. As defense will hurt this team.

  4. TheDevil says:

    Brodeur is used to play loads of games, so don’t worry about him. He will get some rest, and the Devils will do fine in some games with Schwab, since he is actually a good backup (who always accepted his role).

    Let’s not forget that the Devils have been in the Stanley Cup finals in two of the last three years, plus Brodeur also played in the Olympics last year (played extremely well by the way). This year, no Olympics, plus the Devils were ousted in the first round of last playoffs, so Marty is better mentally rested.

  5. DG says:

    I guess you can add “stuck in the past” to Michael Farber. Back in the 2002 play-offs the Toronto Maple Leafs were, in fact, whining, diving and cheap shotting, but now they’re not. In fact, I’d say the only ones whining now is the opposition, as the Leafs have amassed quite a roll now (winning four of five) 🙂

    Seriously, though, after watching the Leafs beat the Boston Bruins Tuesday all I have to say is that Eddie Belfour has now made it. Booed in the pre-season, he’s battled back and now has won the adulation of the fans. Just hearing “Eddie” was a thrill. He was, without a doubt, THE star of that game as, in my opinion anyway, the Bruins lost the game, the Leafs didn’t win it. Both were sloppy but the Leafs more so, and thankfully Eddie saved their bacon. If anything, the Leafs proved the exact opposite in that game, as I don’t think they whined once. This is a focused team and now look like they’re hitting their stride. I say they’re not whining, they’re winning, and the stats right now don’t lie.

    Andrew Cassels and Geoff Sanderson, by the way, have played together before, with the Hartford Whalers back in 1993. It should probably figure that both, the top two scorers for the Whale back in 1992-93, would click again with the Columbus Blue Jackets and I’ll say they’re playing well together. However, it’s nowhere NEAR Wayne Gretzky and Jarri Kurri, who put up unimaginable point totals together (even in their time), not to mention both were tremendous athletes. Cassels is a great passer and Sanderson does have speed but neither is Gretzky and Kurri (respectively) now, especially since both are well over 30 and are in the twlight of their careers.


  6. TheRumourGod says:

    Did you actually watch this game or just the highlites. Tucker was chirping and screaming and frothing at the mouth again, on his way off the ice for the second intermission. The ONLY reason the Make Me Laughs are not whining as much this year, is because the league put a new rule in place that would penalize them if they did…

  7. MantaRay says:

    Your knowledge of the game has improved a great deal with this post. Keep reading the Power rankings for more of your ideas!!!

    Contrary to your piece on Brodeur, if Marty would rest more he would have won the Veniza already.

    Marty has played three back-to-back series this year and his second game shows fatitgue:

    Game 1: record: 3-0-0; GAA: 1.33 Save percentage: .941

    Game 2: record: 1-2-0; GAA: 2.33 Save percentage: .889

    Marty is nigh invincible in the first game, but the physical fatigue is apparent in his game performance the next night in facing almost the same amount of shots (68 game 1vs 64 the second game). My plea to coach Burns: “Please rest Marty once in a while”.

    (courtesy of

    If he rests the second game his stats would be far superior.

  8. Tony says:

    first off they’ve only won 3 of their last 4, and one of the games was againts the last place team in the NHL, and another was againts a slumping LA team in which they almost blew the game. I don’t know what games you’ve been watching but the Toronto players whine everytime they get a penalty and Tucker maybe did one of the best dives i’ve seen all year againts Boston. I just don’t understand why everyone gets mad at Farber for telling the truth.

  9. Tradedude says:

    Straka is a bonus player to the pens. Seeing he’s a regular on the disabled list. Seeing him play is just bonus for the pens. Other than the 4 million he gets per season.

    Dafoe. He’s just putting pressure on himself. It will bring more thrasher fans into their building.

    Marty. Brodeur playing EVERY GAME. This is harsh. I mean Schwab HAS to play atleast 14 a season. Or even once every 12 or 13 games. Marty will get tired, (if not already) and will lose confidence, and eventually ware down the devils himself. Don’t get me wrong here. Brodeur is my favourite goalie. Schwab was a favourite when on the leafs filling in for an injury of cujo’s. Unless Brodeur gets hurt, Schwab won’t play much, or even NO GAMES.

    Belfour. As a leaf fan, I’ve been watching him in net lately. And getting 3 wins in 4 games and saving 94 of the past 97 shots in the p[ast 3 or 4 games or so. I have so much confidence in this guy. I feel as if nothing will ever get by him. But eventually he’ll slow down. But not anytime soon. Say what you want about Eddy. But he’s been playing great, especially with the leafs cheese cloth defense. I just want Lumme gone. Him and Kidd. and reichel sure. Hoglund has been playing great so far this season, and doesn’t cost them too much.

    Cassels and Sanderson. Sports Illustrated is a joke. IT IS. No one will ever read or buy that junk.

    Last saturday when the leafs were playing detroit on cbc. On satellite hotstove. the one dude was from SI. and he was talking with maclean and co. he said three reasons leafs were most hated. 1) they have players like domi , tucker, and corson who appears to be “most hated” . 2) they dive and **** 3) use the same excuse for losing every game

    my take: 1) these guys are fan favourites 2) if they dove, wouldn’t there be an origianal penalty to begin with? 3) i believe this, quinn says leafs play 1 or 2 bad mins. and it costs them every time. but this is no reason to be most hated.

    and that kurri thing. HE’S OUT OF HIS MIND. he overrated players he thinks are doing well.

    overall: good article.

  10. mikster says:

    I am glad you liked it.

    When Blackburn had a very rusty start of the season, and then got bombed against the Blue Jackets (6-3 loss), he came back and won the game for the Rangers in San Jose. I think his numbers say 19 years old, but his maturity is much more than a typical 19 year old. He does a lot of meditation and prepares for games well.

    I too think that he cannot carry this team all the way, obvously, so that is why the Rangers might need that back-up who also acts like a starter.

    As for Leafs, you’re right, everyone has the whiners. But regardless of that, those comments are pathetic and classless…especially to an Original Six Team.

  11. mikster says:

    I am amazed with Denis, spectacular goaltender and to think that he has yet to reach his prime.

    LA is a one line team, but when Allison is missing you think it’s a one man team.

    Blackburn is a year or two away to be a permanent starter, but it’s good that he is doing a good job at it now.

    Pens are a one man team. Mario might not even score a point in a game, but they’d win it because Mario is on the ice. They are streaky, and yes…i think the Pens have score very few even strength goals, especially since Straka’s come back. Also, enough with the siisy calls that Mario wants. Audette said something really smart “Mario wants to play Sunday pond hockey”.

  12. mikster says:

    Well, my next challenge might be very controversial regarding Brodeur, i think you’d be definitely excited about it.

    He is my favorite Devils player (even if he has a cocky attitude outside of hockey) and damn….what a world class goalie.

  13. mikster says:

    Right, but last season’s playoffs i remember Mike Milbury whine, Peca cry, and Webber whining as well. Milbury whined so much that he took reporters with him and showed them clips of the missed calls by the refs.

    I would have told him to cry about it.

    Eddie is doing fine, but his inconsistency will hinder his Leafy season.

  14. mikster says:

    Well, nothing from this came from your power rankings, ….i have nothing to retrieve from them. I am just pleased and thrilled that the last one was basically 100% perfect, but nothing is 100% so i’d still say 99.9% perfect 😉

    As for Marty and his numbers. I think if he played less game, no he would not have won the Vezina because he had superior goalies in front of him, Roy and Hasek.

    Roy and Hasek might not beat him in wins, or in GAA, but they beat Brodeur in the most important category for goaltenders, Saving Percentage.

    That is why i just pointed out his .917 Sv%, it’s excellent, anything above that is superb obviously. But, Brodeur hasn’t been really strong in that area. Just twice did he have superb Sv%.

    I would gurantee that all he has to do in order to win the Vezina, is 35-40 Wins, even a GAA of 2.50, but a .917% will definitely give him that trophy.

    Either way, he will win it. Wait until my next challenge….it might get some people upset!

    Anyway, i am ready to hook up beer and wine, an after drinks too, to my veins tonight when my Rangers will lose to your Devils. If they win, great…and i might have to annoy you with that, hehehe. If they lose…oh well! $hit happens. Rangers are starting to come along, and not bad…5 wins in their last 7 with no results from Bure and Lindros, plus no Holik, and no Richter.

    Not bad at all.

  15. aafiv says:

    The Devils are not “topping the East”. If the playoffs started today, the Devils would be fifth…

    1. Bruins 26 pts.

    2. Lightning 25 pts.

    3. Flyers 25 pts.

    4. Hurricanes 23 pts.

    5. Devils 22 pts.

  16. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    It really is starting to look like Sunday Pond Hockey. Except on the pond you could atleast bump the guy into the snow bank.

  17. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    Have you ever watched any other game..EVER? Every player whines when he get’s a penalty. Come on jacka$$ use your brain. Next time just watch!

  18. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    thanks buddy. Whew, i was hoping someone would go look for me. Seeing as i’m illiterate and all.

  19. Tony says:

    Yeah but Toronto players take it to far, haven’t you noticed they are the ones getting all the extra 2’s when they go to the box. Maybe you should use your brain.

  20. mikster says:

    Count the games played too?

    3 games behind Carolina

    2 games behind Philly

    3 games behind the Lightning

    2 games bhind the Bruins

    I still think the Devils should not have that kind of record, as Jeff Friesen said “how can we have that record with the way our power play is playing), but their defense will shut down. HOWEVER, once teams get their offense going and have a decent defense, then they can beta the Devils.

    But, as of now the Devils are winning and they will be up top. Bruins are just having a hot start, that is all. Just my opinion though, so don’t take it seriously.

  21. aaron says:

    Oh, but don’t you understand? The reason they get penalties for whining is b/c there’s a leaguewide conspiracy against Toronto! Everybody’s in on it! I’m working on uncovering secret evidence that shows that ESPN edits all the whining in, just so more ppl will hate Toronto!


  22. guinsfan4life says:

    YOu obviously have no idea about the dynamics of pittsburgh penguins hockey. Martin Straka is vital to the penguins success, even more so than Mario. Look, it is obvious Mario isn’t able to carry the penguins anymore, so what is more important than having a strong supporting cast?? Straka is part of that cast. He is healthy and playing very well. How can you predict an injury ahead of time because of what happened to him last year? If you have watched penguin games, you’d notice he could have 10 goals by now. His hands just aren’t all the way back.

  23. guinsfan4life says:

    The penguins started off good the year at 7-2 which is a really high winning percentage (77.8%). Everyone wants to know the reason why they are slumping and haven’t won in their past 7, well they simply aren’t as good as their start indicated. Simple as that. It has nothing to do with the defense, or Straka. They just aren’t that good.

    THe defense corps have undergone a rash of injuries. Regardless of who is injured, it appears the penguins have no ideas of calling any players up now from Wilkes barre (according to fox sports 970 PensNet wednesday night). Tab douglass, the anchor of pens net, noted that if any d-men is called up it might as well be Mike Wilson, who is playing the best out of any d-man down there. Also, some people at WB scranton feel as though Brooks Orpik is ready to come up (and so does he) but he is just playing the waiting game having never played in an NHL game before. IT certainly wouldn’t be Ross Lupachuk, who leads the league with a plus minus of -10.

    Speaking of plus-minus, as Mik mentioned, Kovalev is a -10. This is mostly due to several factors…one of which is that kovie constantly tries to beat 5 players coming into the defensive zone, which leads to odd man breaks for the opposing team. Another reason why the penguins are slumping, is that, he will not play defense as he should.

    THen there is the power play. I hear people mention the penguins are not scoring enough “even strength goals”, in fact Mike Lange, penguins broadcaster mentioned last night that 50% of their goals have come with a man advantage. Well let’s look at this a little deeper:

    According to stats at, the penguins have had 96 ppo (power play opportunities) in 18 games which averages out to be 5-5 1/2 power plays per game. Now, 96 ppo in 18 games is not the high mark. That is held by the Hurricanes, who have had 122 ppo in only 19 games. That is an average of almost 7 power plays per game. To be on the safe side, let’s assume all these penalties are minor penalities, by that meaning of the 2 min. variety-which we know they all aren’t. So If the penguins are getting 5 power plays per game, that is 10 minutes they aren’t at even strength to score a goal. Not only that but if the other team is averaging 6 power plays per game, then the team is shorthanded for 12 minutes. So there you go, that is 22 minutes of hockey, a whole period (and then some) that they just don’t have time to score even strength goals–and remember folks, this is the average!!! The average team gets between 5-6 ppo per game!!!


  24. MantaRay says:

    It sure looks a lot like plagarism.

    Anyway, if the Vezina was based on wins Marty would have won it twice, unfortunately that not how you win the Vezina.

    I guess you didn’t comprehend what I was saying:

    Marty is over used and it has a negative effect (see the stats, and it is even worse if you look at his career).

    If you take out those back-to-back starts, Marty is statistically the best goalie in the NHL (his career save % would be in .920 range, hence my Vezina statement.

    As for tonight, I heard Schwab is starting against the Rangers. Marty is being rested for the big game this weekend against Tampa. The same with Langenbruner.

  25. mikster says:

    Plagarism? To what? No ideas are taken from your p-r, since..

    1) Challenging Mikster came before your bubble

    2) Been the same set up except this time i had more topics, but with shorter points. The other ones were just too long.

    There is actually a HUGE difference between my post and yours. The points and topics are basically different.

    Oh, but i think i get what you’re trying to say. I used stats as any p-r would? Like the King’s record with and w/o Allison, and the number of goals scored?

    That is not even close to plagarism…., it’s just info.

    Legace could have won the Vezina last season then if he was a starter.

    Marty is overused, but the team’s wins mean more than his stats.

    “If you take out those back-to-back starts, Marty is statistically the best goalie in the NHL (his career save % would be in .920 range, hence my Vezina statement.”

    Good If statement there. Could very well be, and his current Sv% is .911, which is very good but that includes this season’s .917.

    Where did you hear that Marty will not start tonight? As of now, he is listed as the starter for tonight. Division games are always more important than other games…ask any coach.

  26. MantaRay says:


    The report about Schwab was “allegedly” on WFAN this morning.

  27. habsoverserver says:

    Why does everyone hate Farber? He’s been a great journalist for over 20 years. He followed Hockey at the Montreal Star for many years. I think he still lives in Montreal. It is kind of odd for a bunch of amatuer writers to trash a guy who has a long time gig with SI. I’m pretty sure he knows that Wayne scored more than Andrew. I don’t think he meant that Cassels is going to win eight straight Harts and a shelf full of Art Ross trophies. I guess he meant that the chemisty is great between these players. BTW, the Leafs whine but so do the Wings. The difference is that the wings had Bowman and 10 HOF’ers and the Leafs had Burns and a bunch of in your face grinders.

  28. MossRocks says:

    What is with the Michael Farber ripping?

    Are the Leafs the most hated team in the NHL? Yes, he’s absolutely right. They get more exposure than any team in the league, they have a massive payroll, their tickets are too expensive and they have a lot of goons on the team. All the Canadian teams hate them, NYI hates them, NJ hates them… etc. etc. What is the big deal?

    In fact, most Canadians hate Toronto, period. All you Leaf fans are used to that, so why can’t you accept the fact that the rest of Canada and most of the NHL hates your hockey team too? Besides, much of this is jealousy anyway, so take it with a grain of salt.

    Mikster, I don’t believe your story. Farber is a highly intelligent, well-respected writer in Montreal and he has been doing his job for a long time. You have taken his comments on Sanderson and Cassels completely out of context and YOU are guilty of yellow journalism. Farber may have said that the two have a bond with each other on the ice that is like the one Kurri and Gretzky had. That is a perfectly fair statement. He is comparing the on-ice chemistry – not the players. YOU twisted his words and blew this out of proportion.

  29. DG says:

    Darcy Tucker is Darcy Tucker and I’ll let him be. I watched the whole game but I’ll admit I missed Tucker’s chirping. However, for the most part, I didn’t see the Toronto Maple Leafs banging sticks, getting animated at or exchanging words with the referees, so this “whining” is greatly overrexageratted. I saw a Leafs team that was composed and focused (even though they were playing real poorly), not one that was whiny and bratty like Mike Farber would suggest.


  30. DG says:

    I heard on the radio previewing the game that the Leafs claimed “three of four” so, naturally, I thought this one was “four of five”. My mistake.


  31. DG says:

    Mick: when is Mike Milbury NOT whining?

    Seriously, the Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks and New York Islanders were whining a bit in last year’s playoffs but the Leafs kept it up and took up a notch later in the playoffs, so much so that the Toronto media couldn’t deny it any more.


  32. saiklo says:

    The Penguins are playing poorly because they broke up the top line for no reason and their team defense has been non-existent.

    They get the Thrashers on Friday, a good time to start a turn around.

    As far as lines go, I think they should look as follows

    Morozov Lemieux Kovalev

    Straka Robitaille Daigle

    Hirdina Primeau Neimenen

    LaCouture Manderville Donovan

  33. JClark87 says:

    Ok, every team in the league whines about something. But what are you talking about with the Wings? They don’t whine more than the other teams in the league(while the Leafs do). The wings were pretty graceful after the incessant whining by Brian Burke in the playoffs. The Wings could have come back and complained about the officiating too, but they had more class than that no talent a$$ clown Burke. The Wings are the class of the league, they don’t make excuses for their losses.

  34. habsoverserver says:

    Hey, the Wings, especially Shanahan admits to whining and if you think Bowman didn’t try to manipulate the refs, you never saw him coach. But the Wings on whine on the ice. They never complain off ice. I think that’s fine. Complain to the refs but take your loses like men.

  35. mikster says:

    WFAN is not a good source…

    Got to go with the hockey sites that give real info.

    Awesome game though. I wish i could kill Bure, but it was a very fun and exciting game.

  36. mikster says:


    I am shocked at you criticizing me.

    All i can say is ask the Columbus Blue Jackets fans about it. I watched with my dad and we were pissed about that.

    So….no, not yellow journalism…not at all….

    I shouldn’t even have answered to this comment. Don’t bother replying to it even.

  37. habsoverserver says:

    SI Abuse – For those who think that SI considers the Leafs to be the Yankees or Celtics of hockey, consider this: # of times Yankees on cover of SI: 66, Celtics 44, Leafs 0. That’s zero, zip, none nada. Notihng the Leafs have ever done was headline worthy in a major publication. SI doesn’t hate the Leafs, SI ignores the Leafs.

    For the fans of quality teams, has done 16 Habs covers, 12 Bruins, 12 Rangers, 11 Oilers, 10 Blackhawks, 8 Islanders, 7 Red Wings, 7 LA Kings, 6 Flyers, 4 Penguins, 4 Blues, 2 Devils, 2 Avalanche, 1 Sabres, 2 Flames (1 Calgary and 1 Atlanta), 1 Dallas, 1 Washington, 1 Whalers, 1 Vancouver and maybe few others. 92 covers in all (some covers have two or more teams on them), representing 20 teams. Leafs are 0 for 92 and 0 for 20. The other original six teams had at least half a dozen covers each. Does the world know that the Leafs actually play hockey? Do they care?

  38. MossRocks says:

    Well, I’m a little surprised you rolled over on this one. I guess you might not read this, but I will comment anyway.

    I should not have insulted you, but unless you have a transcript I cannot believe that is what Farber said. This guy has been around far too long and has written far too many good articles with national exposure to be comparing Cassels and Sanderson to Gretzky and Kurri as players. (I don’t really think he was out of line on the Leafs either) I shouldn’t have said you were a yellow journalist, but I really think you misunderstood what he was saying. I’m sure he was commenting on their on-ice chemistry. You call yourself ‘Challenging Mikster’ and sometimes I wonder if you are just trying to challenge people.

    Aside: Name a team that more people hate than the Leafs…. The only one that comes close is the Rangers and I still think people dislike the Leafs more.

  39. saiklo says:

    They need to put some grinders on the top lines to do the board work for lemieux, kovy, marty, rozy, and mario.

  40. PeterPuck says:

    As for Dafoe, desperate times cause for desperate choices. Dafoe went to Atanta because nobody wanted him. He is a minor league goalie at best, this is evident by the two minor league goalies that Boston is using this year. To be a NHL goalie you have to be able to bring your A game for the playoffs and once again the Bruins will burn in the playoffs if they do not pick up a proven goalie. Reality sucks doesn’t it Dafoe, I love it, wanting 6 million and settles for just over 1, ha ha, AND please dont tell me about how great Dafoe was during the regular season, its the playoffs that count and look at Dafoes recorded there. I rest my case, i could list dozens of goalie names that have played stellar in regular season and crashed in the playoffs. and 95% of them are no longer in the NHL for that reason. CHOKE CHOKE, no one wants a CHOKER, oh yea, Atlanta does, thats because now Dafoe wont have to worry about crashing in the Playoffs, ha ha, he will look average there, mark my words.

  41. guinsfan4life says:

    I don’t necessarily agree with grinders…by that do you mean Dan Lacan’tscore?? I think Mario, and kovie along with straka are as good around the boards as any players in the league. If you are suggesting a power forward type, we just don’t have that and haven’t since the days of Kevin Stevens and Rick Tocchet. They never have had somebody since those days to go in the corner knock someone on their ass and walk out with the puck and score a goal.

    Remember Alec Stoyanov was supposed to fill that role?!! (lol)

  42. MantaRay says:

    Yes, WFAN is a useless station, but they are the ones that reported the Schwab story (in hindsight, Cory should have started cause Marty played poorly).

    It was a very good game to watch.

  43. bubbakazoo says:

    You are the brainless retard, you’ve never read anything Farber used to write for the Gazette. Get a life, arseface.

  44. bubbakazoo says:

    You are the brainless retard, you’ve never read anything Farber used to write for the Gazette. Get a life, arseface.

  45. mikster says:

    My curiosity beat me to it.

    You did insult me, and that’s what just mainly pissed me off.

    I watched the game…with my dad and though i cannot quote the whole exact sentence word for word, he did say “at the high levels” of Gretz and Kurri.

    If it was just ice chemistry, then he would not say that they play at ‘high levels’ of such and such.

    As for hating the Leafs and Rangers….in basically every sport, the rich teams are the most hated.

    And, i like to challenge people as much as i’d like them to challenge me.

    It’s all good now though. Ya just pissed me off with that insult, you said you shouldn’t have…blah, it’s in the past. Cool?

  46. mikster says:

    That’s your second strike. Please, do try and get another one…

    I don’t care who the hell he is…., he lowered himself to the same level as a 13 year old Sens fan who just bashes the Leafs. A 13 year old would say that exact comment.

  47. guinsfan4life says:

    The reason why they broke up the top line was because Straka seemed like a better fit with Mario and daigle and that is what Mario wanted. They both are faster skaters which is what Mario needs so he can coast through the zone and get feeds from corners etc. With that said, I think it was Mario’s decision to change those lines and also due to the fact the line was struggling. Kovalev in himself is struggling, a -10. He has to take better care of the puck in his zone.

    Robitalle has done nothing but impress me. I think this kid is for real. His hands are great he has great presence. The injury hurt him cause he isn’t as sharp as he should be.

    Ideally, Hrdina would be a great #3 center. That is if they could get production from the first two.

    Dan La”can’tscore” is not going to be on the fourth line long. I believe McKenna will take his spot and one of either Lacouture, Manderville, or Donovan will be traded (heard most likely la’can’tscore will on pregame show wednesday night).

    This is what I would do with the Penguins current roster.

    *Immeadiately seek some offers for Aleksey Morozov. I’d try to trade him quickly. His value is higher now than it ever has been. He is a bust. Playing well with mario, but after that can’t do anything.

    *See what is out there for Kovalev. Begin fielding offers to see what you can get. He is not as valuable of a player because he doesn’t play defense and takes lazy penalities.

    *Try to bring in a quality #1 or 2 d-man. A Derian Hatcher like d-man and say Brendan Morrow for Kovie and Morozov? But trade them out of conference so you don’t have to deal with them as much.

    *Bring up Brooks Orpik. He’d stick out like a sore thumb right now, but maybe it is time to see what this kid is all about.

    * Seek offers for Laukkanen, Johnsson. Please take these two guys away.

  48. MossRocks says:


    Yeah, money has a lot to do with it. I think the Ranger-hate is totally money, but the Leaf-hate has a little more added on, don’t you think? It’s the Leaf fans, it’s the Canada-Toronto thing and it’s the fact that they have so many fans in other cities. Fans in other cities don’t mind Leaf fans too much, but when the cheers for visiting goals are almost as loud as home goals, it pisses people off.

    Too bad there isn’t a Farber column about this to read, because it would solve the argument. Maybe he did lose his mind… While I agree with the Leaf article, it was a little out of character for Farber, so maybe he is going koo-koo.

  49. mikster says:

    Well, i don’t mind him giving his opinion on the Leafs…that’s his opinion. BUT, the guy is a writer…and he made the same comment at the level of like a 13 year old Sens fan who would use the exact same words basically. He cannot lower himself to that level.

    I mean, i just screw around on HTR to just get people moving, and i think i blasted a player or a team once on purpose just to piss people off but hey…in the end the article got lots of reads and comments.

    However, if i was a writer for a big sports magazine, and i had a name in Canada…i would never lower myself to that level. I seriously hate the Isle’s fans who switched to being Devils fans and i dislike the Islanders….i think they are a bunch of crybabies and wimps. Cairns and his ‘injured’ thumb, then Weber who just hits but if he gets hit then he would be a ghost. Then there is Milbury “let me bring you in this room to show you clips of how the refs stunk tonight, waaah waaah”, then there is wimpy Isbister, and not to mention wimpy Cashin who fights with either his gloves on, or needs someone else to hold someone so he can beat him up. AND….the announcers, Jow Michelletti. Good God, if there is a cheap shot done to the Isle’s, it’s all dramatic….”oh, that is a cheap shot…horrible dirty play”. But, if the Isle’s do it they don’t say anything. Just like they did not say anything about Yashin punching with his gloves on. It’s bullshit.

    So, i hate the Isle’s, i only respect their glory days, and i would bash them and their fans in an article. But, i would never do that if i worked for a top sports magazine or entertainment production. It’s just low class. I’d make myself look like an ordinary young fan.

    Believe me, my dad and i, specially my dad, would not have gotten pissed off at Farber if he said something about ice chemistry. It was just an idiotic comment.

    I don’t know him that well, and personally…i could care less about him now anyway….he says comments like a 13 yera old kid…., no interest at all.

    Dude! We never argue like this! I can only argue like this with Manta and big_booty….

    …would you like a cup of tea? heheh

  50. bubbakazoo says:

    go fuck your self mikster

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