Stuart, Sharks Reach Impasse In Talks

The agent for Sharks’ holdout defenseman Brad Stuart told The San Francisco Chronicle that his client has left San Jose and returned to his offseason home in Calgary because of an impasse in contract negotiations.“Our goal is to get him back, no doubt,” Los Angeles-based agent Pat Brisson told the paper. “But now that Dean (Lombardi) has decided to go through a cooling-off period, Brad has decided to go back to Calgary and that’s the sad part.”

Lombardi, the Sharks’ general manager, said last week the two sides were taking a step back after failing to come to an agreement throughout the first month of the season.

“He’s going there (Calgary) to continue his training,” Brisson said of Stuart. “He feels he might be better off there than in San Jose where nothing is getting accomplished. He was ready. He wanted to play opening night.”

Stuart, 22, was San Jose’s second-leading scorer on the blue line in each of the past two seasons. Stuart had declined the Sharks’ qualifying offer that included a mandated 10-percent raise to $1.072 million.


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  1. mikster says:

    Players are starting to become real jerks, especially the young ones who think they are super stars already.

    Sharks lost Ricci last night, amazing that he is injured, and i am not sure what his status is….but my guess is that it’s a long-term injury with the knee, probably MCL/ACL and could need surgery. That was a bad play by Hartnell, imo, sticking his knee out in the end, but it is a tough call to say if he did that on purpose, especially since its Campbell looking at the replay.

    Sharks need a d-man, Leafs need a d-man, Habs need a d-man, Wings young d-men haven’t played that well, maybe they’ll look for a d-man. Also the Canucks need a d-man. Gee…..a trade should happen soon.

  2. cwhockey says:

    Probably be closer to say trades, plural. A lot of rumblings around the league. Isles/Panthers possibility, Isles/Avs possibility, Flyers and anyone, Thrashers looking to shake things up; just to name a few.

    I didn’t give names but if you want actual sources, there are too many to name. Try everywhere. Might be a good bet to say some players will need that change of address form pretty soon.

  3. Cam says:

    Canucks dont need a d-man.They have too much much d-man that can play in the nhl.










    There defence is solid ar a rock. Canucks 3 extra decent people to play defence.Yet they still need a anthor d-man? bull shit to that

  4. mikster says:

    I think i’d rather have Stuart than any of those defensemen except for Ohlund and Jovo.

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