Stumpy Accepts reports:

Steve Thomas has accepted the Toronto Maple Leafs’ invitation to attend camp on a tryout basis.

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  1. quick_stick says:

    JFJ confirmed Keane IS NOT attending camp on a try out basis.

  2. Adam_0486 says:

    wow people need to stop swearing around here he just posted his opinion.

  3. Montrealsdogg says:

    please take your high horse and stage exit left, i didn’t say ALL i said NEARLY ALL TML fans are like that, there are still some that are logical enough (just like fans of other teams) to know what is worth it and what isn’t, they don’t always say that JFJ should trade Antropov or Berg (though they might think it) i didn’t bash all fans, just those that keep making these threads worst to read, i’m not claiming to being innocent i have done some slinging myself, but i think we should calm down.

  4. 92-93 says:

    JFJ wants to bring in a competitive mix of veterans (Keane, Stumpy) and youth (Steen, Wellwood) and see which will make the team. I think its a good idea and its a decision that won’t be left up to veteran-friendly Quinn. The Leafs pretty much know who will be on their forward lines but guys like Keane, Thomas, Wilm, Perrott, Steen, and Wellwood will give the forward lines some depth. Obviously not all of the invitees will make the big club and will be either let go or sent to the Marlies. I think one of Keane or Thomas will be kept, one of Steen or Wellwood will make it as a 4th line centre, and one of Wilm or Perrott will be kept as well while the other goes to the Marlies.





    [Keane OR Thomas, Wilm OR Perrott ]





    Its a smart move by JFJ for a number of reasons and i think its a signal to the Leaf fans that he is thinking long-term. The leafs were in a bad position heading into the first capped season but JFJ’s signings have place him in a position for next season where he has much more room to move. the signings he has made may not seem spectacular but he has pretty much made the team up of three elements that are crucial to be successful: 1) star players 2) young players 3)veteran role-players. I was worried that he wasn’t going to give the young guys a chance but I don’t think that way anymore. here’s why:

    Think about it. JFJ understands that the leaf organization is being revamped in terms of its philosophies (adjust to cap era) and in terms of its farm system. His plans for the 2006-2007 (and beyond) Leafs teams seems to have taken on 2 stages over the course of the upcoming season. each stage is primarily concerned with a weeding out process (which every club is concerned with but not on the scale that JFJ is proposing with all his one year deals). while this is happening, the Leafs remain a competitive, playoff-bound club (especially considering that quinn has 2 years left on his contract and considering that sundin doesn’t have much time left either).

    in the first stage, what he has done is created a training camp that will produce a mix of the three elements above (vets, kids, stars). competition for the final spots will make this team that much better. Because of the proximity between the marlies and leafs many of the younger kids will end up playing for both the big club and the small one. Because of the flexibility in their lineup and because of this proximity, all of their younger guys will end up having some experience of playing for Maurice (who will take over quinn’s position in 2 years … and this will coincide with the younger guys coming up and taking up many of the positions currenly occupied by the vets and stars).

    Equally importantly though is the second-stage – the entire 2005/6 season which will determine which of the veterans, young kids, stars will be kept to form the core for next season’s squad – a core that will take up a small amount of cap space and that will be supplemented by solid free agent signings from the next offseason. Those who do not work out will either be traded over the course of the season or let go.

    Why didn’t JFJ do this in the past offseason? Obviously everyone wants to point out to all the people the Leafs missed out on and the fact that JFJ waited for a free agent market that is not what it used to be. But the kind of players the leafs need are not star players anyways (with the exception of goaltending and the Luongo situation in Florida is growing more and more interesting as iron mike has definitely stepped on some toes there). also, i think JFJ realized how much manoevering he had to do and thought that it was too risky. there were too many moves to make and not enough room to make them (considering that he didn’t buyout anyone – which I think was the wrong thing to do). now, clarke has done this in philly but was he successful? its hard to say. also, clarke was working from a totally different position and has some star young guys coming up. it made more sense from the situation that he was working in but not from JFJ’s position.

  5. leafs_r_a_joke says:

    forget bill malcom isnt micheal jackson looking for work?

  6. Ace_Bailey says:

    I’m sorry but many of you must be clinically retarded. Take a look at the Leafs squad. Do you see anyone with the heart and passion equal to that of Steve Thomas? The leadership and tenacity of Steve Thomas? I sure as hell don’t. Honestly, the Leafs are in a bind and they need all the players they can get, especially ones with the experience and determination of Steve Thomas.

    Anyone who thinks that Leafs management believes they can win the cup is fooling themselves. Management wants about 4 home games to make a good profit this year and start fresh next season based on the cap fluctuation.

    If Thomas accepts it will be to possibly groom Steen and Wellwood, giving them top experience. Something the Leafs lack right now. And if he signs for league minimum, what do the Leafs have to lose? At the outset of this new CBA the Leafs were pegged to be in the bottom end. If they are still in the bottom end, who cares? The team will rebuild over the next few seasons and become more well adjusted for a cap. But by adding Thomas among other players, I dont care what you Leaf haters say, it improves their chances to move up from their originally predicted poor finish to a possible 7th or 8th seed.

    ‘Nuff said.

  7. muckies says:

    Its nice you guys can comfort each other, and stick together in these troubled LEAVE bashing times.

    But the fact remains that you guys are as big of a problem as anybody.

    Signed is Czercokski, Lindros, Allison, Keane, Stumpy, everyone of these players has a BIG question mark beside there name. And when people wonder why, or state that, the leaf-nation goes into its LEAF-BASHING cacoon and stays there.

    If my GM signed all these guys and let the real heart and sould guys who did it for this team in the playoffs go, i would question what the hell was going on. But with each signing there is a justification, we need him, or Its a good signing.

    If you think replacing Mogilny with czarkowski is good, or Allsion (who is a giant ass) with Neiu, or Roberts with Stumpy, or Leetch with Brad brown, then you guys aren’t being realistic. Its not bashing, its hockey talk.

    If my GM traded Havalt for Cole, i would have freaked.

    Take a look at your team and see it for what it is in real hockey terms, you have a coach who doesn’t want to – or won’t coach rookies, a GM who can’t get anybody signed because he commited to much money to a 40 year old goalie, and a farm system about as deep as as Wendl Clarks hot-tub.

    But the real reason is we coexist> when the Sens signed Lance Ward, nobody cared except for me, nobody will write about it.

    Stumpy signs, and there are 55 posts, what the hell can you write about Stumpy, besides big-deal he’s 40 years old. So I say washed up, you guys write back thats it part of a master plan, or that i’m an idiot, and the fun begins.

    Enjoy it boys, don’t let it get to you.

  8. muckies says:

    I agree, but stop with the LEAF-BASHING will you.

    If the leaves went in with the team they had, all the guys could have floated because nobody will step-in. Tha farm system isn’t deep enough and Sundin can’t play 60 minutes a night.

    They bring in guys like Keane and Stumpy, who wil take a slap-shot in the face for the team and suddenly guys like Czerkowski-Ponokamooski, and antropove have to play hard because if they don’t, they won’t be playing.

    Besides you ACE, the LEAVE fan doesn’t have the courage to admit the team has alot of floaters and guys with big queation-marks.

  9. 92-93 says:

    I enjoy some of it because its funny and some of its true too. all these posts for insignificant Leaf signings is hilarious … but its also a testament to how fanatical leaf nation is.

    but its the consistency of your posts that always somehow seem to be against the Leafs that contradicts your statement “Its not bashing, its hockey talk.”

    If it was hockey talk then you would complement whatever good moves the Leafs have made and if you honestly don’t think they’ve made any then it shows alot about what you know about the game. i’ve already stated numerous times that the Heatley deal (against many naysayers) was a great move for ottawa. this is an example of trying to talk ‘hockey’ as opposed to biases getting in the way.

    of course your typical response would be: ‘well thats because the sens HAVE made good deals and the Leafs HAVEN’T’. … too simplistic and too narrow-minded. i want to talk with individuals whose opinion i can take (with the grain of salt) and actually consider their merits. but there are too many on HTR like yourself who before i even click on your post, i already know what you are going to say beforehand … therefore, i can’t rely on your opinions as being credible. there are non-Leaf fans on this site – Nemina, JeffBurns, etc. that i consider completely valid because they don’t always let their biases get in the way of analytical thought.

  10. 92-93 says:

    oh yeah, it takes so much courage to disagree with you.

    so basically your saying to Leaf fans: ‘admit your team sucks before the first NHL game is played, and i’ll consider you a worthy HTR contemporary.’


    there are plenty of question marks with the leafs. do i think they are big enough to sink them this year – nope. in your opinion, does that mean that i have enough ‘courage’ – probably not. and yet i admitted that the leafs have question marks. the only way that a leaf fan, in your eyes, has enough courage is to remove their brains, drool, and predict before the puck is dropped that they suck. very very reasonable muckwad.

  11. WeedIan says:

    Ok before i get to my comments on the Leafs and this try out, i have to say i’m getting a little sick of the lack of maturity here. Why call each other homosexuals and other demeaning or degrading comments to each other just because you disagree.

    I think that we need some sort of mod system where someone reads the posts and starts suspending/banning people because its not fun to see people swearing in ascii or just using spaces.

    I know this will probably fall on deaf ears but its worth a shot to see if i can get something done but i won’t name names because that is just as immature and that way i won’t get super bashed because the people who do this on a constant basis are not just leaf fans, but philly, edmonton, ottawa, calgary, montreal, tampa bay, poland, and ever other single team out there.

    Ok onto the invitation.

    Steve Thomas is he plays as well as he did in his last year will make the team. It will be 3 different good things. First off Thomas will retire with the Leafs who he was drafted by so he’ll like that. Secondly it will be a PR move it looks good when a team lets a player who was well liked come back and finish their career, it works in almost every sport where a player will play for alot less money to finish up with a home town or career starting team, like Roger Clemens in Houston who is still the most dominating pitcher in the game.

    Thomas still had 15 goals in his last season or somewhere around that, and he was playing for Anahiem i think and they weren’t a dominating team since they missed the playoffs ect ect.

    By giving older players a try out it makes the younger players work harder also because they want to put as much effort as guys twice there age to outplay them, it makes you push yourself harder when a guy who’s probably old enough to be your dad skates arounds you or hits you hard enough to send you flying.

    Plus you must remeber the Leafs farm team is now IN toronto, so it gives the leafs a better change with sending players down bringing them back up because you can have the player the same day without jet lag ect of traveling from teh maritimes.

  12. muckies says:

    hey man, like i said, if you think the Stumpy signing and the czerkowski signing are this or that then fine.

    i know who is good on the leaves and i know who is bad. i know who performed in the playoffs, and i now who didn’t

    Some advice to all these signings the Leaves are making and listen to this.


    so to make the guys on the fringes play hard, and keep them honest, they go out and sign veterans that will do anything to make the team.

    Thats my point, and admit that is the truth.

    If you don’t then tell me the reason JFJ signed these guys. Is it because of the Cap, or because he needs to sell tickets, is it because he owes them something.

    Give me a reason guy.

  13. quick_stick says:

    Why, is that the direction you took your high horse? Easy big fella, I was just joking? Man, don’t forget to take your meds.

  14. muckies says:

    Glad you could get away from the “you are mean to my team so i don’t like you Leaf Basher Guy”

    Just to make you feel better here is a compliment. “I like Matt Sundin and i thought it was a good idea to sign him long term”

    I thought it was a good idea to sign the eagle when they did, but now i think he is to old.

    I thought the Leetch trade was good, but they gave up to much.

    I thought the Bondra trade was bad for Ottawa.

    I thought the De Vries trade was bad for Ottawa.

    I thought when the Leaves signed Corson and Roberts on the same day, it was a good move.

    I hate Tie Domi because i think he is a Media Hound and after the hit on Neidermayer they should of got rid of him for being so selfish and cheap that deep into the playoffs.

    I like Pat Quinn and am happy he is the coach of team Canada and not Martin.

    I don’t like the mentality of the organisation, and i think Niuew, and Roberts didn’t either and thats why they left. here’s why.

    I think teams that play with emotion are exciting, but the LEAVEs players like Tucker and Domi and Maccabe who can’t contral that emotion hurt the team.

    So there is my kiss, i hope we can make-up, and agree to disagree.

    Secreatly i think you read my posts because you know you will always have something to write about, there will be conflict.

  15. doublej77 says:

    thats what these people got to understand!!! Thats what they should have done with brad brown, first to see if hes any good with the team,, oh well.

  16. doublej77 says:

    Yes sir gotta to agree we do have a lot of immature members on this site, thanks for posting it!

  17. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    they have wade belak and he will start knowing quinn.

  18. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    they have wad belak and he will start above all of your prospects.

  19. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    no the answer to your question is 2 parts.

    #1 no other articles besides leafs

    #2 the articles i try to write about the avs dont get published.

  20. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    #1 lindros best year was on philly.

    #2 Sundins best year wasnt even on the leafs.

    #3 oneil is good for 60 points at most.

    #4 belfours only stanley cup is controversial, and has not led a team close to it since.

    #5 allison is unproven and has been injured for a while.

    #6 McCabe to much of a hog doesnt give his other defencemen a chance to score.(want proof he was 4th in the league for d-man scoring where was the next closest leaf and with how many). IQ tests should be manditory for any leaf fan and any future leaf gm because they dont know what the word “talent means”.

  21. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    most of you are posting potential lines and your forgetting wade belak. Dont try and say he wont start your forgetting Pat Quinn is the only reason he still has a job.

  22. 92-93 says:

    refer to my long post on this thread.

  23. TML51 says:

    I agree signing Mats was good for the long term. All teams should reward their leaders.

    I personally feel they should have traded Belfour this year.

    Leetch was a good trade, but we all knew he would bolt the second the lock out ended. Knowing that, yes, the Leafs gave up WAY to much!

    I agreeBondra was reallt a bad move for Ottawa, but why De Vries? I think he was a really solid aquisition for the Sens.

    Corson was a cancer here, adn I’m glad he’s gone. On the other hand Roberts Leadership will be sorely missed.

    I honestly wish they didn’t resign Domi. That money would hve been great for a half decent D-man.

    Niewendyk and Roberts left to spend the twilight of their careers in the sun…and they hate Quinn.

    Watch for Tucker to be playing on a leash…and I’m convinced McCabe is on his way out. (Too much money, not enough production…I smell a trade..especially with the addition of Brown, and the invitation to Marchment. true, not a good replacement strategy, but these days, money talks, and these two are dirt cheap!)

    To put it bluntly, the Leafs are in a world of hurt this season. The true “beasts of the east” are the Flyers…the are the team to beat. The Sens have made an incredible aquisition with Heatley. Hossa was a small price to pay for incredibly talented youth…coupled with Spezza, Alfie, etc, the Sens will be the only Team in the east capeable of competeing with the Flyers.

  24. 92-93 says:

    its true, i hunt down your posts because i always know i’ll disagree. lol.

  25. Scottman75 says:

    I agree 100%.

    Give the Leafs a chance to see if any of these guys still have the marbles to play in the NEW NHL.

  26. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    and i posted my reply aswell.

  27. goleafsgo1991 says:

    Ottawa tooo..but to a lesser extent.

  28. muckies says:

    I think the flyers are overrated, they don’t have a good PP, and the goalie is good, but is he good enough.

    i remember the Montreal_flyers seriuos a few years back when Jose won the MVP, and the small Habs forward said at about game 5, “yeah there Defence is big, but they are slow, and when we get behind them, they can’t chase us.”

    I think Heatley and of course Havalt will be saying that when they meet.

  29. Marky2Fresh says:

    “and the pointless replies begin…”


  30. NemiNA says:


  31. bpanther83 says:

    Why is signing forsberg or hatcher any better than what they signed? Forsberg is just as if not more Injury prone then forsberg, and Hatcher is no ironman. The guys they signed make them no worse, and have the potential to make them that much better. PLUS they will all play with heart, cause this is their dream, and they want to prove they belong. PLUS they all signed for CHEAP! So i fail to see this huge downside?

  32. NemiNA says:

    I like stupms, but its time for the Leafs to develop their youth. what little youth they have. Signing a veteran will only tarnish the confidence in what little amount of young players they have. Stajan was a great player, but the sqwashed the sh*t out of him. Now he’s only a 4th line center IF he’s lucky.

  33. shapter07 says:

    yeah the senators better hope to win the cup soon…wouldnt wanna go bankrupt again.. wait they got a bit of cash now…. all those years of being the worst team in hockey has paid off through draft picks / trades…. the senators have a legitimate shot in the post season…as long as they dont have to face the big bad leafs again sniff*

  34. DomiforPrimeMinister says:

    That giant sucking sound is coming from you sucking off Alfredsson and the rest of the team, after loosing at the ACC. Again! Because their feelings are hurt!

  35. DomiforPrimeMinister says:

    Were you dropped on your head at berth, I bet your mom threw you down a flight of steel stairs, because she was upset, and wanted a little girl!

  36. DomiforPrimeMinister says:


  37. DomiforPrimeMinister says:

    Your just upset because Bill Malcom was your father and never showed he cared for you! “Always other kids” you would think to yourself late at night. But don’t be so angry you probably tunred out better this way! Well…….maybe?

  38. DomiforPrimeMinister says:

    Good for you, would you like a medal?

  39. DomiforPrimeMinister says:

    Were you thinking he was serious? Who’s the idiot now Av’s fan?

  40. DomiforPrimeMinister says:

    Why do you worry so much about the Leafs? Your a Sens fan right. GO HOME!

  41. DomiforPrimeMinister says:

    For someone who thinks so much you sure have a ton of garbage to say!

  42. Bearkid says:

    Maple leafs are the biggest joke. How many Defenseman are they going to sign? 55? Then we have dinasaur Steve Thomas back in blue and white. Should we get him a scooter to drive around on the ice? Next the tandem of the missing links. Eric Lindros w/ mommy and daddy to cahnge his diapers and Jason Allison. Who will last the longest the question should be?

    I feel so bad for Sundin, such a talent wasted up in Rangers North pole.

  43. mojo19 says:

    a michael jackson joke??? come on, give me a break, hack.

  44. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    i wouldnt mind seeing a few leaf fans who know hockey and know the difference between fantasy and reality. Can that be compensation for my medal?

  45. IMALLINBABY says:

    Maple Leafs have “two fragile towers”. Fragile is an understatement! Allison can’t even get into training camp with out an injury. Lindros can’t even take a hit in a scrimage from the powerfull Staffan Kronwall without everyone getting worried. How is he going to last an 82 game season when a player like Pronger takes him out.

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