Sub or Flub Maple Leafs Solpisism Contest

After reading the eventy billionth Leafs trade rumor, I figured everyone has their own idea of how the team should move forward. So, rather than dissect the minutia of the particulars, we could each post our own plan of how to right the ship and then declare a ‘best’ plan.


Post your plan.

If you post a plan than you commit to, at the mininum to reply with ‘sub’ (I like it, I subscribe to it) or ‘flub’ (I don’t like it, I disagree) to all other plans posted.

For the sake of clarity I’ll point out that you should be expected to sub to multiple plans (you aren’t confined to endorsing only one plan).

Of course, brief or detailed explanations to qualify your sub or flub are welcome.

Be concise. Just hit the headliners. No need to post Dominique Moore to Chicago for a 7th round pick unless it is somehow integral to a larger part of your plan.

The only criteria for evaluation is your own judgement. I wouldn’t pretend to substitute your judgement with a formula (aside from sub/flub)

We can then add the subs, subtract the flubs and declare a winner.


Yeah there’s no prize

I’ll begin …

To Washington: Kaberle + Toskala

To Toronto: Alzner, Theodore, 1st round pick

Breaks down as Kaberle for Alzner and Toskala for a 1st and bad contract.

Washington gets a ugrade in goal (at the end of the day Toskala has significantly more potential that Theodore) and they get a perennial allstar defenseman in Kaberle at a good price for two seasons.

2. a) To Columbus: Antropov, Kubina, Tlusy, Grabovski

To Toronto: Filatov, 1st round pick + insert salary dump here

b) Alternative To Vancouver: Antropov + Poni

To Toronto: Elder or a 1st round pick

After roster is stripped bare the Leafs tank this season, for either Hedman or Tavares while planting the seed of the longshot possibility of moving Blake by showcasing him with 1st line minutes and PP time.

Draft day

Package two 1st round picks acquired at deadline deals (or 1st round + Elder) along with mid round pick to move up for an additional top five pick talent (i.e. B.Schenn).

Foundation set with young core of Pogge, Alzner, Filatov, L.Schenn along with two top five picks from 09. This team should be expected to be in the lottery next year as well.

Toronto becomes an attractive destination for UFAs along with 20 million in cap space and a change in the team’s culture.

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  1. Reaper91 says:

    i like most of your ideas here especially the UFA signings the leafs are tanking this year  they want Tavares, along with the UFA'S they should also sign 21 Year Old LW Chris Villneff hes a burke player he'll bring grit and toughness to the team although he may need time to develop i watched him play in Jr A he was amazing on the forecheck and with the puck in the corners i think he'd average 15-20 goals per season 

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