Success of Canadiens drives Leafs GM crazy

Of all that drives Brian Burke crazy — and there are many things — little rankles him more than the fact the Montreal Canadiens have made the playoffs in the very same seasons that Burke’s Maple Leafs have not.

Burke has sat back and quietly stewed watching the speedy, under-sized, not terrifically talented Canadiens play their way into April and sometimes May while his own creation — and all that he has inherited — has yet to come close to the post-season.

And for the Leafs to have anything resembling a successful season, they’re going to have to be better than the Habs. That’s for starters. Then there’s a few other teams they have to be better than to find their way to the post-season for the first time in Burke’s control of everything here in the centre of the hockey universe.

The journey has been longer and more arduous than he might have imagined when he signed up for the job in November of 2008. He thought with a little weight, a little money, a little truculence, a little Toronto cachet, the world’s largest front office and just a pinch of his own historical ability to make the impossible possible, that would be the prescribed recipe for Maple Leafs success.

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  1. JoelLeafs says:

    Then why all the yelling?

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