Suchy to the Jackets

Yesterday, the Blue Jackets aquired Radoslav Suchy from the ‘Yotes along with a 6th round pick in ’05 for Columbus’ 4th round pick in ’05.

Alot of you are say who the hell cares, but with all the anticipation for the ‘headliner’ free agent signings to happen, this deal has ‘fallen through the cracks’.

Maclean has added a little more depth to the ‘Jackets blue line with a guy who has been a ‘+’ player most of his career. While not known for his scoring, Suchy does add some needed depth and experience to the blue line. Does it mean a trip to the playoffs next year, probably not, but it should help Denis from seeing a few less shots next season if there is one.

6 Responses to Suchy to the Jackets

  1. mikster says:

    Remind me why Barnett is a GM in the NHL again.

  2. Lint07 says:

    Barnett will most likely use the 4th round pick to draft a player listed in the 6th round anyways…

    Why does he even bother?

  3. x says:

    Probably worth more to the Blue Jackets than Svitov when they traded Sydor.

  4. RangerSteve says:

    Let’s trade Daniel Briere for Chris Gratton, turn around then send Handzus AND Esche to Philly for Boucher. Oh yeah…with the 5th Overall Selection….

    I really hope taht Gretzky isn’t behind any of these decisions that Barnett makes.

  5. StuWild says:

    I am not a Coyotes fan but I think Burnett and Gretz are being ripped here a little unfairly. Lets look at some of the positive moves. O’Donnell, Chimera and Devereaux all added. I think it has been proven in recent years that if you can just make the Playoffs, you can contend for the Cup and Phoenix will make the Playoffs. Boucher has finally regained his confidence and will take the #1 goaltending position and run with it. Doan, Nagy, Comrie, Langkow, Taffe, Kolanos up front. Morris, Ference, Tanabe and Mara on D make up a good young core. They will surprise this year!!

    Maybe Hullie possibly could be joining Wayne and the Coyotes next? Strong relationship there.

  6. StuWild says:

    Also, Suchy was expendable. He could not even crack their top 6 on D anymore!

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