Sundin as a playoff rental?

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Pierre LeBrun of provides a bit of speculation regarding the “sizzling play” of Mats Sundin.

Sundin who is off to a fantastic start is presently playing on a team that is playing like it will not make the playoffs once again. The speculation is that it may be possible that Mats Sundin is traded at the deadline as he is a UFA at the end of the season. This report does mention that He wants to be part of a winning team in Toronto however one would have to believe that he may be able to contribute to the Leafs by closing out the season with a different team only to return to the Leafs to start next season.

Part of the speculation has arisen due to the recent report that indicates that Forsberg may retire. “He’s the perfect rental.”

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  1. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Naslund, Morrison, Salo, Edler,


    Sundin, McCabe, White,

  2. jimbob says:

    why do leafs fans constantly propose trades that have no chance in occuring because they are incredibly one sided?

  3. senators101 says:

    You do understand that taking McCabe and White is actually bad for Vancouver. So not only are they giving up Nassy, Morrison, Salo, Edler, they gotta take McCabe and White, just for a rental player? Now who would he play with? Terrible trade.

  4. cartino says:

    If he is traded, i would set your sites on a 1st round draft pick and prospects and rebuild. Not for an unproven goalie, or another veteran.. just draft pics+prospects…


  5. gregpb says:

    How about these:

    To Colorado: Sundin, White, Raycroft

    To Leafs: Svatos, Hannan, Theodore, 1st rounder

    To NYR: McCabe (if he waives)

    To Leafs: 2nd rounder, Prucha

  6. thehockeyguy says:

    Hey guys,

    I need to get something off my mind. Right now Toronto is looking terrible defensivly, and I mean TERRIBLE. What they need to do is either trade away a defenceman or sit one out, aka McCabe or Wosznewski. Wosznewski looked awful lastnight, this guy shouldn't even be playing on a minor hockey team let alone an nhl team. Hopefully when McCabe returns he will come back as a better defenceman rather then trying to score goals from the blue line, we really don't need that right now, we need defence.
    Sundin WILL NOT BE TRADED. I keep hearing speculation of Sundin being traded, but he won't be, you would be crazy to trade him now.

    Guys lets stick up for our team and lets try and help them get through this rough patch, that's all this is right now, a rough patch, all teams will go through a stretch like this so lets not get down on our team, lets keep cheering in hoping that they will turn things around.

  7. senators101 says:

    Send him over to Ottawa.  We'll give him a stanley cup ring and he can go back to Toronto next year.

  8. saint says:

    If it's the end of the season and the Leafs are look in from the outside, I say pass him off to another team that's just outside of a playoff spot, or battling it out for one, specifically in the Western Conference:

    Chicago (Leafs and Blackhawks seem to have a trade relationship)
    Sundin and extra(s) for Cam Barker.

    Sunday and extra(s) for Mark Fistric

    Just a couple thoughts as an example, and using the fact that the Leafs are in dire need for defensive defensemen.

  9. habsalicious says:

    Does that mean that the Leafs aren't contenders anymore?

  10. KingCanada says:

    Cant say i like this trade.  When trading for a rental player for the playoffs you dont give up many roster players.  Vancouver is giving up 4 roster players and gains 3.  I dont agree with the trade, the defenseman balance themselves out but the vancouver offensive corp is already bare enough as is, they dont need to loose Naslund and Morrison to gain Sundin, they can trade picks and prospects to get him.  Remember he is only a rental.

    To Vancouver: Mats Sundin
    To Toronto: Brendan Morrison, Luc Bourdon, 1st round pick

    I know i said it needs to be prospects and picks but i included Morrison due to cap reasons since he makes 3.2 and yes Sundin makes 5.5 but Vancouver has roughly 2 million in space.  Not to mention Morrison is a UFA at seasons end so we arent stuck with him.

  11. Archion113 says:

    lol nice..

  12. KingCanada says:

    Wow your Colorado trade proposal is even worse then Blue and White's Vancouver trade wooow.

    Lets start with the fact that Sundin is a playoff rental, he wont sigm again with Colorado so why give up good potential in Svatos (young former 20 goal scorer).

    Secondly Hannan signed this off season to a long contract, he isnt going anywere.

    Thirdly Toskala is our starter and will be make 4 million next season, how can u justify a backup making MORE then 4 million?? total goaltending cost of 9.3 million?!? Thats 20% of your allowed cap space for 2 players think about it.

    Lastly the leafs have money problems this season and the next, they have 8 million left to sign Wellwood, Stajan, Steen and Sundin if he wishes to return, we CANNOT afford Theodore.  What your proposing is that the leafs gain 11 million in cap and that Colorado gets roughly 8 million, thats an increase of 3 million for Toronto who are up against the cap, the trade DEFINATLY DOES NOT FIT.

    With that said i like your NYR trade if we were able to get rid of McCabe and get that sort of return for him even tho i believe NY would be overpaying considering McCabes contract and his abilities.

  13. KingCanada says:

    Dont be so close minded, if the Leafs cannot fix their defensive woes it is very possible that Sundin DOES in fact get traded to help the Leafs and also Sundin's cause to win a cup.

    Chad Kilger, Hal Gill, Wade Belak and Andrew Raycroft might also be expendable if the Leafs keep loosing come trade deadline time.  Kilger is a physical playoff type with a big shot, Gill s a big stay-at-home defender, Belak can fight like the rest of them and Raycroft could be a decent backup if a team wishes to have a little bit of insurance going into the playoff months.

  14. KingCanada says:

    I would actually LOVE for this to happen because Mats wouldnt even be going that far and also Ottawa has 3 million in cap space which would be enough by the time the end of the season is around to fit Sundin's 5.5.

    I would gladly take Antoine Vermette/Patrick Eaves, Josh Hennesy/Nick Foligno and a 1st rounder off your guys.

  15. KingCanada says:

    I agree with your opinion of trading Sundin to a lower seeded playoff team because in the end we would get more for Sundin because they are a little more desperate.  Just look at what NYI did to get Ryan Smyth and what Atlanta did to get Keith Tkachuk who both of them brought back a healthy package and both ended up leaving at season's end.

    HOWEVER Mats Sundin has a NTC and wants to win a cup, i doubt he will waive it for a team that has little chance to win the cup.

  16. KingCanada says:

    we never WERE contenders, just wishful thinkers… haha

  17. DJTOKid says:

    If this team is not in a playoff spot half way through the year then the time should come to blow it up. I wonder though if it's already too late to do so, if you look at McCabes, Tuckers, Ponis, antropovs, Kubinas, Gills, and Raycrofts contracts they're going to be difficult to move for the best GM. Then you look at everything JFJ has givin up and the moves he missed out on. Tukka Rask for raycroft, this years first round pick for Toskala and Bell, nd not making the Kaberle and Steen for pronger trade. All these events may have screwed the leafs for many years, They could've drafted that russian this year cherpanov(sorry if spelled wrong) you put him, Kulimen, and Tlusty together. That could be a very deadly line in three to five years, but noooooo its all about now and that mentality isn't working.

    Trade Sundin, Tucker, McCabe, Kubina, Raycroft, Ponikorovsky, and I would even go as far as to trade colaiacovo and on eof the youngsters, Steen, Stajan, Or Wellwood for what ever I could get. The Leafs shouldn't care about the players they get back as long as they get picks, prospects, and free cap space to try and do it again.

    The number one thought on JFJs mind right now should be, how do I get Marian Hossa out of atlanta and into the blue and white. This is the dynamic player that the leafs need, no one on the leafs team other the Mats can touch the talent that Hossa has.
    Bottom line is the veterans aren't getting it done for the leafs and they have no explosive young talent. Time to make management changes and player changes or the leafs will be stuck on the outside of the playoffs for alot of years to come.

  18. RealisticLeaf says:

    I would trade Sundin for two quality prospects and a first rounder.

    But i hope that JFJ is not the one to make the deal. He is an idiot.

    Replace JFJ with a quality hockey guy and let him start there with cleaning house.

  19. Jenkinstein says:

    HA!!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA! The only thing you would get out of us, and this is only if Murray is drunk off his bum, is Henessey and a dp.  Sundin isnt worth that  to Ottawa as a rental player.  That is way too much to give up on a gamble, especially since he hates Ottawa from all the bad blood in the past.

  20. MtlHabs09 says:

    Why not re-title this thing to "Leafs Article # 42398147238905734890578923478934… NOW WITH UNREALISTIC TRADE SCENARIOS!!!!!"

  21. senators101 says:

    Vermette's not going anywhere, I think Eaves is tradable, but Murray likes that kid.  Hennessy,  Foligno, 1st rounder – i'd do that…ONLY if Alfy and sundin can get along, otherwise its as good as garbage.

  22. senators101 says:

    Oh, also, considering JFJ is at the helm on your side, and Brian Murray is on ours, I'm pretty sure he's not going to give up too much for anyone.  Our GM is stingy (which is good) and yours will probably give him to us for nothing.
    Here's how I see it going down, because it is JFJ:
    To Ottawa: Sundin
    To Toronto: A thank you from murray.

  23. MR40 says:

    Two offensive d man who are terrible defensively, and a rental player who might get at the most 15 points more then Naslund (realisticly Sundin will finish with at the very most 80 points while Nalund is good for 65+ points) for 2 of our top 4 forwards and our captain who we could trade to another team for a couple of solid prospects and/or high draft picks, a defensemen an NTC, and our PP QB, and one of our best prospects who has been our best defensemen ever since the Bieksa/Salo injurie's. It doesn't make sense

    Besides Vancouver will be out of the playoff picture by Febuary (i'm a Canuck's fan so don't bash me for saying that), so this trade doesn't improve the team, and hurts us long term (Cap wise, and the fact that we don't get prospects or anythingfor Nazzy or Mo).

  24. MR40 says:

    Have I ever read this on this website before?

  25. senators101 says:

    Because we're talking JFJ here:
    To Ottawa: Sundin
    To Toronto: Luke Richardson and a thank you from Brian Murray.

  26. leafy says:

    Completely agree!

  27. leafy says:

    Certainly it's a little early to blow up the team today, but if things don't change by, say, the New Year, they seriously have to cut their losses and look to the future.  We need as many quality draft picks/prospects as possible.

  28. leafy says:

    It just might happen.

  29. KingCanada says:

    I would LOVE to see Sundin land in San Jose.  I know i will get some heat on this issue because the Sharks already have Thornton and Marleau as their top 2 centers but if one of Marleau or Sundin can make the move to the wing can you imagine the potency of this offense?? they would definatly be the favorites to win the west if you ask me.

    trade 2 of Pavelski, Vlasic, Clowe, Setoguchi, Wyshart, Couture, Petrecki and their 1st round draft pick for Sundin

  30. MR40 says:

    To Minnesota: Mats Sundin
    To Toronto: Colton Gillies, 1st rounder, 2nd rounder

    Minnesota has lot's of prospects and can afford to make a trade like this. They need a centre too, and there one step away from being a major Cup contender.

  31. leafy says:

    We keep hearing a lot that Sundin might go to Ottawa, but we have yet to hear what Toronto might realistically get in return.

    It's going to be tough to make this work, because Toronto will want a lot for Sundin, and by the same token, Ottawa will not want to give a division rival too much future.  Let's not forget, other contenders will fight for Sundin too.

    As much as I want Sundin to win a cup, I honestly can't see this happening.  Even the 3rd team scenario seems far fetched.

  32. mojo19 says:

    With Marleau shifting over to wing, could you imagine having to face this team in the playoffs with a Thornton-Sundin one-two punch down the middle? I like that one, I want Vlasic and any one of the other guys plus the 1st rounder.

    Here's mine, if Columbus continues to surprise throughout the year and sit around 4th-6th by the deadline: Sundin for Brule and a 1st, or Sundin for 2 high calibre prospects, 1st rounder. Or we can get Klesla involved in a deal or Vyborny.

    My point is Columbus has a bunch of decent prospects and some good players on their roster and I think they're looking for a #1 centre to compete in the West in the playoffs, I think they'd make a good trading partner, only problem is maybe Mats won't waive it for Columbus.

  33. senators101 says:

    Maybe he won't waive? Would you waive? Hell no.

  34. NHLSlayer says:

    Sundin, only to get 80 points, AT MOST?????????????????????????

    Where have you been?  21 points this year, in 16 games, but somehow you've actually got yourself believing he'll cap out under 60 points in the next 66 games?  Now, I'm not saying that he'll break 80, but the chances of him doing so are much better than Naslund's.

    Sundin:  21 points in 16 games, on pace for 108, which of course, I think is too high.  Look for him around the 90 point mark.

    Naslund:  11 points in 14 games, on pace for 64 points, even with the help from the Sedins.

    So, you need to take your rose coloured glasses off, and realize that (next to Bryan McCabe) Markus Naslund may be the league's most over rated and over priced player.

    Not a big Leaf fan, but living near Toronto means I get this stuff crammed down my throat.  Vancouver should jump if this deal becomes available.  I think you'll only see Sundin traded to a contender.  Sundin won't go to a team that's worse than Toronto, it wouldn't make any sense for him to move.

  35. mojo19 says:

    Well, if they're in 4th @ the deadline, why not? If they're in 7th or 8th then its out of the question.

  36. senators101 says:

    What's wrong with what he said? 80 points for sundin is probably the lowish end, but I don't see him going considerably over that.  He said that Nassy will get about 65+ points.  You said he's on pace for 64.  Big deal, 1 point difference.

  37. senators101 says:

    What position they are in makes no difference.  The only question is are they a contendor. The Blue Jackets are not a contendor, even if they finish 1st in their conference.  A team full of people with no playoff experience (with the odd exception).  I will bet my life he isn't going there.

  38. mojo19 says:

    Yeah, this one makes sense to me, maybe throw in a roster player too, just to make some room for Mats on the team and dump a little salary for the Wild. Like how the Blues picked up Zigomanis in the Weight deal from the Canes, and Metropolit from Atlanta in the Tkachuck deal. So maybe what you mentioned plus Branko Radevojevic or something?

  39. mojo19 says:

    Here's some what some teams may be willing to give and what I think the Leafs would want, I'm basing this off what Forsberg, Tkachuck, Weight, Smyth etc. were traded for last year (Weight the year before). And of course all the trades depend on the Leafs position in the standings and that of their trade partner come deadline. Let's assume these are teams comfortably 6th place or higher, and the Leafs are 11th-ish, not looking good.

    Don't worry if these don't quite work out cap wise. There's cap space taken off for injuries, and its a day by day cap, so to keep it simple: a team $3 million under the cap during the first half of the season or so can spend $3 million over during the second half of the season. That being said here's some proposals, I'll usually throw in a roster player to make it work:

    Calgary for Sundin: 1st rnd pick, 2nd rnd pick, Lombardi, M.Backlund, D.Moss
    Detroit for Sundin: 1st rnd pick, 2nd rnd pick, Hudler, J.Kindl, J.Andersson
    Colorado for Mats: 1st rnd pick, W.Wolski, TJ Hensick
    Montreal for fun for Mats: 1st rnd pick, Kostitsyn, Grabovski, Pacioretty
    Ottawa: 1st rnd '08, 1st rnd '09, Vermette, I.Zubov, O'Brien
    Pittsburgh for Sundin, White, conditional pick: Jordan Staal. (Pick indicates that if Pittsburgh wins the cup/makes the finals Toronto gives them no draft pick, if they make the final 4 Toronto gives up a 2nd rounder, if they are eliminated in the 1st or 2nd round Toronto gives up a first rounder. This is a fun one, just getting creative tell me what you think about it.
    Minnesota for Mats: 1st rnd pick, 2nd rnd pick, C.Gillies, B.Radevojevich
    SJS for Mats: 1st rnd pick, 4th rnd pick, Vlasic, Clowe
    CBJ for Mats: 1st rnd pick, Brule, Brassard

    I went a little steep on Ottawa but them's the breaks.

  40. KingCanada says:

    I agree that Colombus would make a good partner if Sundin would want to go there but i would NEVER consider trading for Brule.  He is garbage, out of 3 seasons hes suited for colombus hes scored about a point every 4 games.  Pretty lame numbers for someone picked 6th overall in 2005.  Not to mentoin the kid is injury prone.  We dont need another Wellwood, Colaiacovo or Antropov who suit up half the season.

    The only prospects i would want to trade for from Colombus would include Voracek, Russell and Brassard.

    I can see Brule turn into the next Daigle regardless of the fact he wasnt picked 1st overall by a Canadian team.

  41. KingCanada says:

    That trade definatly works out except i would substitute Gillies with Sheppard since he is tearing up the AHL and take away the second rounder to even it out.  The trade works salary wize also because the Wild have over 3 imllion in space and will have an extra 1.4 in space once Walz announces his retirement.

  42. broc says:

    That Columbus suggestion is OFF THE HOOK.

    Derick Brassard, Gilbert Brule, and 1st rounder for Sundin is insane. The Leafs would be wise to give Sundin for 1 of those guys by himself. The deal you wrote could be done today if it were real. Done!!

  43. NHLSlayer says:

    Mostly, it was a comment that he figures Naslund is more or less equal to Sundin, which is a laughable farce.

    That being said, I'm so sick of hearing about the Leafs from all the Toronto media that I'd be happy to see them trade Sundin.  The fact still remains, however, that they won't trade him to a place like Vancouver, a team with even less chance of contending than Toronto.  IF Sundin is traded, it will be to one of the powerhouse teams, a team that will hope Sundin is the missing piece of the Stanley Cup Puzzle.

    Also, for Sundin to agree to the deal, it would have to include a REALISTIC shot at the cup.

  44. NHLSlayer says:

    This IS purely a rumour, but one I did hear today, that I thought I would pass along to you guys.

    I did hear that Minnesota is VERY interested in Sundin, and would be willing to put together a package including Brian Rolston and Brent Burns.

    It was an interesting little bit of info, to say the least, but who knows just how much truth there is to it…

  45. senators101 says:

    First, if you think that Toronto has the same chance as Vancouver at winning a cup, you are delusional.

    Second, no GM in the right mind would take that trade.  There would be nobody for Sundin to play with after they get rid of that much.  And who wants McCabe at 5.75 with a No-movement clause? Vancouver's defense is solid once everyone comes back from injury.  Trading your captiain, a solid defensive defenseman, a solid prospect, and Morrison for Sundin and two pieces of sh*t who combined to make more than Roberto Luongo would be a move only JFJ would do.

  46. MR40 says:

    Maybe Shawn Belle? He would fit in great with the Leaf's. They need a tough defensive defensemen. He might not be NHL ready yet, but he's close. He was a former 1st round pick too (in 2003 which was a really deep draft).

  47. smooth4488 says:

    And I'll bet mine he definitely isn't going to Ottawa!!!!!

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