Sundin Deserves the Cup

I think every leaf fan can agree that Mats Sundin deserves to win a cup. Let’s be realistic, it looks like Toronto isn’t going to win the cup anytime soon. Soon meaning in the next 2 or 3 years. Sundin is on his last year of his contract, and is most likely going to re-sign with the leafs this offseason (all depending on the tucker situation that is) so why not trade him to a contender this trade deadline as a rent for a good prospect. This is what i was sort of thinking of

To Nashville:
Mats Sundin
To Toronto:
Josef Vasicek, Ryan Parent, 1st Round Pick 2007

Them trading vasicek would clear some room for Sundin. It doesn’t have to be Vasicek, just a name i thought would make the most sense for Nashville to give away to clear some cap space. They only got Vasicek because they needed size up the middle, well if they could get Sundin, they might not need Vasicek anymore. With Ryan Parent, the leafs are getting a solid defenseman with a lot of potential (recently won his second consecutive gold at the World Juniors earliar this month) and the Predators have plently of depth when it comes to defensemen (Klein, Zanon etc.) so it wouldn’t be such a huge loss to them, and we would also land a first rounder. In my opinion, if the Predators get a guy like Sundin, i think they are the most likely to win the Cup, which is what Sundin deserves. Actually, i think if any team out of the top 4 or 5 teams in the league this year land Sundin, they probably will have the best chance at winning the cup, but i think Nashville has the best cap space for him, or Atlanta. Buffalo or Anahiem would have to give up to much to get him in order of the cap space.

Hopefully JFJ, if the Leafs don’t make the playoffs this year that is (which i doubt they will), will trade Sundin to a real contender as a rent and then he will have a real good shot at winning the cup, then re-sign with the buds in the offseason.

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