SUNDIN is Truly Dominant

Hard to believe after all these years playing in the Toronto market this guy, I think, is still not getting the respect he deserves. It became very clear after watching last nights game against the Islanders this guy is on a mission and is one of the best in the league. He is the face of the Leafs and without him they have no identity. Yes he is in the twilight of his career but he is still in great shape and is out-performing his teamates and most players in the NHL.

Trade him? Unless it is a deal, even an idiot like JFJ couldn’t pass up, then yes you do it, if Sundin allows it. Otherwise they would be wise to keep him for leadership and to allow them to make the transition they need to make to get younger and better.

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  1. leafsrule1967 says:

    The leafs will not trade sundin he has stated time and time again he wants to finish his playing days here and JFJ will do just that i can see JFJ let him play out his contract and resign him in the off season where the cap will be going up if im a betting man JFJ will then hand sundin a 5 year contract with a no movement clause in it which he should

  2. Hoondog2 says:

    Sundin will and should retire as a Leaf.

  3. MogilnyFan1990 says:

    You're right…  keep Sundin unless they get an offer they can't refuse.

  4. MogilnyFan1990 says:

    p.s…..  leafs should trade for a shootout specialist.  we're missing out on valuable points

  5. leaflova says:

    ya, but dont trade sundin for one, he's pretty good at shoot out

  6. sfox19 says:

    I think that the leafs will trade Sundin at the deadline to a major contender and get some great return.  After all, the leafs will end up signing him back anyway as he wants to finish his career there.  There is not much more time for Sundin to win a cup, and the way JFJ has been spending cash on D-men, a cup in Toronto will not be coming soon.

  7. halgillfan says:

    i heard sundin for koivu

  8. leafsrule1967 says:

    the leafs will never ever trade sundin to the habless canadians keep dreaming canadian fans as JFJ is not that stupid

  9. BieksaForMVP says:

    Sundin is not one of the top players in the NHL, but he is still a good player. Don't compare him to the Lecavilier's, and Heatley's, aand so on.

  10. Pony says:

    And how isn't he? Sundin controls games like all the top players in the league just because he doesn't inflate his stats enough to be at the top doesn't mean he's not one of the best.

    I would hands down for this year atleast take him than anyone on Vancouver besides maybe Luongo.

  11. Toonces99 says:

    You're a Moron…..

  12. Aetherial says:

    You stick Sundin with the linemates these guys have and the comparison is more reasonable than you think.

    Sundin is, and always has been, underrated.

  13. JuicemaN says:


    Even if Koivu was only 30 they wouldn't do it.  Koivu is not even close to Sundin's calibre, there's the Sundin's, the Jokinen's, the Naslunds and the Sakic's and then in a much lesser calibre there's the Koivu's, the Demitra's and the (I guess) Rober Lang's. Koivu might be a great leader but he is not in the same talent category as Sundin; not even close.

    Put it this way, if you're in a hockey pool and/or know people who are, check to see in how many pools is Sundin sitting on the available players list vs how many pools Koivu is available in.  I'm willing to bet there is no pool out there that has Sundin available.  I'm in 4 hockey pools and in 3 of 4 Koivu is available to pick up for free.

    Sorry, not gonna happen.

  14. kwels42 says:

    if you put st louis or alfredson or spezza on a line with sundin he would defanetly be in the top 5 in scoring

  15. kwels42 says:

    would never happen

  16. kwels42 says:

    sundin is so good on the shootout only one on the team who consistantly score on the shootout

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