Sundin looking like Iginla

Everyone knows the troubles Calgary had last season putting the puck in the net. It seemed Iginla was he only big scorer the Flames had last season. The situation looks similiar for the Leafs. When my uncle from Boston Came to Toronto last week, we talked a bit about hockey. He’s a Bruins fan. I told him that I really liked what I saw from Wellwood last season. He replied by saying, “Who is Wellwood?” Well, Wellwood is a 2nd line guy who has potential to be a great playmaker. Thats when I made the connection.

Sundin- 1st liner

Wellwood- 2nd liner

Steen- 2nd liner

Tucker- 2nd liner

O’neill- 2nd liner

Peca- 3rd liner

Poni- 3rd liner

Antropov- 3rd liner

Stajan- 3rd liner

Kilger- 3rd liner

Pohl- 4th liner

Westrum- 4th liner

Ondrus- 4th liner

Battaglia- 4th liner

Williams- 4th liner

Suglobov- 4th liner

The depth is there, but Sundin is really he only guy who deserves first line duties. This is not unlike how Calgary was last season. So when people say they want Sundin to go, it worries me. Imagine what would have happened to the Flames if they had let Iginla go a year ago. Sundin is the heart of the Leafs Offence plain and simple.