Sundin Mania!!!

First off, I want to start off this article by saying that I think Mats Sundin is one of the elite players in the NHL, and I have been a fan and still am of Mats’. But, since there has been a lot of talk about the trading of Mats, I thought I would pull together a couple trade possibilities that JFJ could make come trade deadline time, and the Leafs are out of the playoff race.
1. To Pittsburgh: Mats Sundin
To Toronto: Jordan Staal, 5th round pick
– Let’s face it, unless Sundin can find the fountain of youth, his NHL days are almost numbered, and the Leafs are in desperate need of a replacment. On the flip side, the Pens have quite a number f young stars and will find it very, very difficult to signand keep them all. If the Pens are looking for a playoff run, then they will have to trade for an experienced star forward to play on a line with Crosby. So both sides are getting wha they want– and if you think the idea of pittsburgh giving up Staal is far-fetched, just think of what the Preds gave up for PF, and think of how much better Sundin is playing this year than PF was last year, and the price of Staal seems just about right.

2. To Pittsburgh: Sundin
To Toronto: Letang, Malone, Stone, 4rth round pick
-Same reasoning for the Pens wanting Sundin. Simple “move for youth” trade for the Leafs to make it a bright future in Leaf land.

3. To Tampa Bay: Mats Sundin
To Toronto: Brad Richards, 3rd round pick
-Leafs get a Sundin succeder, Lightning shed some cap space and get a chance at another cup with seasoned all-star in Sundin. Seems like a good fit.

4. To San Jose: Mats Sundin
To Toronto: Steve Bernier, Patrick Marleau, 4th round pick
– The Leafs get a chance of a replacement in Marleau (if he can return to form) and a good rookie in Bernier, and the Sharks get a big boost in offence and a better chance of winning the big title.

5.To Blue Jackets: Mats Sundin
To Maple Leafs: Nikolai Zherdev, Gilbert Brule, 2nd round pick
-The Jackets always welcome talent no matter how old it is, and the Leafs get an armful of young talent. What’s not to love?

6. *Please note, very slime-to-none chances,but I actually heard this rumored on a hockey station*
To Pens: Mats Sundin
To Leafs: Evgeni Malkin
-If JFJ could pull this off I would take back anything I have ever said about him, and call him one hell of a GM. I did hear this rumored on The Fan 590 where they said that Evgeni Malkin will never be able to become a bonna fide superstar until he is the number one man on a team ( which, thanks to Crosby in Pitts. he is not), and that Pens managment sees problems with this in the future. Add this with a combination of the problem the Pens face, which I mentioned in 1., and this crazy looking trade looks kind of sensible.

Now, since we have a GM who’s brain seems to work in crazy ways, none of this will probably happen. But it’s still nice to dream about Toronto actually making a good trade. What do you think the Leafs should do with Mats Sundin, if the scenario listed at the top were to happen?

**Please note that I haven’t been on HTR for a while, so if there has been a similar story, sorry.

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  1. mojo19 says:

    1) I think that's fair, Pitty would have to be in like 4th or 5th to consider it and Staal would have to have not really picked it up yet.

    2)ya I guess so, I don't know a lot about Letang or anything about Stone but i get the idea, its a couple young guys, so a decent package.

    3) Tampa's not in a position to trade for a rental player so much. And i hate this as a leafs fan anyways. Richards was injured for the first time in his career last night. Not suprising that he never gets hurt since he doesn't stand in front of the net, go in the corners or make contact with anyone ever. $7.8 mil makes McCabe look like a steal imo.

    4)yikes!!! I don't know about this one from a Sharks stand point. Marleau is having a sub-par year to say the least but is capable of putting up 90+ pts. You don't trade a guy like that for a rental player, sorry. Unless its 1 for 1 with conditional draft pick(s) going to the Sharks depending on if Sundin re-signs with them or something.

    5) Ya not bad! I think CBJ would probably not do it unless you took one of Zherdev or Brule out for a non roster player, and of course they'd have to be no lower than 6th in the west at deadline to make it. But flip one for a prospect, then make it a 1st rounder and you've got something. imo CBJ would hang onto Zherdev not Brule if they're going for it now

    6)Hahaha, I would love this but like you said, its not happening. If Pittsburgh were to trade Malkin for some reason, I think they would trade for someone who's contract is not expiring, no rentals!!! But for fun let's say the Leafs throw in a 1st rounder and coniditional 1st rounder if Sundin leaves the Pens. In total the Leafs would be giving up Mats (for the end of the season only) and 2 firsts for Malkin. Still feels like were ripping them off, haha, I don't think its gonna happen.

    Fun article though, I enjoyed it.

  2. habsgod says:

    this prick is dulluisional!put the crack pipe down!!!!!and go have a cold shower and wake up!!!sundin for all that stuff at this stage of his career give me a *****ing break!!this just makes me laugh!!!marleau,bernier and 4th  r.d pick!!letang malone,stone 4th r.d pick!brad richards,3r.d pick zherdev ,brule 2nd r.d pick!!evgeni malkin!!hahahahaha!!this is commical!if you guys were to make a deal for any of these guys kaberle would be the starting point!!not sundin!!you'll be lucky if you get more than a pick or 2 for him!!not this stuff!!man your are smoking some serious good dope!!where can i get  some!!!l

  3. 40grulingyears says:

    i like ur suggestions….the only ones that i could see fly are #2-5, pittsburgh wouldnt part with stall or malkin thought that would be awsome!

    i got some suggestion which i hope wont bare too much criticsm:

    1) To Colorado: Sundin
        To Leafs: Svatos or Wolski, Liles 1st Rounder

    2) To Detroit: Sundin
        To Leafs: Cory Emmerton or Tomas Kopecky, Filppula or Hudler, 2nd DP

    3) To San Jose: Mats Sundin
        To Leafs: Steve Bernier, Dennis Packard, Vlasic or a 2nd-4th DP

    4) To Philly: Mats Sundin
        To Leafs: Braydon Coburn, Ryan Potulny, Scottie Upshall or 2nd DP
    * I doubt philly would give up Upshall but hey i put him in there

    Just some prospects with good upside, and these are deals with potential contenders, i could probably put anaheim and a few others in there too. 

  4. 40grulingyears says:

    I can understand that ur a habs fan and hate sundin, so im not gonna sit here and knock u, but he is top 10 in points and has atleast 70 for the past 7-8 years. Forsberg was always hurt and isnt half the guy sundin (i know u can argue that) and ya half of his deals sound ridiculous, but if the leafs were to trade him away i think ud be surprised at how much they could get.

  5. Hoondog2 says:

    Did you just start watching hockey?  Do you realize what 'older' players were fetching at the deadline?  Sundin is playing the best hockey of his career, and is the exact type of player that a playoff team would want.  He wouldn't upset dressing room chemistry, and what give you another gritty scoring line no matter who he plays with.  That being said, i want to keep him on the Leafs for the exact same reasons.  Let him do what he wants.

  6. jarcpitre says:

    I'd leave Sundin alone, but it would be nice to add another scoring threat up front. Its too bad we couldn't turn back time, I would give up Tucker in a sec now, he's just too banged up and doesn't look the same. I would be nice to get a PK specialist like the one we lost PECA and a player that throws the body around. But all in all as a true fan I want Sundin to stay, he just wouldn't look right in another uniform.

  7. 40grulingyears says:

    ya i would be nice, but i want sundin to stay as a leaf

  8. habsgod says:

    look i don't hate sundin the guy is class act and is a great player!!but comeon some of these trades he was suggesting are lidicris!!did pittsburgh get anything for a 39 yr old recchi?i'm not saying that they won'tget anything for him but not the stuff he's suggesting no 37yr old maybe with the acception of sakic is worth that !!and he won't even get colorado that much!!as i stated if you were to get that stuff kaberle would be the starting point!!!

  9. habsgod says:

    no i didn't start just watching hockey yeah i saw whatolder players at the deadline werefetching!!tell me witch older player yeilded that kind of return?marleau,bernier and a pick,malkin,letang malone and a pick!!god seriously man!!yeah youu'd get something for him but nothing like what he's dreaming about!!!get a grip on reality!!!yeah he would help teams(sundin)but he will never land you guys the stuff he wrote in his article!!!!and if you think otherwise!!then *****ing wake up and give your head a serious shake!!if that the case they why haven't you guys done it yet?besides he 's loyal to a fault and will retire in your guys sweater!!because he loves there more than winning the cup!!!

  10. KingCanada says:

    I highly doubt that Sundin is going anywere.  Its fun to speculate but with the recent play of the Leafs i doubt anyone on that team is going anywere (unless JFJ can find a way to dump a contract and upgrade).

    First of all Staal and Malkin are untouchable and lets say i humor u for a moment and say they are to be traded, they would fetch alot more then just Sundin who is on the end of his contract.

    Your TB and SJS trades are impossible because that would put the Leafs over the cap (i know its fun to speculate but it has to be realistic so cap has to be factored).

    Your #2 and 5 trades are a bit better but i believe Sundin can get more from Pittsburg.  IMO Malone doesnt have much worth, i love Letang, dont konw about Stone but im sure hes a decent prospect.  So to make that trade fair i would take out Malone and include Pittsburg's first round pick and that seems better.

    To PIT: Sundin
    To TOR: Letang, Stone, 1st round pick

    I like your CBJ trade the way it is tho because i think it is fair, however i wouldnt want it to happen because Zherdev has a Yashin like attitude and Brule is a bandage boy.

    All speculation aside, Sundin is going nowere unless the leafs loose 12-15 out of the next 20.

  11. KingCanada says:

    I like some of your ideas but some of your trades dont work out for me.

    I know Liles in on the trade block but when you are going into the playoffs you dont want to give up too many roster spots.  Thats 2 spots for one, i just think Colorado would rather trade a extra prospect or a pick instead of Liles because they cant really replace him.  I agree with Svatos or Wolski tho (id prefer Wolski, local kid).

    The Detroit trade is good, id up the ante to a 1st round pick IMO.  Hes consistently in the top 10 scoring in the league so 3 quality players (1 prospect, 1 young player, 1 high draft pick) is not out of the question.

    Same thing goes to your SJS trade, take away the picks and Packard and put in a 1st round pick.

    The last one with Phily seems fair but the players and prospects in return are all marginal, if Toronto is giving up an all star they have to have a shot at least at a potential all-star prospect.  Those guys arent top 2 line material or top 2 paring defencemen.

    All in all good job tho, your trades are better then the ones from the article.

  12. 40grulingyears says:

    ya i believe we could get some more for kaberle because everybody wants a puck moving defenceman. As for recchi, nobody wanted him because he hasnt done mcuh this year (2g, 6ast. in 20 games) 

    Sundin has (15g, 23 ast. in 31 games) if he keeps up this pace he can get alot, again i refer back to the Forsberg trade Last year, he wasnt playing alot and got traded when he was injured and look at what Philadelphia got back (two young players and two top draft picks)

  13. habsgod says:


  14. FarFromFreedom says:

    take it easy, you sound like your going to have a stroke. Look i understand what your saying and yes i found some of these offers ridiculous. No Malkin for Sundin will never happen, No Marleau for Sundin will never happen. No Richards for Sundin however Bernier yes i can see that simply because he isnt having the greatest year although if the Leafs do trade Sundin at the deadline the asking price will be high and the Leafs will get it because around that time, the one thing teams are looking for is a high quality vet to get them to the cup.

    The Leafs will get a couple picks including a 1st and 2nd and one or two prospects from a team who believes Sundin is the answer and why wouldnt he? Look at his playoff stats 83-35-39 for 74 points quite impressive. Last year Keith Tkachuk was traded for 2 prospects and two 1st round picks and a 2nd round pick (one 1stround pick only if resigned) and he doesnt come close to Sundin in the playoffs 85-28-28 for 58 points. Im sure a team will give up alot more for Sundin then what St.louis got from Atlanta last season.

    if were gonna talk about hockey, lets be logical no more Malkin for Sundin rumors, its just not gonna happen. i Enjoyed this article but i enjoyed you two go back and fourth with each other 10x more

  15. Hoondog2 says:

    I just looked at some of the trade suggestions again.  You're right some of these are pretty far fetched.

  16. 40grulingyears says:

    haha see we like 2 different teams but we can still agree…….haha
    I dont see him going anywhere to tell you the truth, but hey u never know. but hey lets swap stajan or steen for ryder…

  17. habsgod says:

    i agree let's keep it logical!!yes it's nice to go back and forth but when the stupidity like some of these proposed trades get throwin out there it just makes guys look dumb and stupid!!they get to sound like they are retarded or on something!!

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