Sundin Mania!!!

First off, I want to start off this article by saying that I think Mats Sundin is one of the elite players in the NHL, and I have been a fan and still am of Mats’. But, since there has been a lot of talk about the trading of Mats, I thought I would pull together a couple trade possibilities that JFJ could make come trade deadline time, and the Leafs are out of the playoff race.
1. To Pittsburgh: Mats Sundin
To Toronto: Jordan Staal, 5th round pick
– Let’s face it, unless Sundin can find the fountain of youth, his NHL days are almost numbered, and the Leafs are in desperate need of a replacment. On the flip side, the Pens have quite a number f young stars and will find it very, very difficult to signand keep them all. If the Pens are looking for a playoff run, then they will have to trade for an experienced star forward to play on a line with Crosby. So both sides are getting wha they want– and if you think the idea of pittsburgh giving up Staal is far-fetched, just think of what the Preds gave up for PF, and think of how much better Sundin is playing this year than PF was last year, and the price of Staal seems just about right.

2. To Pittsburgh: Sundin
To Toronto: Letang, Malone, Stone, 4rth round pick
-Same reasoning for the Pens wanting Sundin. Simple “move for youth” trade for the Leafs to make it a bright future in Leaf land.

3. To Tampa Bay: Mats Sundin
To Toronto: Brad Richards, 3rd round pick
-Leafs get a Sundin succeder, Lightning shed some cap space and get a chance at another cup with seasoned all-star in Sundin. Seems like a good fit.

4. To San Jose: Mats Sundin
To Toronto: Steve Bernier, Patrick Marleau, 4th round pick
– The Leafs get a chance of a replacement in Marleau (if he can return to form) and a good rookie in Bernier, and the Sharks get a big boost in offence and a better chance of winning the big title.

5.To Blue Jackets: Mats Sundin
To Maple Leafs: Nikolai Zherdev, Gilbert Brule, 2nd round pick
-The Jackets always welcome talent no matter how old it is, and the Leafs get an armful of young talent. What’s not to love?

6. *Please note, very slime-to-none chances,but I actually heard this rumored on a hockey station*
To Pens: Mats Sundin
To Leafs: Evgeni Malkin
-If JFJ could pull this off I would take back anything I have ever said about him, and call him one hell of a GM. I did hear this rumored on The Fan 590 where they said that Evgeni Malkin will never be able to become a bonna fide superstar until he is the number one man on a team ( which, thanks to Crosby in Pitts. he is not), and that Pens managment sees problems with this in the future. Add this with a combination of the problem the Pens face, which I mentioned in 1., and this crazy looking trade looks kind of sensible.

Now, since we have a GM who’s brain seems to work in crazy ways, none of this will probably happen. But it’s still nice to dream about Toronto actually making a good trade. What do you think the Leafs should do with Mats Sundin, if the scenario listed at the top were to happen?

**Please note that I haven’t been on HTR for a while, so if there has been a similar story, sorry.