Sundin out indefinitely

The Toronto Star is reporting that Mats Sundin’s freak eye injury is a broken orbital bone, and that the Leafs captain will be out indefinitely. The good news is that there is apparently no damage to his injured eye. Even more good news for Leafs fans is that the Big E had a great game on Wednesday (scoring a goal and being a decent physical presence) and is expected to take over Sundin’s 1st line duties on Saturday against MontrĂ©al.

As a Sens fan, many people would believe that Sundin’s injury was something I would like. This is totally false. I wish Mats the quickest recovery possible. This is also a great opportunity for the Leafs to call up Kyle Wellwood, probably their top forward prospect not playing with the big club this year. Here’s hoping Sundin is back soon!

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  1. quick_stick says:

    It would free up a chunk of money, likely to be used at the trade deadline

  2. Neely4Life says:

    id liek to see that, but i really wouldnt count out the leafs.

  3. 92-93 says:

    totally agree with you and I am glad to finally hear someone not generalize leaf fans!

    i think alot of the fans that I have spoken too are under the dellusion that Sundin will come back and everything will be fine. Sundin’s injury is not my main concern. the Leafs D is (and always has been) by major concern.

  4. 92-93 says:

    good maturity displayed by uwsensfan on this one. it adds credibility to what he says in the future especially at a time when many Leafs and Sens fans are just too immature to discuss hockey matters.

    as for muckies ‘prophetic’ comments, all i can say is that they speak for themselves. the turning point for the next 5 years!?!?! Won’t be back before christmas? do you know something that sundin and his doctors don’t? what makes such comments so easy to dismiss is that they clearly reflect the opinions of an individual who has, time and again, showed that they know NOTHING about the Leafs or the way a team sport operates. he has written off the leafs’ younger players in the past and he makes these broad sweeping statements that make no sense whatsoever. If he said something like – “well the Leafs are in tough but I’d be more worried about their D rather than Sundin’s absence because they have some decent centres and young guys that the can call up” – then, it would show that he knows something about the Leafs’ depth chart and their real difficulties (re: defence). but no he just goes to an all-too-easy route of saying no Sundin = no hope for the Leafs. no positives in this whatsoever.

    listen, i admit that this is a HUGE blow to the Leafs especially for this season. but for the NEXT 4 YEARS?!?! um, ok yeah. i agree. maybe its a huge turning point in a totally positive sense that a guy like Wellwood can show his stuff much earlier than expected and that the young guys and new guys can gel without Sundin perhaps foreshadowing his departure from the Leafs and suggesting that it is not the end of the world if Sundin wasn’t around.

    but nope. only negatives. and not even good negatives at that. for the record, with the D they have, they don’t deserve to finish in the top 10 in the Eastern conference period. does that sound negative? well it is. but its based on some ounce of observation and thought process.

  5. 92-93 says:

    On a different note. what a surprise this has been so far for the Leafs. i thought that a) Allison would be awesome. b) Lindros would suck and get injured right away. c) Sundin would be the only guy holding this team up.

    and so far, i am wrong on all accounts. however, i am right about Steen and Stajan AND the three things i just mentioned have only occurred within the first 3 games. Allison will get better, he has to warm up after 2.5 years out of the league! Lindros has only played 3 games and he’ll be injured soon enough. but he has played way better than i thought he would at this point.

    As for Cherry’s pro-Wellwood/anti-Steen comments last Saturday night (before the 2nd period that saw Steen score an awesome goal), I think it proves that he is going senile and his anti-french/european player rants are now thinly veiled behind these crticisms of a player like Steen who has been NOTHING BUT a postive for the Leafs (wellwood does not know how to play in his own end at all just yet). Grapes can be an excellent hockey analyst but whenever he lets that ignorant biggot side come out of him it clouds his judgement (does he really think Wellwood deserved to be with the Leafs over Steen considering the latter’s excellent all-around-play?). besides Grapes, Steen was born in Winnipeg.

  6. quick_stick says:

    that’s just wishful thinking because he’s worried about the Habs fighting for that last playoff spot in the east. đŸ™‚

    Leafs lost a game against the Habs by 1 goal, and took Ottawa to a shoot out in both their games, then beat the Flyers whom many (but not myself) see as a power house team.

  7. quick_stick says:

    I agree about the Leafs D, but I have to say so far, the hockey I’ve watched a lot of teams D has looked fairly cofused often. Personally, I want to wait 20-30 games into the season and see if teams finally figure out how to play Defence without taking penalties.

    I haven’t been impressed with Belak, and Berg seems counter every decent thing he does with a terribly bone headed thing. Khavanov has been missing some assignments too, but over all a decent 4th-5th Dman… McCabe, Kaberle and Klee all look pretty decent, particularly against Philly tonight.

  8. SensfanVone says:

    The sens arent ovverated they will be in the top teams of the east home ice in the first and second round for sure i think!!!

  9. SensfanVone says:

    In respect to leafs fans id say the sens forced the shootouts because the leafs were up in the third period of both games but the sens had to tie it up.

  10. SensfanVone says:

    its also very unpredictible where the leafs will or wont be….sometimes they look awesome and other

    times youd think it was the 2003 2004 penguins!!

  11. Neely4Life says:

    Basically the leafs season depends on one thing, and one thing only. If they get through the sundin injury 500 or better, they make it. If they dont, they might be hard pressed to get to the playoffs. My guess is Lindros seems like he will carry the load for the next 3-4 weeks.

  12. 92-93 says:

    yeah, we’ll see later on in the season how the D holds up. i just think that at this rate, the Leafs are going to have to score a lot of goals to be .500

    the funny thing is that people kept worrying about their offense (re: their wings) and how that would be the main problem for this team. i kept telling them that I thought the offense would be fine no matter what (new Nhl, Quinn, young guys coming up, plenty of depth, etc.) but everyone was going on and on about how much they need a Palffy or whoever.

    The Leafs D, right now, is only good for scoring goals. their bad defensive system has as much to to do with the forwards not covering their assignments and Quinn’s overall ‘system’ as it does with the defencemen themselves. I think Maurice would whip this team into a good defensive club.

  13. SensfanVone says:

    I agree that visors are extremely important to be worn and I would not blame medical insurance companies if they stopped supporting players who didnt wear them.

  14. SensfanVone says:

    The sens played very sloppy that game and (hatefully admitted) they were lucky to win it!!

  15. 92-93 says:

    Some advice for GM Ferguson now that we are 4 games into the year with a 1-1-2 record:

    Get rid of/trade: Antropov, Czerkawski (what were we thinking? Montreal fans saw this coming from a mile away!), Belak, Berg, Aubin (with Racine, Ford, Pogge, Rask – he is redundant).

    Now, is it too soon to suggest these trades? Yes, but I’ve been calling for these guys to go for a long time. I have and will continue to call for a trade that will bring to Toronto a solid. responsible D-guy. If that does not work out, bring up guys like Kronvall and Woz that seem more able at playing D then Berg, Belak, etc and trade the guys mentioned above for draft picks or whatever.

    The Leafs offense is not a concern to me and never was. It is their defensive play (which includes the play of forwards helping out in their own end).

    Despite the so-so start (and the godawful defence, did I mention that already?), there are numerous positives in the first few games. First, all the naysayers that have criticized the Leafs farm system are only partially right. True, they don’t have that great of a system (but that is changing as we speak). But the Leafs have produced some young guys that seem to be putting the likes of Antropov and Czerkawski to shame by simply working hard and being way more effective. The trio of Steen, Stajan, and Wellwood will have their rough patches but they are flourishing right now in the new. wide-open NHL. Lindros has been a surprise as well but I have that sinking feeling that it is very temporary. Allison has gotten off to a slow start (and the emphasis is on ‘slow’) but will get better as the year goes on. O’Neill looks like he still has his scoring touch and guys like Domi, Kilger, and (my fav) Wilm are providing the necessary grit on the fourth line.

    Telly’s last start was good news and hopefully he’ll get the start in Atlanta, do a good job, and then Belfour can finish off the Habs on Saturday night.

    As usual when it comes to the most publicized, loved, and hated hockey franchise in the world, both the criticisms and optimism surrounding the Leafs have been overstated. The best place to be is somewhere in the middle. If you read the press (check out the ‘power rankings’ of guys like Damien Cox, ESPN, and CNN which all have the Leafs in the 25th-30th spot) and the Leaf basher posts then the Leafs will finish with 70 losses this year and well out of the playoffs. if you read the pro-Leaf posts, they are going to win the cup with or without Sundin, Belfour, etc. My prediction is that they will finish 6th or 7th in the conference.

    In any case they are an exciting team year in and year out and its still way too early to be writing them off or talking too optimistically about the Leafs (or any team for that matter). But watching the Leaf games, I have this odd mixture of feeling both incredibly proud and incredibly embarrased. Proud because they are finally playing the young players, finally being responsible with their farm system and seeing these young guys (and Eric and others) play well up to this very early point. But embarrased with the disorganization and lack of consistency in their play. I have never seen a team that can be so down-and-out one minute, and so good the next. I know the new rules are excaberating this yo-yo kind of play (where no lead is safe), but the Leafs seem to be extremely up-and-down even compared to other teams.

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