Sundin please?

I recently read an article in the Toronto Sun, about Sundin being quoted to have said that he would not wave his no trade clause. I just have a few things to say to Sundin. If you truely want to win a cup with the Leafs, and if you do feel like this is where you would like to spend the rest of your career. Then you would want to do what’s best for the team in the long term.If the Leafs are out of the playoffs by the trading deadline
I as aLeafs fan and a Sundin fan beg of you to please wave your no trade, we can get a good player, and a first rounder, and maybe a few good prespects few you. If you wish to be a Leaf again I’m sure the Leaf orginization would love to resign you in the off season. But you would at least come back to a richer, more tallented and better team. The only reason I could think that would ake you not wave the no trade would be for selfish reasons, maybe he plans on retiring at the end of the year and wants to go out a Leaf. But my question to Sundin is if that’s the case, wouldn’t you rather riter as the leaf captain that made a selfless decision and agree to be traded and resign with your “Favorite team” and maybe win a Stanly Cup the a year or two after?if anyone wishes to coment on this article Email me at

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  1. Lombardi18 says:

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  2. Hoondog2 says:

    Sundin has earned the right to do as he wishes.  Let it go!  Some players just don't deserve to be treated as 'rental' players.  Maybe a lot of Leaf players change their tune if the Leafs are well out of the playoff picture, for now the Leafs should stand pat, and see if they can build on the solid games they have been playing.  I still think the buds will make the playoffs, and make some noise when they get there.

  3. FarFromFreedom says:

    wow this is almost the EXACT same as my previous article, not in the same contexts but same overall views and points. i think its safe to assume HTR doesn't exactly read articles before they post them.

  4. KingCanada says:

    Why dont you shut up be4 you call my captain selfish.  If he was so damn selfish would he have continued to play in Toronto for IMO average teams (not all were average).  He is an amasing talent and could have went out on the open market and gotten top dollar.

    Dont go accusing him just yet.  The season isnt even HALF over!!  NO GM is going to blow up his team right now so why would Sundin say that he WOULD waive his no-trade clause and upset the Toronto fans and media. 

    GEEZ guy, dont you think that if he WAS to waive his no-trade clause that it would be a decision he would reveal to the public at the last possible minute, especialy in this hockey hotbed we call Toronto. 

    Im sure that if the Leafs fall out of contention by the deadline and management asks of him to be traded hed be a team player and waive.  Kudos on reading in between the lines buddy…

  5. jarcpitre says:

    Really though, Sundin is not going to come out and say that he would take a trade if the team was out of it. This wouldn't send a good message to the team and would signify that he has given up. I believe he will do the right thing, but like someone said I still believe the Leafs will make the playoffs and haven't played to their potential. I believe a move will be made soon as a salary dump, so if they are in the position at the deadline they can add another piece. I honestly look for Kaberle to be gone only for the fact that McCabe is basically untradeable. I believe once Coli returns that Woz will be dropped down and Kronwall stays, he has played a better D.

  6. TheRandy says:

    Its not Sundin's role to chase draft picks and prospects. Why should Sundin be responsible for fixing the blunders of Leaf management? His only obligations are to fulfill his contract.

    As inept as MLeaf management is, I dont believe they would ever disrespect Mats Sundin by trading him for a first round draft pick.

    Leafman, the only selfish person here is you.

  7. mojo19 says:

    Sundin doesn't want to leave because he feels he can win a cup with Toronto….THIS YEAR. He has said before that teams less talented than the leafs have gone far in the playoffs and if you can get in there you can do anything. Citing Anaheim in '03 and Edmonton in '06 as examples.

    Sundin might believe that he is superman and that the guys on his team are good enough to do it, and if he wants to stay to win it here this year, let him try his best.


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