Sundin to choose Leafs or retire: Hockey News article

Canucks eyeing Vermette, Nylander

Friday is D-Day for Mats Sundin. In a matter of days, we will find out Sundin’s intention for next season.

According to Ken Campbell of The Hockey News, Sundin will either retire or return for another season with the Toronto Maple Leafs.
Campbell states that the betting has Sundin probably staying with the Leafs for another season with a no-movement clause, if he decides not to retire.

He also says people who are close to the situation maintain that Sundin is leaning away from offers made by the Vancouver Canucks and Montreal Canadiens for a slew of reasons.

Here are the factors playing a role in Sundin’s decision:

1. Health – The MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE OF ALL, Sundin has chronic hip problems.

His strong season last year was nothing short of remarkable considering his health issues, and a testament to his great talent, even at age 36.

Every other issue below is, in one form or another, tied to this first issue, health.

2. Travel – this practically rules out the Canuck’s. Vancouver is as close to Hawaii as it is to New York or Miami. Sundin’s hip may not be up for all that travel.

3. The grind and pressure of playing for a contender – Again, see issue No. 1 – Health.

This one would hurt Montreal’s chances. Sure, everyone would like to win a championship, but can Sundin’s hips withstand a rigorous season that runs from September to June? Not to mention the psychological burden of playing for a contending team in hockey-mad Montreal.

Maybe too much for Sundin to handle at this stage, given his precarious health issues.

4. Loyalty – This issue has been discussed to death, so I’ll leave it alone.

Again, see the full Hockey News article for further details.

Meanwhile, TFP and the Boston Globe report that if Vancouver is unable to lure Sundin, they might turn their focus on Ottawa’s Antoine Vermette or Washington’s Michael Nylander.

Nylander had a pretty good but abbreviated season with Washington last year. He is slated to make $5.5M next season.

As for Vermette, Ottawa is apparently looking to trade him for a defenseman.

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  1. cam7777 says:

    So 3 other teams besides the aforementioned Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal have thrown their names into the hat.  The Rangers are still expected to be one of those 3, but Detroit is not.  Who could they be?  As I said on article some time ago, I believe that one of those interested will be Colorado.  If Forsberg can play even a portion of the season next year, he'll try and convince Sundin to join the Avs for one last shot at glory.  Plus, if Sakic returns, he's probably a pretty convincing guy.   That said, who is the last of these 6 interested teams?  Columbus and Nashville could both easily afford him, and he would make either team pretty deadly offensively.  He'd obviously be paired with Nash in Columbus and he could go with pretty much any of the young guns in Nashville.  It has been suggested that Florida could make a longshot pitch to him as well.  That said, would Philly still make the move for him and dump a bunch of capspace?

  2. leafy says:

    Folks, here you have it.  Yet another member of the media who doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. (See link below)

    Read below how the latest media f*** head thinks that Sundin, who is 20th on the all-time list in goals, is NOT a Hall of Famer.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I say it all the time.  Too many idiots in the media.

    And most of these bozos have never picked up a hockey stick in their life.  This is why I avoid reading their shit, except for trade rumors.

  3. leafy says:

    Very valid points Habsrock.  Sundin might actually get some good wingers to play with in Montreal.  I think he's exactly what the Habs need, as they are not the biggest team in the world.  They already have the speed and skill, now they need some size, and Sundin fits the bill.

    As a Leaf fan, as much as I like Mats, getting him back would actually impede the Leafs chances of getting Tavares or a top 5 pick next June.  That's why it's in the best interest of the Leafs if he re-signs elsewhere.  We'll find out soon.

  4. oilcountry88 says:

    this is a BS article.. Sundin wants to win a cup.. hes either going to MOntreal or Vancity,, hopefully MTL so my oilers dont jhave to face Vancouver with Sundin in the lineup..hey one more day til August 1st.. suposevly he is supposed to make a d ecision tomorrow according to TSN

  5. Nevyn says:

    If Sundin wanted a cup that badly, he could have taken a trade and made a run at it last year, and as a rental he wouldn't have had to move to a new city for a year or more. 

    Sundin would like a cup, but make no mistake, that is not #1 on his priority list.  Not even close.

  6. Nevyn says:

    Well, lets be clear now.  He didnt say that Mats would never make the hall. Just that he won't go in automatically on the first opportunity. And he makes a solid argument towards that point.

  7. leafy says:

    Then that's different.

  8. oldtimehockey says:


  9. oldtimehockey says:

     Overlooked.?  I saw some comments that relate to the health of Mats.  I understand he has some injuries (hip, eye) etc.. however, Vancouver has one of the best med teams( or is is equipment) in North America. Some sports atheletes from other sports etc.. have used VanCity's hyperbaric (sp) chamber and consulted their docs in the past.  I wonder if the medical facilities and team are a consideration for someone like Mats?.

    Its a stretch but i am trying to see what other contributing factors outside of, Money, Travel, Cup chances, friends exist for Mats.

  10. oldtimehockey says:

    Kesler, Burrows 3rd line in Vancity is pretty darn good.

  11. LeafsLegacy says:

    How am I the idiot? Why would Sundin leave Toronto? That's the dam question. You just made yourself look like an idiot, cause your off topic! Listen here bud, he is going to retire like it or not. If he decides to play again it will ONLY be the leafs. From his own words, he even said he wants to live a leaf and retire as a leaf. <br>
    You don't understand that media only makes the top competitive teams for a legitament shot at the cup. He's not going to listen to media you idiot. Technically every team has a shot at the cup, and he believes he can do it with the leafs. So ya…. you suck! 

  12. leafsrule1967 says:

    i agree with carson the likely hood of  sundin signing with either montreal vancouver  new york is very slim sundin has said it more then once that he wants to remain a leaf and retire as a leaf  first thing first he has to make up his mind if he wants to play one more year i can predict that he will either sign with toronto for 1 year with a no trade clause or retire if he wanted to be a hab he would of signed by now same goes with vancouver after they offered 20 mil to play for them as for kaberle to watch for the laraoque train he will have our own train to look out for his name is  ryan hollweg

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