Sundin to make up his mind soon

A bunch of media outlets are reporting that the Mats Sundin situation is drawing near, it is reported that he will make his decision by December the 15th. and the Vancouver Province are reporting that J.P. Barry has indicated that they are pushing toward a December 15th decision day. HTR feels that it is great that a decision is on its way soon … about time.

It is also noted that any of the deals that Sundin has been offered or will accept will be prorated to account for the amount of time that he has missed this season. For example, Vancouver’s 10 million dollar offer is still on the table however he would earn around 7 million if he takes up their offer this season.

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  1. Plekanec says:

     Parros looks like a rapist with his! LOL.

  2. mojo19 says:

    that's true, i could definitely see him and Hollweg tag teaming a bunch of women

  3. Bure96 says:

    Okay i'll start with O'Bryne.

    Ryan O'Bryne is not very good. In fact, he's having a very bad season actually. He looks like a rookie, and should be a #6 defender at best right now. His stats are great. Your you kidding me? Did you actually even look at his stats before you wrote this? He has 3 points, zero goals, -4, and 16 penalty minutes… hhhmmmm impressive. Please don't come back with "it's not the stats that matter!", because you were just trying to use his stats to prove that he was good, and that would make you a liar. Either way your wrong, so just admit that one at least.

    You honestly must be insane if you think O'Bryne is as good as Schenn and Doughty. DOUGHTRY WENT JUST PICKED #2 OVERALL! He's the best rookie in the league! O'Bryne doesn't even look like he should be in the NHL, and Doughty will win rookie of the year (as of right now). O'Bryne will never ever ever even be close to being as good as Doughty.

    O'Bryne isn't a top rookie.

    I've told you many times before Latendresse is useless. He's never going to be more then  50 point player. If he was any good he would have got at last a few chances for top 6 minutes, and if he played any good on a top 2 line, he would have stayed on a top 2 line.

    Both aren't even CLOSE to top rookies.

    Higgins isn't a big scorer. He has 5 goals this year. Not saying he's bad, but not a chance he's more then a 60 point player, and thats at best. I'd take him on my team, but once again, if he was any good you guys wouldn't trade. He couldn't captain Higgins either. Matheiu Schneider would be amuch more logical choice for now, and then next year maybe Bogosian. Teams have shown there not afraid to give 20 year olds the C (like Toews this year for example).

    Halak is not one of the top goalie prospect in the world, or even top 5. Maybe not top 10.

    I will name you 8 guys in the league who have two years of NHL experience or less, that would be better options then Halak.

    Carey Price, Jonathan Bernier, Tuuka Rask, Ondrej Pavelec, Corey Schneider, Chet Pickard, Steve Mason, and Josh Harding.

    Price, and Bernier are going no where, but the others could be had for the right price probably.

    Plus with guys like Lehtonen, Toskala,  Mike Smith, and Pascal Leclaire available too there's no reason to think Jaroslav Halak's value is too high right now, no matter what you think.

    Dandeanalt is the biggest piece of shit ever. He's terrible, and with guys like Ken Klee, and Matheiu Schneider there already it's absolutely insane to say they don't have experience, and want him.

    KOVALCHUK NEVER GOOD WITHOUT HEATLEY! Oh my god man. HE'S 146 GOALS IN THE LAST 3 SEASONS! That's almost as much as Ovechkin. He's gotten 38 goals a year at least ever since he's been in the league, except for his rookie year. He has the best shot in the NHL, and is one of the most prolific goal scorer of the past decade. YOUR CRAZY if you think someone like Higgins, a career 25-30 guy who's having a bad season, a backup goalie, and an over payed minor league player are going to get you Kovalchuk. That's the worst trade idea i've ever heard.

    Okay so you won't to trade a #6 defender to a team that doesn't need a defensemen at all, a guy who has 13 points (or 9 if they would rather have Sergai) for a guy who has 27 points, and has been a consistent point producer in the league for years. That is the 2nd worst trade i've ever heard, after your Atlanta trade.

    Most teams don't have good leaders… and the Habs do. Marty Turco, Mike Modano, and Brenden Morrow couldn't straighten out Avery… neither could Rob Blake, Chris Drury, Scott Gomez, and any one else he's played with. How could Montreal?

    The Habs will not win the cup. They'll lose to the Sharks or Wings by a combined 57-2 score if they do make the finals.

    Those were the worst proposals i've ever heard.

  4. DandoEagle says:

    I thought the same thing.

    Still not the best stache of all time that did in fact belong to Harold Snepsts

  5. Bure96 says:

    Campbell didn't really go for a 1st and a top prospect. Steve Bernier has been solid for us this year, but he's worth a high 2nd rounder right now probably, not too much more. Good guy to have, but he isn't a top prospect really.

    Although, I still think Kaberle even without the GREAT deal is worth more then Campbell, so I could see Kaberle going for a lot to Philly, or Washington for example.

    I said a couple weeks ago he wasn't worth it, but i've changed my mind, and came to the conclusion you guys are right about that.

  6. Bure96 says:

    LOL good one.

  7. mojo19 says:

    Is Jason Blake as worthless and terrible as everyone makes him out to be or is he just the new whipping boy? (since Leafs fans HAVE to have one so badly)

    Blake has 16 points in 24 games this year. Those stats are respectable, certainly not enough to warrant all the hate. And the last few games he's been one of our better players (tonight he was our best).

  8. pezzz says:

    wow Plek, you changed a lot. bashing someone making a trade proposal biased for the Habs??? What happened to you? We're not going to have hard arguments anymore?? tell me it's not true…

    maybe we should go to movies together? 🙂

  9. nordiques100 says:

    his attitude isnt great. he whines and complains and that isnt the greatest role model for the team's young players.

    he is old, and expensive. we'll have him til age 40.

    a few good games simply wont erase the fact that he is a bit of a sour puss and threw a hissy fit a couple of times this season.

    ……and he isnt Latendresse LOL.

  10. cam7777 says:

    ha, i literally laughed out loud at the Dandenault portion of that.  Your argument was so non-confrontational, and backed up with logic and sound reasoning, but then for Dandenault you just throw that out the window….Biggest Piece of Shit Ever….


  11. wheresthesoda says:

    mojo….i think you got some good ideas, you should call the nhl. That offsides thing sounds brilliant. And i hate when guys are constantly kicking pucks in the net, its bs and a trade deadline would be smart. I think football has one.

  12. wheresthesoda says:

    3 point night tonight but he'll never have a dream season again

  13. mojo19 says:

    hey don't give me all the credit, stryker deserves props too

  14. mojo19 says:

    No he'll never come close to his 40 goal career high ever again, and he is definitely overpayed by about $2 million. But if you had a speedy winger who showed up on some nights and scored 2 pts every 3 games on average, earning $2 mil you wouldn't really complain.

    I don't like the guy, I'm just saying a lot of people were making it out like he shouldn't even be making the team and I think that's going too far.

  15. kaiser76 says:

    I think he is waiting for the Canucks to finish their longest road trip of the season, that just happens to be around the 15th of Dec.  Coincidence? Dont think so!! His agent is talking to Gillis in the next couple of days about his coming to Vancouver.  He is a great fit for the Canucks, and the new mindset of high tempo offensive hockey. 

    The Nucks are in the top 10 for goals for and against, and they are still competing in the most competative division in all hockey without their #1. 

    This also allows Sundin to return next year with the canucks in the 2010 season which coincides with the Olympics that are happening in Vancouver.  Not too many players get the chance to captain a returning gold medal team in the city that you play your hockey in. 

  16. Plekanec says:

     Or guys! lol!

  17. wheresthesoda says:

    He's not a top 6 forward anymore, well on a good team. But he is a real solid and productive 3rd line winger. I think the leafs were expecting 30-35 goals a year when they signed him.

  18. Bure96 says:

    Ahaha, it's like us saying someone would have taken Marc Chouinard from us last year, AND FOR THE BEST GOAL SNIPER IN THE LEAGUE.

    I was joking about Dandenault though, don't worry. I would sign him as a depth guy maybe. A two way deal probably.

  19. mojo19 says:

    Ya JFJ was expecting that. But you're right, Blake is a decent 3rd liner, that's fair. And he's been killing penalties lately. I just think he's taking a beating from media and fans unfairly.

    Sorry to be off topic.

  20. 9293 says:

    its not just the tangible stats, but the intangibles  like his off ice attitude that necessitates Blake being bought out. NO WAY he gets traded, I'd rather see Blake get bought out then see Tucker and Raycroft get bought out when they did (which made no sense considering this was a nothing year anyways with regards to the playoffs – why not buy them out next offseason).

    anyways, Blake's attitude and comments – 'its out of my hands' if i want to play in toronto or not. does that even make any sense?? he is a passive aggressive freak. if he does score at a PPG pace, great, he'll have some trade value.

    ——-onto the Hedman/Taveres watch!
    Dont get me wrong, I love to see the leafs win with vets increasing their trade value (Toskala, Antropov, Poni, Van Ryn, Kaberle, Kubina, etc.) and the young kids showing that the leafs have a future (Grabovski, Stempniak, Stajan, Kulemin, Tlusty, Stralman, Schenn).

    BUT, the leafs need to draft high and that means they need to lose. Under RW that will be tough but, especially WHEN Burke begins trading players for picks and prospects, i think it will eventually happen.

    Right now the leafs are projected to select 7th overall in the 2009 draft in Montreal. The good news is that the teams ahead of them – Tampa Bay, Atlanta, NYI, Dallas, Columbus, and Ottawa – all have games in hand

    -Ottawa has 2 games in hand (why are they being so USELESS! i would HATE to be an ottawa fan and realize that i'm cheering for the new TB, just without a cup!).
    -Dallas will turn it around eventually.
    – the REAL competitors for the Leafs are the Thrashers, Lightning, Blue Jackets, and the real stinkers … the Isles. Jan to early-March is the period in which we will hopefully see the kinds of trades by Burke that will make the Leafs a team draft from 5th to 10th to a team that drafts 1st to 3rd.

  21. wheresthesoda says:

    i don't think Sundin is going to Vancouver, if he was he would've done it by now….he's going to the Rangers.

  22. repetitivnegativ says:

    Yeah, then the habs would be left with two lines and 3 dmen, you moron.

  23. repetitivnegativ says:

    This site used to be a good time, until dandoinker joined. I propose that no one else ever respond to anything he types from here on forward, no matter how preposterous the comment… even if it is just too simple to tear apart. waste of time.

  24. repetitivnegativ says:

    … not to mention that he proposes giving away half of the squad for four players. might as well just save the hassle and watch the Hamilton games.

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