Sundin to make up his mind soon

A bunch of media outlets are reporting that the Mats Sundin situation is drawing near, it is reported that he will make his decision by December the 15th. and the Vancouver Province are reporting that J.P. Barry has indicated that they are pushing toward a December 15th decision day. HTR feels that it is great that a decision is on its way soon … about time.

It is also noted that any of the deals that Sundin has been offered or will accept will be prorated to account for the amount of time that he has missed this season. For example, Vancouver’s 10 million dollar offer is still on the table however he would earn around 7 million if he takes up their offer this season.

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  1. Kramer says:

    Sundin needs to waive his no-movement clause before he signs. Otherwise he can't trade himself.

  2. leafsrule12345 says:


  3. nordiques100 says:

    Sundin would look great centering the Sharks 2nd line with Clowe and Michalek.

    If they have to move Cheechoo to do it, so be it. If Sundin wants the best chance to win, this is the place to do it.  

  4. KingCanada says:

    Haha yea right.  Everyone will see and get real annoyed when the 15th comes around and Sundin STILL hasnt decided wat to do.  Is this guy the ULTIMATE flake or what??

  5. DandoEagle says:

    Its pretty obvious Sundin will go to Montreal.

    They can then trade Latendresse, Obyrne and a 2nd Round Pick for Bouwmeester

    Then can trade Higgins, Halak and Dandeanault for Kovalchuk

    Then trade Kostitsyn and Bouillon for Marleau

    Then trade Kotsopoulous for Avery

    There the best team in the East bar none. He wants to stay in the East because he wont travel much and thus it makes sesne its Montreal he goes to.

  6. hockey_lover says:

    They are the best team in the east but they need to make 4 trades and aquire another player?  Odd.

    And let me tell you what Montreal isnt doing .. signing Avery in any way shape or form.

  7. pezzz says:

    you're joking right?

  8. DandoEagle says:

    No I am serious.

    Why would you think this is a joke?

  9. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Hahahahahahahahah … good one.

  10. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Yaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwn.  Slow day in the news, huh?

  11. DandoEagle says:

    well i guess things have to be explained to you slow people.

    Latendresse is a budding power forward. give him top minutes which he would get in Florida and you have a 30 goal scorer and perhaps a Cam Neely type of plsyer which Florida could use.

    Obyrne has great stats and made one mistake. Big deal. He is a big player and a horse and a guy who is on par with Shenn and even Doghtery as top rookie defence. 

    Thats two top rookie players for a rental in Bowmeester. Its a fair trade

    Higgins is a big scorer and a great leader. He could easly captain the Thrashers right now. The Thrahsers need goaltending and Halak is one of the best prospects around. Dandeanalt has cup experience which the Atlanta could learn from. It makes sense. Kovalchuk has run his course. He has never been good without Heatley or top players like that. He could turn it around great in Montreal defnintely.

    The habs are so good they can spair moving any one of the Kostitsyn brothers to get Marleau. Marleau is playing out of position because there deep up the middle in San Jose and they could use a true winger for Thronton. Bouillon is something they need on D. A gritty, hard worker who is one of the toughest guys in the league.

    Unlike most teams, the habs have good leaders like Komisarek, Kovalev and Lang. They will defenitely keep Avery in check. And witha a chance to win, Avery would change to play in Montreal.

    I dont know why no one gets it. The habs are going for a cup win and need to load up.

  12. stryker8256 says:

    Guys like this shouldnt be able to play after a certain amount of time. There should be a deadline to decide if you do want to play or not.

  13. hockey_lover says:

    *yawn*  Yes, its US who are the slow ones.

    Here goes:

    The 1st trade .. sure, I guess it could happen. Although, I hardly think that they would trade a franchise player (jbo) for a "potential" 30 goal scorer, especially considering he has two 15 goal seasons and is on pace for 9 this year. But, it is Jacques Martin and he is known for bad trades, so it could happen.

    Once again, cause it hasnt been mentioned enough, Atlanta doesnt need goaltending help. The two they have are fine. Lehoten and Pavelec can handle the load with the better defensive corps in front of them. Halak wont be anymore of an upgrade than either of those two. Higgins is a really good player, I'll give you that. Dandenault? Meh, he's average. Also, look at what Hossa got last year. Kovie will get that and more. Add a first round trade pick to whatever trade ideas you have … AT LEAST.

    Marleau is on pace for 85 points this year. If you think that Kostitsyn and Bouillon is enough, then wow. Take off the sunglasses.

    Again, Montreal will not touch Avery. The media would have a field day with this douchbag. Montreals "leaders" (Kovalev and Lang? Ugh) will do nothing to keep him in check. If Brett Hull, Mike Modano, and Brendan Morrow couldnt do it, those two guys wont do nothing.

    We do get it. Montreal DOES want to win the cup this year, being that it is their 100th. But it aint gonna happen. Not even close. This is coming from a fan of the team too.

  14. simplyhabby says:

    Here i was thinking you were actually making these posts for attention and as I read down at the comments, you were being serious.

    My goodness man…do you really watch and understand the game?

    Sundin…who knows.  Your guess is a good as mine.

    The bowy trade is outrageous.  Latendresse is considered garbage at this point, Obyrne is essientally damaged goods.  IF Montreal can pull that trade off, you would defiantely need to throw in Halak and change that 2nd rounder into a first.

    The Kovalchuk trade won't happen either.  Think of what Pitts gave up for Hossa and Kovalchuk is at least of equal or greater value.  Higgins, Halak, Dandenault , first and a second may raise an eyebrow.

    The Sharks are cruising now.  They don't need to obtain depth up on the forward lines.  If they make a trade, it will likely be for an impact player.

    Kostpolous for Avery…you really don't watch or understand hockey.  i am not even going to explain that one.

    Best of the East bar none…well maybe for spurts during a game.  until this team can consistenly play games like they did in Detroit and against NYR, they are not the class fo the east.  Boston has that distinction at the momment.

    Its alywas nice to be an arm chair GM and I an ot stating that I am a real GM by any standard however, there are basic fundementals you must observe.

  15. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Hahahhahahahaahhahahahaha … you were serious!  Hahahahahhahhahahhaha … … hahahahahhahahahahahahah … … hahahahahahahhahahahaha … aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.

    OK, I'm done now.  Oh, wait …

    Hhahahahhahahahhahahahaahhahah … he was serious … hahahahahahahhahahahahaha … aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.

    OK, seriously, I think I'm done now for … hee hee hee … OK, now stop it.  I'm done for real now.  Thanks for cheering me up, I needed that.

  16. mojo19 says:

    ah could you imagine the fully loaded sharks adding Mats? Scary.

    And Mats would fit in with the big sharks strong play along the boards.

  17. mojo19 says:

    Everyone else is jumping on this but I'll explain why you're wrong too.

    Latendresse and O'byrne? That's gonna land you Bouwmeester? I don't think so! There's gonna be a bidding war that will be FAAR from the best offer. Latendresse for the record doesn't have the trade value you think he has, even if he has the potential you think (he doesn't) his value is down right now.

    Higgins, Halak, and Dandenault for Kovalchuck….. not going to bother with this one. Might be the worst trade proposed this year.

    Kostitsyn (Which one? Ah, doesn't matter) and …. Frankie Bouillon for MARLEAU??? Because the current cup favourites are eager to trade their captain for lesser forward and a depth defensman? WOW! sorry about the Kovalchuk thing, THIS is the worst trade proposed this year.

    Kostopolous for Avery….. hmmmm, ok that's possible since Sean might be put on waivers. Congratulations.

  18. mojo19 says:

    The thrashers have Pavelec so why the hell would they want Halak?

  19. LeafsNation91 says:

    How about:

    San Jose trades:

    Jonathan Cheechoo
    Logan Couture

    Toronto Trades:

    Matt Stajan

  20. mojo19 says:

    Wow! Did you just come up with that? I have some idea's that don't exist already too.

    how about a rule to stop players from going ahead of the play into the offensive zone? I call it "offside". And how about putting in a rule to not allow players to kick the puck in the net!? And as long as they have a deadline for deciding if you want to play or not, they should also have a deadline for trades! This way teams can't deal for new players during the playoffs!

    Hey you and me Stryker, coming up with golden ideas that DONT already exist. That's what its all about. Hey if you have any more ideas that don't exist keep posting them. Where you came up with this one i dont know! Its brilliant.

  21. mojo19 says:

    DandoEagle already suggested something similar only it was Michalek, Cheechoo, Couture and a 3rd rounder for Robert Lang

  22. simplyhabby says:

    Robert Lang?  My god Mojo…that is way too much to give up. 

    I will be willing to part with Marc Denis as longs as that 3rd rounder turns into a first.

  23. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Alright, Einstein, it's my turn to break it down for you slow people.

    See, a couple of years ago there was this thing called a strike, and the NHL was out of business for over a year.  When they came back, they had this thing called a SALARY CAP.  You were only allowed to collectively pay your players so much money per annum.

    Let's keep in mind that the Canadiens currently have $55.15 million committed and the salary cap is $56.7 million (that's a $1.55 million difference to save you hurting your fingers on a calculator).  Let's see how your no-brainer trades stack up:

    1.  Latandresse ($850K) and O'Bryne ($942K) out, J-Bo ($4.875 million) in.  That's an increase of $3.083 million.  Maybe some of the other trades will even things out.  Let's keep going.

    2.  Higgins ($1.7 million), Halak ($775K) and Dande ($1.725 million) out, Kovalchuk ($6.4 million) in.  Uh oh, another increase, this time of $2.2 million.  Hmmm.  This isn't looking so hot.

    3.  Kostitsyn, A ($3.25 million) and Boullion ($1.875 million) out, Marleau ($6.3 million) in.  Another increase, this time a mere $1.175 million.  Golly gosh, some of these trades might be looking stupid just by the numbers.  Let's keep going, though, maybe the last one evens it all out.

    4.  Kostopoulis ($871K) out, Avery ($3.875 million) in.  OK, now there's a decrease in salary commitments of $3 million – good one!

    Nice work overall, but the net effect is still an increase of $9.46 million where there is only room for an increase of $1.55 million.

    BUT WAIT!  The wildcard here is Sundin's signing, which as you suggest is as good as done.  So, according to my calculations, Sundin would have to sign for -$7.91 million to get Montreal back under the cap.  Now I can see why Sundin's signing is as good as done, who wouldn't want to give almost $8 million to play for God's team and the 2008-09 Stanley Cup Champion MONTREAL CANADIENS!!!!

  24. Steve362 says:

    wow, you are on glue…. own goal byrne is on par with schenn and doughty? not a chance

    latendresse is turning into a flop

    San jose is going to win the cup this year and are not looking to trade their captain for ANYONE on the habs roster

    SanJose is 22-3-2 three losses??!?!?!? thier goals for and against is at plus 38
    why in gods name would they want to trade to weaken their team WHY??

    i do agree that the habs need to load up but your trades are unrealistic… its like saying the leafs are going to trade ian white and jamal mayers for chris higgins… you always tend to overrate your own players look to trade with teams that are rebuilding not the god damn cup favorites man…

    oh and as for boumeester every team wants this kid he is a horse unlike o-byrne in order to land him you will need a much better offer than that, florida is not losing him without at least a roster player a top prospect and a 1st rounder
    and lastly Sundin is going to either San jose,Detroit,New york Rangers or Vancouver….no chance in hell he is going to montreal

  25. Stuv_Dogg says:

    You guys forgot cash considerations.

    San Jose should have to give Montreal ONE BILLION DOLLARS … hoo hoo haa haa hhaaaaaaaaa!

  26. GoLeafs13 says:

    they need to load up but they don't have anything they can afford to give up.

  27. nordiques100 says:

    wow i got as far as you comparing latendresse with cam neely. that's the most outrageous comparison i have ever seen on this site or anywhere for that matter. i dont even need to read the rest of your garbage.

    and people think Leaf fans are bad. no sir. Hab fans are equally as bias.

    This tool may put the Habs over the top however.

    Latendresse = Neely. wow what more can be said.

  28. hockey_lover says:

    Oh come now .. I think you are being a little harsh.

    Both their names have some letters in common. Thats close enough for them to be considered the same, isnt it?

  29. nordiques100 says:

    unfortunately it wont make it much easier for us leaf fans to swallow.

    i will accept and support him if he goes to San Jose or Detroit. He'd have to take less money and really those two give him the best chances to win.

    But going to the Rangers now or the canucks for 20 mil will only ruin his rep even more.

    it was bad enough he did the about face and lied about not wanting to be a rental. it would be even more egg on his face if he didnt go to one of the 3 legit contenders out there: the Sharks, Wings and maybe Pittsburgh.

  30. LeafsNation91 says:

    yeah but i wanted something close to his

  31. DandoEagle says:

    Ok let me dumb this down for you even more.

    3 years ago every leafs Fan would have paid to see Antropov moved – now 3 years later who is your best player consistantly night in and ngiht out?

    Hmm…yeah Antropov.

    And you can't tell me that there isn't some coparisons between Latendresse and Antropov? And Antropov and Cam Neely as well – they're all big gritty forwards who aren't afraid to go in the corenr, throw a big hit, score a highlight real goal – Latendresse is going to be a grate player you just wait and see – and as a Canucks fan if you want to trade him fine be it send him to the Nuckers and we can develope Bertuzzi #2 (without taht Moore incident happening) and every f**king Habs fan can cry again about how the Managemnt in Montreal didn't give some one enough time to develope – sure would be great to see that John Leclair thing happen again wouldn't it?

    SO the crib note version is this – Latendresse is gooder then most players – he is having the exact same career as cam Neely and by the time he retierd I wouldn't be surprised if he has a couple 50 goal seasons under hsi belt.

    And if you as Habs fans don't want it to happen in Mtl. so beit.

    Just adding my two sense.

  32. pezzz says:

    then : HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. man, are you watching hockey?

  33. DandoEagle says:

    Do you think that they would make that deal?

    I'd prefer to see Michalek playing between the Bobsy twins (har har har isn't that clever) in Canuckles land then in Montreal where they don't appreciate good power forwards like Gui Latendresse.

  34. pezzz says:

    everyone on HTR : cheer for DandoEagle! Dando for prez!!

  35. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Ummmmmm, let me throw in my two cents here and I'll do my best not to laugh out loud at you.

    Three years ago, Nik Antropov was a career prospect with injury problems.  Over the last year or two, he's chased the injury bug and realized some of his potential.  He's still not a great player.  A solid player, yes.  A good player, perhaps.  A great player, no way.  And I'm a Leafs fan, so this is not a Leaf bash.

    And yes, Nik Antropov is one of the better players on the Leafs, but look at who you're comparing him to:  Dominic Moore, Ryan Hellwig, Jason Blake, Matt Stajan.  This is nowhere near the who's who of NHL superstars.  So yeah, he is one of our best players, but that's because our roster sucks massive hairy sweaty balls.

    If you trade Antropov today, you might get a high-ish pick.  You're not gonna get a first rounder for him.  Maybe a comparably underachieving player, maybe a pick thrown in because yes, Big Nik has potted a few goals in his time.  But on no-one's planet is Nik Antropov a comparable player to Cam Neely.  Not even if I banged my head really hard would I think that.

    So now onto Latandresse.  Even if you could guarantee that Latandresse would have three good years, your trade proposal is still stupid.  There are no guarantees in the world, and no GM that plays in the real world and not the fantasy world is gonna give up a stud for a guy who has limited potential (I don't see Latandresse as a 30 goaler – maybe somewhere in the low to mid 20's if he's real lucky) and even less actual accomplishments.

    It's like someone already said: you're massively overvaluing your players.  Your original trade ideas involved leaguewide consensus superstars (and Avery) for spare parts, never-will-be's and at best maybe's.  That's not how the league works.

    Man, if you really believe what you write (I'm inclined to believe you're just trying to stir up $hit) then you really don't understand hockey.  Or watch hockey.  Both are equally believeable.

  36. Kramer says:

    Ian White looks like a porn star with his new mustache.

  37. nolan_21 says:

    Good job on the breakdown.  First guy to put it into dollars and cents.  Poor Habs fans are so desperate for a cup this year they will come up with all sorts of BS and think its justifiable!

  38. DandoEagle says:

    Well Latendresse plays like 5 minutes a game. Latendresse is the power player teams crave. Yet they dont play him. Why? Because they have too many good players. Not because he isnt a gooder player than the rest of the Habs teams.

    Therefore, 29 teams want him. Really badly. He has the potential to be like a Geurin or Tcachuk or Bertuzzi.  

    So why not move a huge asset and get a needed guy? Thats called good mangement.

    Good young powerful potential big power forwards dont fall off trees. Teams will see that potential and grab it in a heartbeat. And they would spend big too too get it.

    It just makes perfect sense from the Habs point of view.

  39. DandoEagle says:

    Thanks! I am really great!

  40. nordiques100 says:

    Well I guess you're right. They did afterall both play on Original 6 teams.

    I guess that means Ben Ondrus, Hugh Jessiman, Michael Blunden and Tomas Kopecky are just as good as Neely. But maybe not at Latendresse's level.

    You know what? The habs should rip number 9 from the rafters and give it to Latendresse. afterall, Latendresse is this god right? Plus, he wasnt a criminal who incited a riot like some guy named Richard did.

  41. pezzz says:

    that's the problem. it only makes sense from the Habs point of view…

  42. Bure96 says:

    I know right!

    I was being called a biased fan the other day, because I didn't think Latendresse had hall of fame potential, and didn't think Halak was better then a recent #2 overall pick, and one of the best goalie prospects in the world.

    These Hab fans are just getting ridiculous.

    Like I understand the Leafs though. They say Kaberle is worth Alzner and a 1st? I wouldn't pay that much for him, but you guys see him play more then me, and it's hard not to be a little biased. I think Mattias Ohlund is worth a mid 1st rounder? Is he? I think so, maybe i'm a little biased though.

    We're not saying a 4th liner, backup goalie, and very overpriced minor league player is going to get Ilya Kovalchuk!

  43. Bure96 says:

    When did Latendresse become good?

  44. dizon says:

    sorry, i know i should be paying atention to your hockey arguments, but it really pisses me off when u say gooder lol

  45. Bure96 says:

    I called you an idiot the other day I think. I shouldn't have, that was rude.

    You've just said Latendresse is "gooder" then most players (twice), but i'm still not going to call you an idiot.

    I will say that you no absolutely nothing about hockey though.

    Latendresse is not good. Get over it. Do know how many power forwards with good potential actually reach their peak? Not many. There are few power forwards who can ever totally effectively use their size, and skill, and become stars.

    The Canucks have a better power forward with more potential, and actually does something once in a while who would be happy to trade if somebody really wanted him. He's almost the same age, and everything, he's just better though.

    Nobody wants Latendresse. You would get a late 2nd rounder for him, nothing more.

  46. cam7777 says:

    Ohlund is worth a mid first rounder I'd say.  It's all relative though.  It's all about how badly a team needs him.  Like for Philadelphia and Washington, they are in their window of oppurtunity right now.

    Both of those teams have cap space to add quality veterans (Kaberle and Ohlund) this year at the deadline, and maybe next.  After that it becomes murky for them.  Other teams aren't stupid, they will see the cap trouble these teams get into and try to rape them on trades, or steal their young talent on offer sheets.  So if you're in this position, where it's going to be difficult a year or two down the road to keep it all together, you might as well be going for a Cup now.

    Kaberle probably isn't technically worth Alzner and a 1st round pick, but he is to either one of the aforementioned teams.  If he can bring them a Cup now, then really, what price is too high to pay?  Kaberle also would go for 6+ million on the free agent market, so really, his value would not be much different than Campbell's (and possibly much higher, since he wouldn't be a rental).  Campbell went for a top prospect and a 1st round pick.  I would rather have Kaberle than Campbell (w/o considering that you could have Kaberle for 2 and a half years vs. half a season for Campbell), but that might be just me….

    For Ohlund, teams like Ottawa would give their left nut to acquire this guy.  Again, he might not technically be 'worth' what he goes for, but it's all about what teams are willing to pay.  You have to think too, that if a guy like Kaberle or Ohlund becomes available, there's an arms race like atmosphere, where you're not only bettering your own team by acquiring him, but you're making your opponents weaker….

    Too many people approach trades as if every team is in a constant rebuild.  Yes the Maple Leafs would never trade Schenn, or any of their limited prospects, but San Jose, Philly, Washington, Detroit, etc…these teams aren't so concerned with that sort of thing, especially if they have their main stars locked down.  How bad could the Capitals get, even without Alzner and their 1st so long as Ovechkin is always there? 

  47. hockey_lover says:

    He didnt. He became gooder.

  48. mojo19 says:

    hmmmm, I don't know if Pitty is the 3rd best option for him. But definitely would make Detroit a scary team. And who knows, Nik Lidstrom and the other Swedes might entice him, how good would that team be with Sundin? Wow.

  49. Plekanec says:

     Montreal made 1 major trade in the last 5 years and now your proposing they will make 4 within the end of the season? their is more reason why none of those trade won't happened but it has been well covered in previous responses.

     And how can you call other people "slow" after presenting such a moronic piece! Maybe medication would help, those big white pills are hard to swallow but it would prevent you from making a fool out of yourself.

  50. mojo19 says:

    Don't tell me EVERY leaf fan wanted Antropov traded. I bought my Antropov jersey 3 years ago.

    And even if Latendresse does have lot of potential I still don't think he has a ton of trade value. I'll use your Antropov comparison: Had the Leafs dealt Antropov 3 years ago they would have got what? A 3rd round pick for him or something, but now he's worth much more. Latendresse same kind of deal, I think he's worth more to the habs right now then he would be worth if they traded him. You dig?

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