Surely you can't be Serious

I am serious. And don’t call me Shirley. It seemed pretty evident at the the beginning of July that 95%+ thought the Rangers needed a shutdown defenseman and that their defensive corps would surely be lacking. [Even in an article 2 days ago] 5. Well the regular season has virtually passed as I write this with almost every team played the full 82. I plan to analyse this season of the Rangers and address other bold predictions I made.
Alright sticking with the Rangers I want to take a piece from the article Playoff Predictions.
5.New York (FW:A- D:C+ G:B+) GSP:16″
Even then I see that many people look at names on the jerseys on this site and to an extent thats fine. The response to my inquiry yielded this “The Rangers spent [most of their cap space] on offense but [not on] defense. Lundqvist is good, not spectacular… and he’s inconsistant.”
OK. I’ll agree that the Rangers defense is missing a good solid, physical first pairing defenseman on their team. Many teams would love on and to be honest I would feel more comfortable too. But a C+? Really?
Here is when I get discouraged at people. The name on the jersey is not more important than results.
This year: NYR GA/G: 2.32 4th in the NHL 1st in East
NYR SH/G: 25.6 3rd in the NHL 1st in East
These stats are from the NHL stats machine and I don’t believe takes any shootout outcomes into consideration.
So is the defense of the NY Rangers under rated? Is it there system? Well I can’t clearly state it is just Henrik Lundqvist. They are first in the east in shots against. I do watch every Rangers game and can tell you that defensively they give up bad rushes against and the defense can take lazy penalties. I just wish someone could explain it to me. Everyone was knocking the Rangers defense in their predictions and I stood up for this group. Not at all flashy but solid. Tyutin and Girardi may be one of the most solid underrated defensive pairing in the league. Paul Mara has been a rock on the blue line. Marc Staal is still learning but already is a top 4 defenseman. Backman is providing a legit transition game, and Rozival does have offensive potential. Marek Malik too is an effective PKer and a decent 7th defenseman.
Next season with the cap expected to rise and the departure of Marek Malik (2.5), Michal Rozsival (2.3) and possibly Paul Mara (3) could mean the Rangers could be in the market for a first pairing defenseman but speculation will come post playoffs.

I will agree with Henrik Lundqvist. A B+ is about right as you will either get one of the best in the league or a goalie who plays decent. I used to say the Rangers have been great in goals against because of Lundqvist but clearly he isn’t the only reason. Henriks #s to date are 37 wins (4th) 10 SOs (1st) 2.24 GAA (6th) and .912 SAV (18th)

Henriks career #s vs NJD: 12-2 .944 SAV% 1.43 GAA.
I do feel somewhat confident in this series and hope that others won’t push off the Rangers who could easily be the team in the east with Blair Betts returning and hopefully Colton Orr too.

In other news CONGRATS TO THE CAPS! Ovechkin is now almost certainly the MVP and my prediction of the Caps 3rd in the east came true after a horrible start! Everyone doubted me on that and then a few others started the trend too but as far as I know I was the first to state that. I can’t find the archive section so if anyone is really really bored can check that out. I was correct in Torontos seeding too despite many people claiming I was an idiot.

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  1. morrissey says:

    The Rangers defense is pretty lackluster but they play a great overall team defensive style, well great as long as you don't have to actually watch it because it's boring as hell, but it does win games.

  2. leafy says:

    I've been saying for quite some time, the Rangers are a dangerous team.  Now too bad they don't have a rushing defenceman or PP quarterback.  But if they can find a way to increase their overall offensive production, they could have a good playoff run.

    PS. Montreal is playing Boston in the 1st round….AGAIN!!!

  3. CofRED says:

    I think most people, on this site at least, are taking the rangers seriously.  I've read quite a few times that people have the Rangers as their darkhorse in the east, and on the playoff predictions page, I think almost everyone, myself included, has picked the Rangers over the Devils.  So they certainly have their supporters on here.

  4. HABSSTAR says:

    That's how you know it's spring in Canada.  The Leafs are falling and the Habs are playing the B's in the playoffs. 

  5. HABSSTAR says:

    Rangers are a decent team, but my GOD the thought of a Rangers/Devils series just sounds painfull!  I don't know if it's possible to actually die of boredom but if so the morgue will be busy in the NY/NJ area!

  6. Clearly says:

    Why is it that the typical stupid Hab fan is obsessed with insulting the Leafs? It's not needed. Montreal is currently better than Toronto, we know already.

  7. HABSSTAR says:

    Why is it that typical stupid dweebs don't see the humour in a post about a joke that's about as old as their virginity?  Don't like it don't read it.  Oh or another idea cultivate some type of sense of humour, or personality, or character or simply get a life.   

  8. habstruefan says:

    I did not see to many people on this site that said the rangers are not a threat.I for one believe they have a good team with tons of playoff experience.Did anybody see drury in the playoffs last year,look a gomez in the past playoffs.yagr is also hot lately and i believe it will continue in the playoffs.They have a great goaly but still don’t think there defence is much of a threat,and thats not from looking at the stats,i do watch their games.

  9. habstruefan says:

    Poor boston,I'd hate to be part of that organization every time they play the habs in the playoffs.I see somebody from boston giving the habs a cheap shot after what begin did to savard the last game they played.I for one believe montreal  had a big part in the thornton trade when they kept shuting them down in the playoffs.Boston though they could go far with the team they had when they had thornton,guerin,muray,samsonow when he was shining,Im forgeting a couple more,and could not get past Montreal.
    I think its a sad time of year to be a bruins fan right now.

  10. LeafsNation91 says:

    More stupid and pointless comments…

  11. careyprice31 says:

    Leafs nation your pointless. Shut your mouth cause if the leafs beat the habs on saturday ud be boasting like a jabroni.

  12. careyprice31 says:

    As long as the habs dont go in *****y thiking their gonna win easily. Were gonna beat them. And please hab fans please be optimistic as i am but remember boston will put up a good fight. Idont the habs and ouselves to think that it will be a walk in the park because it won't

  13. HABSSTAR says:

    I have to disagree with you careyprice31, LeafsNation is not pointless, he has a point….it's at the top of his head LOL!

  14. LeafsNation91 says:

    Only if one of you bastards keeped on opening your pipe like always, like last time…so shut your mouth cause you look pathetic everytime you speak, atleast I speak with common sence, your pathetic…

  15. careyprice31 says:


  16. careyprice31 says:


  17. HABSSTAR says:

    Soooooo you're only going to have a point at the top of your head if I keep opening my mouth?  Does this count?  How about now? LOL!

  18. habstruefan says:

    oh yes it will be a walk in the park,mark my words.
    Montreal in 5.

    all montreal has to do is win the first game and its all over.I can see chara blowing a gascket.It will be funny.
    I'm not being *****y,Montreal has to much depht on there roster.
    I will eat my shorts if they lose more than one game.

  19. LeafsNation91 says:

    What a faggot!

  20. HABSSTAR says:

    Ah no need to be all ***** like because your team sucks and you lost yet another battle of the witts because you showed up unarmed! 

  21. Kramer says:

    The Rangers, Habs and Canucks should all change their names to "Islanders" because they all play on an island.

    Of course I've already mentioned before that the Florida Panthers should change their name to the "Florida Oranges" cuz the panther is an endangered species.

  22. LeafsNation91 says:

    I'm a normal human being cheering for a pathetic team, ur a pathetic excuse for a human being cheering for a good team…SEE the difference.

    I always knew Toronto has a better education system then the rest of Canada…And the States.

  23. LeafsNation91 says:

    I'm a normal human being cheering for a pathetic team, ur a pathetic excuse for a human being cheering for a good team…SEE the difference.

    I always knew Toronto has a better education system then the rest of Canada…And the States.

  24. CanadianbornPlaya says:

    As usual, Kramer makes perfect sense.

  25. wheresthesoda says:

    If the Rangers are going to do any damage, 2 things has to happen. Besides from lundqvist being at the top of his game, Jagr has to join him as playing the best he can play, and the Power Play needs to be formidable. If those happen, the Rangers will be very difficult to defeat.

    Jagr has played his best hockey of the year in the past 6-8 games. Playing with Straka has him skating, SHOOTING again, and even today against the devils he through a punch at Rupp. Of course rupp laughed in his face but JJ looks revitalized.

  26. HABSSTAR says:

    Yep, and with all that education you still had to post the same thing twice?  Don't know how to count to one?  You're taking shit way to serious, pop a couple pills or what ever it is you do in Toronto to relax…I don't know maybe go join your heroes on the golf course.  But please do one thing…get a life.

    All this anger over a couple of funny post on a hockey forum….ya, I'm the pathetic one.  LMFAO!  LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSER! 

  27. ranger_fan says:

    Come on guys. No need to show off your dominance via an internet hockey website. Congrats to the Habs – and better luck next year for the Leafs.

  28. ranger_fan says:

    Jagr has looked better but Straka now is looking to pass every opportunity. Our PP will click once Jagr realizes the PP should include him and not revolve around him.

  29. HABSSTAR says:

    Ya I know.  I posted a little joke about the Leafs, I should have known better.  It really had nothing to do with anything but seemed to really get a fire going under some people's asses. 

    For the life of me I still don't know how people get that obssesed about crap and have to turn shit personal but whatever.  My apologies for hijacking this small portion of an otherwise interesting article on the Rangers.   

  30. leafy says:

    Wow, I didn't realize one little comment could generate such a profound reaction.

  31. HABSSTAR says:

    Geez tell me about it.  I don't think it was anything big.  I'd fully expect, and probably be a little disapointed if I didn't take some ribbing from Leafs fans if the situation was reversed.  I'm sure you guys have a treasure chest of old Habs jokes.

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