Surpassing a Milestone

Hockey Trade Rumors now has 3,501 members. Congratulations HTR, and welcome kazzask

This still remains my favorite hockey site, thanks to Trademan.

3 Responses to Surpassing a Milestone

  1. Tradedude says:

    cool! i think i was like somewhere close to the 3000 person who became an HTR member, i joined right after i seen the 3000 milestone message, although i was reading stuff since mid season last year, i was just too lazy to join, but im here now, and HTR has some good stuff, and great fans, i love reading other ppl’s opinions, later all

  2. tgray says:

    Reason for HTR’s success: MY coat tails

  3. -Swizz- says:

    good stuff…

    but what is significant about 3501?

    i woulda thought 3500 would at least be more significant..

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