Surprising star – balanced power play

The Habs are not at the bottom of the conference like most professional analysts predicted. They are doing quite well in fact. Mainly because of the Power Play.

Stats as of Tuesday Nov 6

5th overall in points in the league.

4th (Tied) for goals for

10th (tied) for goals against

35th – ranking of best point getter (Saku Koivu)

The interesting thing is that it is their offense which has been winning games for them. (Although Huet had a shutout as night…) Tenth in goals against puts them in the middle of the pack defensively.

The power play has been terrific, and lets be honest it has. The reason in my opinion is because the goals are coming from multiple people. (10 different players have scored on the power play already) Other teams are having a hard time stopping them because the Habs have multiple threats on the Power Play. Who do you concentrate on when there are a bunch of guys who can score on the power play??

It looks like the Habs should be able to ride the power play into the playoffs but only if everything keeps working the way it has. If one or more players enter prolonged slumps or the injury bug bites a key player the Habs will have a hard time scoring goals. Without the Power play the Offense is not very strong.

Defense is always better then it should be on a team with a good power play because the opposition is extra careful not to do anything that might cause them to be penalized. If the Canadiens power play starts to fizzle will the opposition be able to play more aggressive defensively and thus make it even harder for the Habs to score even strength goals???

No matter how well Huet and Price play if they get no offensive support the Habs will not win.

So the question is, can the Habs keep the Power play rolling and thus make the playoffs???