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A little point-counterpoint to some excerpts from a story at:


“With no end in sight for the NHL’s labour impasse, more than 55 players have already committed to Swedish Elite League teams and more are expected to follow.”

–I guess Europe will become the new NHL, just like Al Strachan said it would! πŸ™‚

“It’s a dream come true in Sweden, the chance of a lifetime for the country’s players, fans and league.”

“This is in the best interest of Swedish hockey,”

— Maybe for the fans, for about a year and a half, until Bryan McCabe can no longer feed his family. The benefit to Swedish hockey is questionable πŸ™‚

“I think it’s great to have big guys and more talent here, especially if the lockout lasts the whole year and they stay.”

— No question they are staying the year… hopefully they will stay TEN years and we never have to see any of the current NHLPA players play again πŸ™‚

“The way things are going, it probably will. The NHL and NHLPA haven’t met since Sept. 9 and currently have no further plans to resume negotiations. “

–Good… who was it on Colorado who said last week that it might be 10 years before the union *blinks*… ROFL! The union will be LOOOOOOONG gone in ten years… corpses don’t blink.

“In the meantime, more than 250 of the league’s players have signed with European teams, drawing criticism from some who say they are stealing jobs.”

–Wait until they start stealing jobs at Burger King in north America… that’s when the teardrops start!

“I like it because it’s a new challenge,” said Sodertalje captain Joakim Eriksson, who is playing in his eighth Swedish league season. “The league is much better and the fans are excited.”

–A few players on each European team, from the NHL, with already diluted talent… doesn’t make for much of a new challenge.

“The majority of players displaced in Sweden so far have been younger ones who have been bounced to junior clubs.”

— … and hopefully will be on their way to North America as replacements for the players who bounced them πŸ™‚

“Eriksson says he hopes Swedish teams limit their NHL content to four or five players each.”

— No team can stand the acrimony of more than 4 or 5 NHL’ers in a dressing room… not even an NHL team πŸ™‚

“Some of the young guys still need a chance to play in the (Elite League) and it’s good if they can play with these top guys.”

–Top guys? I bet half of them are no more talented than the swedes (or any other nation’s players) they are replacing.

“Arenas throughout Sweden have been jammed every time 2003 NHL MVP Peter Forsberg and his Swedish team, MoDo, come to town.”

–Hasn’t Forsberg gone down with a season-ending injury yet?… oh wait, this is Swedish (shinny)hockey, nothing has touched him yet.

“A sellout crowd of more than 13,850 packed the Globen Arena in October when MoDo visited Djurgardens.”

–In the NHL 13,850 means you are struggling to stay afloat… hmmm wonder why that could be?

“One scalper said he was selling tickets for 600 kroner ($102.55 Cdn) that night – a huge markup on their 230 kroner ($39.30 Cdn) face value.”

–I hope the players play REAL close attention to those numbers. They can’t stay in Europe forever, unless they want to play for contracts that make the NHL owners’ offer look like Paradise City.

“It was just the 10th game of 50 for both teams.”

–Hmmm, 13,000 fans, 40 bucks a pop, and 25 home dates… HAhAhAhAHAHAHAAHAHA! I hope the players STAY there. I am sure I can pick up a used Lambourghini, (or perhaps a wrecked Ferrari) real cheap next year in North America.

“The fans are excited because they know this is the season that will never come again,”

— On the contrary, I hope they get stuck with these underperforming, overpaid cry babies for many years to come.

“Djurgardens is one of the few teams yet to see a windfall. Soccer is the top game in Stockholm and that season ended just last week. The hockey team was averaging just 6,352 fans through last week at the league’s largest arena in the country’s largest city.”

–It gets better and better.

Elsewhere, the game is flourishing: Frolunda, which is on top of the Swedish standings, was averaging over 11,000 fans per night through last week; Linkoping, with Vancouver Canucks centre Brendan Morrison leading the way, was drawing about 7,500 to its new arena; and tickets for games at the Sydkraft Arena in Timra are nearly impossible to get.

–11,000, 7,500, Brendan Morrison?!!? … ROFL! How long into next year do you think it will take the NHLPA to wake up and realize that they are pissing their financial futures away πŸ™‚

“The teams are all so deep now,” said 11-year NHL veteran Kent Manderville, who is playing his second season in Timra. “Last year it was much more diluted. It’s like a whole new league.”

–Any team with room for Kent Manderville is not deep, except in trouble.

“No one is complaining here,” said former NHL defenceman Calle Johansson, who now works as an analyst for Swedish TV. “Why should they? It’s good for everyone right now.”

–Except Corey, “pogey-line”, Hirsch *snicker*

“Of course they’ll be welcomed,” Karlsson said of his new teammates. They’re part of the team now. They’re all great players and we need their help. (speaking about Erikksson, Brian Boucher and Bryan, “I-gots-ta-feed-my-family” McCabe)

–yeah that sure is an all-star lineup you’re putting together there.

“This is probably the best league in the world right now.”

–See above… and you are welcome to those players…hopefully forever! πŸ™‚

10 Responses to Sweden is loving it!! – Counterpoint

  1. habsoverserver says:

    It would be even better if we could send the NHL owners to Sweden as well.

  2. Aetherial says:

    VERY true…

    Don’t you just hope that the lieing owners and the out-of-touch-with-reality and greedy players…

    lose their careers and league… over their greed.

    I don’t want to see hockey… until it is a whole new league, new philosophy, and the current regime has ALL lost a TON of money.

  3. habsoverserver says:

    Neither side is getting my ungodly $121.50 per ticket per game until they figure out how to make the sport entertaining.

    I want to see 350 goals per season per team. I want line combinations that last longer than a Hilton marriage. I want defensemen who skate forward not just backward.

    No more interference. No more goalies wearing equipment that would be too big for Shaquille O’Neal. No more trap.

    I want Bobby Orr beating the crap out of Brad Park in the playoffs. I want 50 goals in 50 games. I want defensemen who join the rush. I want my money back on a game if I don’t see at least one 2 on 1 or a breakaway. I want Yvon Cournoyer to score 40 goals a season and not even bother wearing shoulder pads cuz no one in the league can skate fast enough to hit him. I want shutouts to only count when they were actual shots taken by the opposing team. I want coaches to bench lazy 40 year old millionaires instead of sticking them on the powerplay. I want it referees who in addition to knowing the rules of the sport, understand the flow of the game.

    I want ice surfaces that are didn’t come out of the slushy machine at 7/11. I want boards that give before the players limbs do.

    I want the game safe for the passionate knowledgeable fan who has put up with all this crap for the past 10 years.

    And until I get it, I’m locking out the NHL, the NHLPA and everything associated with this monstrosity.

  4. the_hockey_bandit says:


  5. Aetherial says:

    I don’t want to have a mandatory goon on every team. There is NO excuse for it. You fight, you are gone 10games, period. If it is an attempt to injure in other ways, you are gone… for the season, at least.

    I don’t want room in the league for players like Aki Berg.

    I don’t ever want to see a hook slow down a player… I don’t care if we spend a couple years of 20 powerplays a game.

    I don’t ever want to see 10 guys in the neutral zone.

    I don’t want goalie pads to cover 3/4 of the net.

    I want players suspended, minimum 20 games for high stick infractions excepting those that are clearly accidental.

  6. habsoverserver says:

    10 guys in the neutral zone? Is that a gay porn movie? I definately don’t want to see that.

    Seriously, for all our rants:

    1. there may not be enough skill players for this to happen – how many teams have 30 goal scorers on 2 lines anymore?

    2. the players are too big for the ice surface to create enough room out there

    3. coaches want a system that anyone can learn, especially when four different languages are spoken in the locker rooms

    4. teams think they can sit on a one goal lead with 30 minutes left in the game

    20 games for high sticking is a little severe. Do you mean the two minute minor high sticking or high sticking that results in serious injury?

  7. rojoke says:

    If it gets the sticks down, I’d suspend ’em for a minor high stick. And an automatic 20 games for any shot to the head, shoulder or elbow. Including running a guy’s head into the glass.

  8. Aetherial says:

    even a minor stick to the face should be a 20 game suspension…

    You wanna believe that high sticks would be a thing of the past in a BIG hurry. Even hooking would decrease… as only clearly accidental high sticking would be forgiven.

  9. habsoverserver says:

    I figure there is at least one high sticking penalty per game. There are about 1,230 games per year. That would mean the potential for about 25,000 games of suspensions per season, or roughly the equivanlent of 300 players lost for the entire season. This is also the equivalent of 12 full NHL teams.

    Congratualtions, you have engineered stealth contraction.

    How many 20 game suspensions have there been in the history of the NHL?

  10. Aetherial says:


    I should not have to point this out to you, but you are a habs fan so I know I have to talk slowly and clearly.

    The POINT to all of this is that there would not be so many high sticks.

    The further point is that there is not many 20 game suspensions…

    but there IS a lot of cheap stickwork, kneework etc. that is injuring people.

    I am sure you thought you were being a real mathematical genius by spinning those numbers. Failing to take into account that some NHL players may actually LEARN to not have their sticks up, makes you a moron.

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