Sweeden prospects look bright for Ottawa Senators Future

Andre Petersson and Erik Karlsson have been great the WJHC so far and their play is what Ottawa will need next season. Both are eligable to come over and play in the NHL. Andre Petersson is a forward for Sweeden and he has performed very well and moves the puck really well for the team. He likes to carry the puck over and get into corners and battle. He always keeps his feet moving and it lets him be open for the one timer.

Erik Karlsson has been a great young defenseman and with his brother already playing on the AHL team for Ottawa, He is aiming to make the Senators roster next season to give them a solid puck moving defenseman.

Both players are great prospects and will look good in a Senators uniform next year. Karlsson has a good chance to get on the roster next season, but Andre Petersson will have to work harder to crack the line up with Jesse Winchester, Nick Foligno, Cody Bass and other young players looking to stay in the line up.

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  1. leafmeister says:

    Not a chance, a strong gust of wind could knock over Karlsson at this point. It will be at least 3 years. He has to add weight and strength while not tampering with his speed.  These things take time. I dont know about Petersson though.

  2. dewie221 says:

     i was at the game yesterday and i would say for a small guy karlson can really hit. and is very good with the puck. in today's nhl u have to be smaller. to get speed..

  3. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    my money says neither makes the sens roster next season. both these guys will make their money on being able to score, so unless they score like mad in the preseason, they'll be sent home (or to the AHL/CHL).

  4. habswinthecup-again says:

     So by your logic then P.K. Suban and Ryan McDonagh will be playing with the big club next season for sure because they are playing good. Suban is the best defenseman in the tourny so far so he is definitely a lock for next season.

  5. LeafsNation91 says:

    i really do not like Subban, my favorite defenceman i have watched so far are McDonagh, Hedman, Hickey

  6. RealisticNick says:

    How can you not like Subban?  He hits, he skates and spins.  And have you seen that man give an interview?

  7. habswinthecup-again says:

     It doesn't matter if you like Suban, he has been the best D in the tourny so by this guys logic that means that he will definitely be with the Habs next season.

  8. pezzz says:

    Yes, Subban is putting HUGE points and playing great OFFENSIVELY, but this guy is maybe the most dangerous guy on the planet in his own end. He's not ready for the NHL.

  9. Rickler says:

    Agreed… Great draft steal by the Habs no less.
    I think he'll need some seasoning in the AHL before he makes the jump to the big club. He needs work in the defensive end.
    Then again, they could bring him up and use him like Streit… PP/D/F, But I highly doubt it. Looks like the Habs have another gem here though.  

  10. CanadianbornPlaya says:

    I could take a dump in a pair of skates and the sens would try that on the blue line. And rightfully so. They are brutal on D and poor in the net. Someone has traded away much of the team's grit. I would lose Spezza as soon as there is a market. Get yourselves an acountable, first pair, D man (Bowmeister) a solid young skater that can contribute and maybe a draft pick.  Spezza is afraid to get bruised. Wus.

  11. sensrulethenhl says:

    learn how to spell bouwmeester!!!! Sens have a good defense core, they just need to start working harder, you have to work no matter how bad or good you are……being lazy for just a second is the difference between winning and loosing a game.

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