Sykora A Hab reports that the rumors circulating between the habs and Petr Sykora are intensifying, and that he might end up being a hab next season. Sykora is a solid 20 goal, 50 point scorer, and he should come in handy as a replacement of the no-longer Montreal Canadien, Jan Bulis. Rumors are also starting to come up when the name of Sergei Samsonov is mentioned. He would be a perfect fit as a left-winger on that montreal 2nd line, but it seems as though the Detroit Red Wings are also interested.

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  1. SensDude says:

    I’ve red everything in TSN in the last 2 days and theres none of what your mentionning.

    For Samsonov it was in the Fourthperiod. I Dont know if you have red the newspapers today, Gainey just said that he`s out of the free agency and will consider giving a chance to his youth.

  2. Mainer87 says:

    When did tsn say this? I’m getting sick of people putting false rumours out there about the habs. The habs are fine the way they are our young talent is excellent and I think the habs are going to surprise alot of teams this year.

  3. Les-Habitants says:

    Unless I can no longer correctly, never put this report up. The closest thing they have is in one of their A/V clips, they mention that the Habs are “reportedly interested in Sykora” but that was a few days ago.

    I haven’t heard or seen anything from Gainey mentioning that he has no intention of signing any more UFAs, but it wouldn’t surprise me. I think he missed out/was out bid on the players he was interested in, and now is refusing to sign a player for the saking of signing someone. Hopefully we’ll see a trade that will bring in a larger, skilled 2nd line center but those are hard to come by.

    Look for a very similar team (minus Bulis, Sundstrom and plus Kostitsyn) in the coming season.

  4. SensDude says:

    “I haven’t heard or seen anything from Gainey mentioning that he has no intention of signing any more UFAs”

    La Presse

    Journal de Montréal

    Montreal Gazette also

  5. Les-Habitants says:

    I read the Gazette and La Presse, and I could have easily missed it. Oh well, Go Habs Go!

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