Sykora An Oiler! is reporting that the Edmonton Oilers have signed forward, Petr Sykora, to a 1-year contract pending a physical!

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  1. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    I still don’t think Edmonton is going into the playoffs. That’s one of the very few good forwards left, make a move Boston!

  2. ObjectiveImpartiaL says:

    lines are almost set. The only problem is they have a 5th line that can play in the NHL. And 8 of the 12 are going to get better this year and the other 4 are still around 30 years old.

    Smyth Horcoff Hemsky

    Sykora Stoll Lupul

    Torres Shremp Pisani

    Moreau Reasoner Mikhov (if he can come over)

    Jacques Pouliot Winchester

    Top it off with a good showing from Roli (his save% is one of the best and constant in the league in the last 5 years so don’t even say it guy’s) and no wonder everone says Edmonon has no defence. There is nothing else to pick on.

  3. skidragoon says:

    ya roli has great percentage for the last 5 years but how many 60 game years has he played/earneed?

  4. ObjectiveImpartiaL says:

    He has never had the chance. As long as your body can keep (and 60 is not that many) it should not really factor. The amount of practic and workout NHL players go and extra 15 hours of work in a season makes me wonder what everyone is talking about

  5. habswinthecup-again says:

    Don’t you think Boston has to worry about signing Bergeron right now? I mean I know Boston is cheap but this guy should be signed to a 7 year $35million contract atleast, why isn’t he signed yet?

  6. samsdad says:

    Tell me why the Bruins are cheap. Their payroll will be near the cap, just like so many other teams. They paid 7.5 M to Chara, and 5M to Savard.

    In the past, the Bruins have not resigned certain players – tell me, would you want your team giving Guerin 9M? Seems like a lot for a 20 goal scorer.

    Allison – has he done anything at all since leaving the Bruins?

    Kristich – the first walk away – 2.9M back then – signed by the Leafs, then he sucked.

    Gonchar – is he worth the 5M he got from the Pens?

    The Bruins have had a history of not opening up the wallet. Sometimes it has been justified. They have made bad decisions (LaPointe,Zhamnov) but tell me what team has a perfect record of drafting and signing free agents. It is a new era in Boston – no one can say anymore that the Bruins are cheap – they spend as much as everyone else – not always in the best way, but they do pay. Bergeron will be taken care of. Remember O’Connell is gone.

    As far as Chara goes, alot of people will say they overpaid. What people do not realize, is how this improves the entire team. Last year the defense sucked. With Chara and Mara, the Bs have added over 30 goals to their team. The power play is much improved. Brad Stuart will not have to play as much. The scoring from the defense has improved immensely.

    Last year the Bruins had a miserable time with ties/shootout losses. Had they been just .500 they would have made or been close to the playoffs. By adding Chara/Mara/Savard, they have certainly increased their scoring, which will move them to the playoffs.

  7. oiler1fan says:

    Reasoner will be the 3rd line center and Pouliot will be the 4rth. Schremp will play in the AHL because he will not get any better by playin on the 3rd line and 2nd unit powerplay.

  8. pisani34 says:

    You are right Roloson never has had the chance and i hope he will step up now that he finally has no one sharing time with him. i don’t know if schremp will be the third line center. i think he might play one year in the ahl first because MacT really wants to see Pouliot get a chance so i think Schremp will be in the minors at least to start the year. Either way the Oil’s forwards are very deep and it will be hard for other teams to stop them.

  9. pisani34 says:

    I think Edmonton will make the playoffs and im not jsut saying that cause im an OIlers fan. they have made the playoffs with worse teams than they have now. This is a good pickup for them cause sykora will play the point on the second pp and he will be a good, experienced winger for lupul and stoll to play along with.

  10. TheDugg1er says:

    Finally some good news about the oilers. All i hear is how they keep losing key players to the team. Finally they aquire a decent player but I still don’t think this will be enough to make the playoffs. They just made it into the playoffs last year with a pretty good team, beating out my nuks :'(, but now they have a much weaker team. I just can;t fathom how they will make it into the playoffs this year, especially since minnesota has upgraded immensely meaning 8 more difficult games that minnesota will have to face. But i guess it equalizes out when u see what colorado has lost. But all in all edmonton will be the weakest team in the northwest division.

  11. mafew says:

    If you subtract the losses the oilers suffered, and add the new players, it’s pretty strage.

    The team will be offensively deep, but lacks a true 1st line, and defense. Rollie has been a backup most of his career. He put up an 18-24 record last year.

    It’s going to be the irresistible force of edmonton, vs. the immovable object of Calgary.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think Edmonton has a solid team, but it’s not all wine and roses as some of you are suggesting. This team could really get lit up this season.

  12. wheresthesoda says:

    u know if dvorak is gonna play with edmonton this year?

  13. pisani34 says:

    I doubt it. He is unrestricted and he showed in the playoffs that he has no more scoring touch. He has great speed and is a decent playmaker, but he can’t score anymore. Also, i don’t think edmonton has any room for him.

  14. pisani34 says:

    I think you are right. thats sort of what i thought from the beginning and i think pouliot will develop better on the 4th line then schremp will

  15. pisani34 says:

    i think the oilers have a true first line. smyth had 37 goals. Hemsky had 70 some points as did horcoff. thats a pretty decent first line. then they have two lines that would be good number 2 lines in the nhl.

    the reason roloson had such a bad record was because he was like 4-15 coming from minnesota cause they didnt play in front of him. he was .500 with edmonton and he will be better this year.

    the only way they will get lit up is if their offense goes dry. if their forwards play like they can, they will be lighting up alot of teams too.

  16. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    No, Bergeron’s an RFA, he’s not going anywhere. We will sign him before the season starts, but why rush it? I don’t see why people say that time and time again, just calm down, we will resign him.

    And for the other post, Zhamnov wasn’t necessarily a bust, it’s just that he had a bad injury at the beginning of the season and then got injured again.

  17. thegoalie1976 says:

    Minny is still the weakest, then colorado then vancouver (with their AHL defense.) Edmonton and calgary will battle it out for first.

  18. TheDonkey says:

    Yeah – Dvorak showed he lost his scoring touch both in the playoffs and during the season.

    The big problem for the Oilers will be too many forwards and no farm team to send them down to!

  19. pisani34 says:

    Finally someone who gets it!! your a smart guy!

  20. pisani34 says:

    Ya that’s crap. they better get something figured out!

  21. navajo says:

    Allison has only gotten a point a game, but not much I guess. Oh, is Tim Thomas Boston’s starting goalie this year? Or is it somebody else…? I know Thomas had 10 good games, but he isn’t the starter is he?

  22. max_fisher says:

    true dat! the alberta teams look good this year. colorado is going to be hard pressed to make the top 10. say what you will about the oilers losing pronger and peca, the avs have lost forsberg, blake, and have serious goaltending problems. The nucks wont do much better.

  23. LuckyLuc98 says:

    Who’s better Samsonov or Sykora???

    The habs could have signed Sykora but opted for Sammy… who do the oilers fans think is the better catch now that it’s all said and done.

  24. wingerxxx says:

    If I had to choose…watching them both play last year, I’d take Samsonov. He is a little more explosive than Sykora. They’re both pretty skilled though. Sykora should be an adequate replacement for Samsonov.

  25. habswinthecup-again says:

    I am sorry guys, I am not suggesting that Boston will not resign him, I am only wondering why the do not lock him up for 6 or 7 years. In the long run they will save money if they give him 30-40 million/yr. now. This is their franchise player (with more upside than Thornton), they should just give him the money now before he gets pissed off, because then he will be gone as soon as can hit the UFA market.

  26. samsdad says:

    Would you want your team paying Allison 4M or whatever he wanted from the Bruins? He is weak defensively….I dont exactly see a line of teams at his door…

    Thomas is probably NOT the starter…it will be Toivonen. Thomas is not a flash in the pan…he was all american at vermont, and during the lockout played in finland where he was league mvp and had shutouts in something like 25% of his games. he is better than people think.

  27. habswinthecup-again says:

    Samsonov was always better than Sykora, but now playing with a Russian teammate for the first time(?), hopefully he will be even that much better.

  28. samsdad says:

    They will get Bergeron done…he will be rewarded for this performance….not his potential (which in Joes case, we were always waiting for).

  29. dcz28 says:

    Just a quick comment on Chara…i think he is overpaid like most NHL players. His offense (if you watched Ottawa last season) came from Murray playing him as a forward on the powerplay to just camp out infront of the goalie so unless they use him that way he might not get 15 goals this season. No doubt the Bruins look like a better team but that doesn’t always translate into success on the ice.

    Unlike most people here i won’t make predictions on what teams will finish where since i find that it’s way too early to do that and most teams don’t even have full lineups yet and with the cap now teams could lose star players to long term injuries in pre-season or exhibition games and destroy their season just like in the NFL when a team loses their #1 QB…for example Luongo gets a long term injury early in the season, Spezza goes down early ect…with the cap you can’t replace a star player anymore unless you get lucky and someone steps up from within.

  30. nyrhockey094 says:

    You know I was still hopeing the Rangers signed Sykora. Im not sure if they are going to be as good as people are predicting them to be. The only reason they even have a shot at winning their division is becuase how pathetically weak it is. Philly will be their only challenge. Pitt still doesnt have it Malkenin (sp) would have help them alot. Isles will prob. go with alot of youth and inexperience as well, which will mean a bad year for them but a prob. a great future. Nj is going to lose a key player in gianta or gomez, either will be a big loss for them.

    But the Rangers lost both Rucinsky and Sykora. Yeah Rucinsky was getting old, but he can still put the pucks in the net and is FAST. Sykora was a decent player and scored in clutch situations. And they replace them with Cullen and Shannahan? Dont get me wrong I love the Shannahan signing but im not in any way expecting him to have the season he had last year, hell ill be happy with 25 goals from him. I dont know much about cullen, he put up 50 points last year? Then they have prucha who will hopefully have a season like he had last year up until he got hurt. Then who do they have left, Betts, Ward, Ortmeyer Hollweg, Hossa, Hall. If those 6 put up 35 goals total id be shocked.

    They are going to have no problem keeping pucks out of the net with their defense and Lundqvist in net, but the problem is going to be putting them in. Who knows maybe slats will sign Dumont, or some how get Gomez or Gianta, but I really doubt it its more so wishful thinking on the part of this Ranger fan.

  31. samsdad says:

    Thats a great question….being a Bruins fan, I can tell you that Sammy is a very frustrating player…he dominates, makes great moves, then loses the puck. He doesnt seem to be a great passer, and his great moves don’t always turn into scoring chances.

    Sykora – dont know alot about him, except he was very valuable in shootouts…maybe a bit more of a natural scorer than Sammy.

    Answer – guess I have no idea….

  32. LuckyLuc98 says:

    Personally I Think Samsonov has a lil more speed then Sykora (not saying Sykora isn’t Fast)… but on the other hand I think Sykora has a better finish. I’d prefere a guy with better finish but I’m a habs fan and I KNOW kovalev and either Koivu or Ribeiro whoever will centers that line will bring out the best in Samsonov something Thornton couldn’t do. I think Samsonov is a 30 goal scorer and 70 points on avg…

  33. oilersreal1fan says:

    we should make the playoffs if we can sign one more dman otherwise i dont know

  34. Kraut182 says:

    It’s an okay signing, but it doesn’t really address the main problem Edmonton will have next year on defense. Edmonton already had a bunch of guys who could put up 40-60 points, so one more doesn’t IMO significantly improve the team.

    A solid top 4 defensive defenseman is what this team really needs.

    On the other hand this should mean a whole bunch of exciting 5-4 up and down Oiler games this year, so that should be fun.

  35. tacitus says:

    I think Edmonton and Calgary wil be fighting for 1st in their division. Edmonton is similar to the NJ’s teams that won the cups in which they could roll 4 good lines. The major diff is Edmonton’s 4 lines are suited toward the new NHL. I think alot of the Sucess in Edmonto will come from there not being a huge marquee player. It will be a team effort with no forwards taking over 20 min of ice time. These guys are gonna make every team they play against skate. The battle of Alberta is on this year i look forward to watching these teams play each other 8 times.

  36. PatsPlayer says:

    very good signing they filled the gap that samsanov left they got the socring winger they wanted

  37. gg_idiot says:

    Roloson hasn’t been a backup most of his career…

  38. gg_idiot says:

    The habs would have signed anyone that would have wanted to play on their team.

  39. gg_idiot says:

    You think Kovalev, Koivu, and Ribeiro can bring out the best in a shooter? Moreso than Thornton? You crazy man.

  40. oildude says:

    I think the Oil will surprize a lot of people this year. Their defence looks suspect on paper but if Hedja and Smid pan out like they think they can Edmonton will have a pretty solid roster. Anything can happen and we won’t know for sure until the season starts but I believe Edmonton will challenge for one of the top 3 spots in the western conference. Cowtown, Anaheim and Sanjose will be strong as well.

  41. nj814 says:

    their like the devils with one little tiny difference

    They have dwayne roloson, the devils have martin brodeur

    nothing against roloson or anything i just dont think hes that great

  42. LuckyLuc98 says:

    Yup Thornton is just too slow for Samsonov… Thornton is better with players like Cheechoo and Murray… pure goal scorers with size and a lil grit… Samsonov isn’t that at all, Sammy is better with faster players the likes of Kovalev & Koivu….

    Thornton still that best, just not with Samsonov

  43. oilers_rock says:

    I think Sykora can give us more than Samsonov did.

  44. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    He also severely injured his knee about a year after, missing two seasons. It’s hard enough to recover from a knee injury but missing two years of it definately doesn’t help.

    And Thomas is a solid goaltender. Maybe if you knew half the story, you would truly appreciate him.

  45. MVB0423 says:

    Good signing for the Oil. I was hoping the Stars might spend a little of that extra cash on a 1 or 2 yr deal fro him. They definitely need a little more pop on that right side, but he’s probably a better fit in Edmonton. Oh and I want some love on this site. I was the first to announce Lindros becoming a Star about 4 days before everyone else, and I called this signing about 3 weeks back. Look it up kids! I rule!!! Peace out *****es!!!

  46. Doctor says:

    you traded the MVP and will suffer a 10 year playoff drought because of it. see you in 2016 or so.

  47. Doctor says:

    “more upside than thornton”

    in NO WAY does bergeron have more upside than thornton. explain. please.

  48. Doctor says:

    the oilers will just make the playoffs in the 8th or 7th seed this year.

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