Sykora may soon be boarding a plane…

The ongoing Petr Sykora saga continues. Now it appears that it’s down to four. is reporting that the New York Rangers appear to be the front runners.There are two possible deals with the Rangers. Sykora for Poti, or Sykora and Salei for Rucchin and Poti. Now that they lost Fedorov they could really use Rucchin back in Anaheim. Other teams said to be interested are the Bruins, Senators and Maple Leafs. No offers have been rumored but it appears that the Montreal Canadiens are out of the running.

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  1. mundus80 says:

    “no” what?

    i know you didnt learn that word from your mom! oooooooo..ooooooooo,oooooooo…snap

  2. GretzNYR99 says:

    Different story, completely different story.

    Look into it before you talk about it like you have a clue.

    1. Pocklington couldn’t afford Gretzky, and didn’t want to dismantle the whole team around him just to keep him.

    2. Gretzky asked for the trade himself, and could have vetoed it the day of the press conference, but decided not to.

    3. Gretzky also felt betrayed by Pocklington when he found out he was being shopped around, which was bascially why he didn’t veto the trade.

    4. Gretzky was getting old, and wasn’t as his best.

    5. Gretzky took a hit for the NHL and put a franchise on the map as a big time player.

    There’s much more to it than just that, but those are 5 of the biggest reasons as to why he was traded. Now you can know your role, slappy.

    The point of the spellcheck is, at least if you’re going to act like you know what you’re talking about when it comes to a certain player or person, make sure you can spell the name right. It makes you look a little more knowledgeable, get what I’m saying? Kthx, gtfo.

  3. GretzNYR99 says:

    Are you kidding?

    That deal definitely does not favor Vancouver.

    Giguere for Cloutier is the only advantage for Vancouver, otherwise Anaheim wins that deal.

    A young Sedin for Sykora? HAHA, don’t even try that one.

    Jovocop for Ozolinsh? Are you kidding, I’d take Jovo in a heartbeat. Not only is Jovo better defensively, he’s also better offensively, and is a better leader. Ozolinsh would be a good solution to the Rangers being that he’s slightly better than Poti, and would come much cheaper than Jovo.

    I hope your not a Canucks fan, or that you ever become their GM, because your era would be known as “the dark ages.”

  4. GretzNYR99 says:

    Toronto should worry about their defense. It’s the reason why they’re 4th in their own division.

  5. AntoinePortilick says:

    “4. Gretzky was getting old, and wasn’t as his best.” Holy S***. 27 is old? Are you still in diapers?

  6. lrdstanley says:

    It’s this kind of stupidity that brings down an otherwise great site.

  7. JannettyTheRocker says:

    lol………..He knows you well HockeyFan99.

    Say hi to your mom for me!!!

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