Sykora to Ducks

To Anaheim : Petr Sykora , Igor Pohanka, Mike Commodore , Jean-François Damphousse.

To New Jersey : Oleg Tverdovsky, Jeff Friesen and Maxim BalmochnykhThe Duck now have a fine 1st line .

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  1. Stanajax says:

    Damn, I wasn’t the quickest!!!!

    Strange move by Lamoriello… I think he’s become crazy, the Milbury syndrome has landed in NJ…..

    Maybe Friesen will wake up with Elias and Nieuwendyk, but he isn’t near the level of Petr Sykora!!!

    Well, they also received Tverdovsky, but he’ll be the third offensive D-man behind Niedermayer and Rafalski on a team that didn’t need another one…

  2. mightylik says:

    I don’t know that I understand this trade to be honest. Sykora seems to me to be a more solid player than Friesen and Tverdovsky, which seems to be the trade, put together. I guess Anaheim will have there one good line again. Ah yes, the days of Selanne, Rucchin, and Kariya are back. Although, now the only decent line will consist of Sykora, Kariya, and Oates. Funny how names change but the Ducks suck the same. By the way, to you Devils fans… good luck with your season. Go Stars… RED WINGS SUCK!!!

  3. mikster says:

    I don’t care what you say about Sykora being good, this was an AWESOME deal by Lamoriello. Though their payroll has increased with this deal, it puts the Devils on a very different level.

    Friesen is still young and he replaces the job that Arnott was supposed to do. He is big, doesn’t shy away, and scores. Friesen is EXACTLY what the Devils needed after giving up Holik, Arnott, and McKay.

    Tverdovsky is an awesome pick up. I figured this guy was going to be dealt at some point and Lou just picked up a great skating defenseman. I doubt he will be behind Rafalski.

    The Devils have a poor goaltending future. I know Ahonen should be good, but this kis was drafted in 1999, and couldn’t even beat Clemmensen to be the Devils back up. But, Scandanavian do take a pretty long time. Losing Damphousse is like losing a future back up goalie. Great choise for the Ducks who got a young back up to replace Shields, but Damphousse was no loss for the Devils. I never liked Commodore and the Devils just traded a career 6th defenseman. Though he is young, this kid was never going to last with the Devils, not good enough for their defense.

    Igor Pohanka was a decent prospect. He is a very young 19 year old with decent size. But, Pohanka will probably be a talented european 3rd line player.

    I like the addition of Tverdovsky, but Friesen was just a kick ass acquisition. Istill think this guy will score 30 goals and this is where Friesen belongs, in the Eastern Conference.

    About Balmochnykh, he too isn’t much at all. He is a 23 year old LW with impressive size and strength. But, this guy will not bring the scoring power the Devils need. Pohanka is more valuable than Balmochnykh, but this was the best deal that Lamoriello could have done. As i said, Lamoriello will set this team up via trades.

    Elias and Sykora were good friends, so i am not sure if this will have much affect on Elias, who still is waiting to be re-signed.

    I like this deal, and Lou Lamoriello just ripped the Ducks badly. Another note though, the Devils have to create a new lethal line, their A-Line is disolved.

    Micki Peroni

    ps I love this summer!

  4. habs_88_4life says:

    Have the ducks aquired enough offence to spark a playoff run. It apperas that this years Western Conference run will be exciting for some and dissapointing for others. I think the Devils and Lamoriello have tooken a step backwards in the building situation.

  5. Hockeyman93 says:

    Devils won this, hands down. They got two mid-20 year old offensive players for Sykora. Freisen was a good pick up, but he only plays LW and C, so I wouldn’t expect him to play on the same line as Elias. Tverdovsky, who is one of the best offensive defenseman in the game, was the best pick up. The Devils lost 2 defenseman last summer, and suffered because of it. Now they have 3 amazing defenseman in Rafalski, Niedermayer, and Tverdovsky. They can all move the puck, and have great speed.

    Anahiem is proving that they are committed to making their team better, and since Sykora can play RW and C, he is a perfect fit on the Ducks first line of Oates and Kariya. Damphousse provides another young french canadian goalie in the Ducks system, who will hopefully play behind Giguere next season.

  6. big_booty says:

    Wow. There aren’t many seven player deals made in the NHL these days. This is a rarity.

    I also think it was a necessary move my Lou Liamorello. He lost Holik, and had to do something to shake up his team. Sykora’s a pretty damn good player, and I’m sure Devils fans will miss him, but he wasn’t happy with his arbitration and would’ve held a grudge with the GM.

    With Friesen and Tverdovsky instead of Holik and Sykora it will be a much different style of hockey being played in the swamp, not the defense-oriented system that we’ve become used to.

    I think it’s too early to tell, let’s see how these players pan out with their new teams. Devils seemed to give up a little much, though.

  7. Balej says:

    Yeah NJ got a great Defence , and maybe more leadership , Sykora was a key player but not in the dressroom where he was invisible .

    Elias/Sykora Area is Dead .

  8. aaron says:

    Interesting trade. Kinda hard to pick a winner off the top. Anaheim got the best player, but Tverdovsky and Friesen ain’t shit either.

  9. mikster says:

    I don’t think they gave up too much. Friesen is the player the Devils needs. Tverdovsky wasn’t really needed, but this team needed players to score. The young prospects players are a bit equal….though the Ducks got the better youngster. Commodore is not much, he can easily be replaced but a 5th round draft pick, same type of defenseman….and maybe even better. Damphousse will be a future back up goalie.

    This deal was great for the Devils.

  10. titans says:

    The supposed rule to trades is “Who ever got the best overall player wins” Well if that’s the case THE DEVILS WON!!! Tverdovsky is the best player in that trade!! If he was on the Strangers or Leafs he’d be a household name!! He’s that good!!

  11. aaron says:

    That’s a really stupid rule. For example, the Oates trade…

    But I agree Tverdovsky’s underrated.

  12. titans says:

    I never said it was my rule but you hear the so called “experts” say it all the time! Tverdovsky will do more for the Devils than Sykora will do for the Ducks!

  13. aaron says:

    Just so we’re clear. 😛

    The one issue I see is that the Devils already have Neidermeyer and Rafalski. It seems like overloading on one type of player to me. You’re looking at 3 of the best smooth-skating defensemen in the league. You can’t put any of them on the 3rd pair, so you’re going to have to put one pair out that has no real grit to it. Then again, Detroit’s been doing it w/ Lidstrom/Murphy and Lidstrom/Olausson, so I suppose it ain’t too much of a problem…

    So that makes the Devils D-corp look like this:

    Neidermeyer Rafalski

    Stevens Tverdovsky

    Danyko ??? (not sure who else)

    All things consider, that’s a damn good D-corp. Forwards are looking good too, Freisen isn’t too shabby. Except they lost Holik. Maybe they should sign Cassels.




    More ppl 😛

    Not too deep, but that gives you two strong scoring lines. And a decent enough checking line. The more I look at it, the more I like this trade for the Devils. They sure have given their team a facelift.

  14. titans says:

    They’re spreading the talent all over their line-up. Unlike other teams who load up on one line and one or twoo big d-men the Devils are more well rounded now. They’re no dummies!

  15. amok says:

    This is a solid trade for both teams. The Ducks can load up one line and the Devils become deeper. Their third best defenseman would be the top guy on a lot of teams.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lou swap one of them for some help up front if he needs it.

  16. rooney says:


  17. mikster says:

    Friesen will score. It’s that Elias needs someone else to work with though.

  18. aaron says:

    Yeah, that’s what cost them the past two years; no one past the A-line (Mogilny/Gomez was crap in the playoffs 2001). Now, they’ve got a couple solid lines.

  19. bruinsfan12 says:

    I love this trade becauase you don’t see many like it at all. I was getting pretty bored with all this free agent bullshit. I think both teams got good players, and I don’t think it will hurt either team, but maybe Anahiem got the better of the deal. But it’s hard to say since both teams got good players. It’ll be great to see Anahiem make a run for the Cup.

  20. bruinsfan12 says:

    dammit I meant run for the playoffs…not quite at a point to run for the Cup yet haha

  21. MantaRay says:

    As a Devils fan, I am pretty excited about this deal. To get Freisen AND Tverdovsky is an incredible deal for Lou.

    Micki is correct, Friesen is a guy we wanted and needed. This is a move in the right direction…a little late for most advocates to accept, but a great move non the less.

    Tverdovsky fills the void as our sixth defensemen and should develop into a premiere player in the Devils system under Burns. Unlike his past few years he will not have the pressure of having to do everything himself.

    He will probably be paired with Colin White as our third pair of defensemen and gives the Devils by far the best 6 defensemen on any team in the NHL.

    The wild card in this deal is Maxim Blamochnykh Anaheims #1 pick in 1997. If Slava Fetisov (still part of Devils management) can get his head on straight he has a fantastic upside. Both Fetisov and Blamochnkh are in Russia.

    From the Anaheim perspective they get alot of needed youth and depth.

    Sykora who was a marked man on the Devils for his playoff antics. But is a top player who should be paired with Oates or Rucchin and helps the scoring for the Ducks.

    Commodore will be a great stay at home defensemen who showed signs of brilliance under Larry Robinsons tutlege, but didn’t get to play under Constantine for some reason. He is probably better than everyone on Anaheim already other than Carney.

    The Devils goaltending is far too strong for Damphousse to get any playing time. Brodeur doesn’t like to rest and Lou likes Vets to spell him. Damphousse was a #1 pick for the Devils in 1997 and will help will the void left by trading Shields to Boston.

    This trade helps both teams right away.

  22. mikster says:

    I think Commodore had a problem with taking to omany penalties, and he just couldn’t crack the NHL. He could be good with the Ducks….but i doubt he will be a 4th d-man.

    Blamochnykh just doesn’t have the scoring power to be a significant player in the nhl. Fetisov could set his head straight, but i doubt he will change anything. Ducks get the better and younger prospect.

  23. MantaRay says:


    Its okay to say you don’t know enough to make an opinion instead of just spouting nonsense for the sake of wanting to sound important.

    Devils have the best team of defensemen in the NHL, its hard even for a veteran to break into this teams rotation.

    Commodore is going to be a great stay at home defensemen. The Devils encouraged Commodore to play aggressive which leads to PIMs. This is part of the territory for defensemen; anyone who knows anything about hockey SHOULD know this.

    On a sidenote: Ask Malahkov how influential Fetisov was to gettting his head on straight. He turned his game around…and made him a rich player.

  24. titans says:

    I got news for ya Manta Tverdovsky already is a premier defenceman in the NHL and might be the Devils best D-man now!!!

    The trade was a stroke of genius by the Devils!

  25. MantaRay says:

    I realize he is good Titan, but I don’t view him as a premiere D-man just yet. That has more to do with playing on a weak team.

    Because of Kariya’s contract, Tverdovsky didn’t have much to work with in Anahiem and he should really blossom on the NJ Blueline.

    But, he is going to have to fit into a new system and then expand his responsiblities.

    The Devils won’t rush him or put too much pressure on him. In Anahiem he was everything and I think that took it toll on his offensive talents.

    By mid-season he should really take-off, especially if Larry Robinson stays on to handle the defense. He made Stevens into a Conn Smyth player, developed Rafalski and helped Niedermayer find a complete game.

    He could make Tverdovsky THE best in the NHL. But right now, I am just happy he makes us better.

  26. bubbakazoo says:

    I think Sykora will be the right winger for Rucchin, and he will play with Kariya on the powerplay. Oates-Kariya and Sykora-Rucchin

  27. mikster says:

    Even Lou Lamoriello said Commodore just didn’t cut it, he didn’t become the type of defenseman he was supposed to be. We’ll see how well he does on the Ducks…..then you can make judgements. My opinion is that he isn’t that good, probably a 6th defenseman. You’re making a big deal out of an opinion?

  28. MantaRay says:

    No, just an uninformed opinion.

    He will do well in Anaheim with a chance to play, the same as Willie Mitchell, Sheldon Souray, and Jason Smith when they got thier chance to play.

  29. TC_4 says:

    I don’t buy your comment about Ahonen not winning the backup role. The Devils don’t have to rush this kid in. It is a lot smarter for them to have him play in Albany so he’ll get the action he needs to get better.

  30. TC_4 says:

    The way I see it, Lou did this trade to sure up his second line. Now you can put Friesen, Gomez, and Gionta together, and if Gionta fails, they now have Balmochnykh who has great offensive potenital that he has yet to live up to. I don’t understand why the Devils would want Tverdovsky, but he will probably flourish under Pat Burns. Burns is probably the most offensive minded coach the Devils have ever had(either him or big bird)! So what they will probably do is let Tverdovsky loose. He will be able to rush the puck whenever he feels, because he has such a strong team backing him on the ice. I still think they need to address the third line now that Holik is gone, but the rest of the team looks VERY strong!

  31. NJD4Life says:

    Oh man this is weird Jersey is going to look so different next year with no A-line, one of the top 3 lines in the NHL..

    I think the Dev’s won this trade but either way you look at it, both teams faired well.

    Gionta and Berglund are going to have to be very influential players next year.

    Lou”s a crazy ass. But I hope he’s doing the right thing. They should get rid of Albelin and Danyko know, there to old.. reitrement boys.

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