Take It For What It's Worth…

Everybody is going nuts with rumors at this time of year…especially when you work in a “Sport” bar in Montreal. Tonight was really quiet night, so I had the chance to talk a lot with one of our customers…

Here’s what he had to say…But before, let me tell you who this guy is.

He works for “TEAM 990 AM”, here in Montreal. Don’t know if he still does it, but he used to host a show there, taking phone calls and talking about different things related to NHL Hockey. What makes him a reliable source ? Well, it’s always hard to say what is true, and what’s not, but here’s a couple of things he told me:

– Weeks before it happened, he told me Gainey was going to be named Montreal’s GM.

– He also told me Gonchar was going to Boston, when everybody else was sending him to Toronto…even said Morrisonn would be a part of the deal.

– Told me two or three days before that Ottawa would get their hands on either Bondra or Zubrus (I had to pay him a beer tonight for that one…)

However, he also told me Colorado would acquire Jagr when New York got him, and said that Minnesota would deal Gaborik somewhere else when they had some problem signing him.

So I guess, it makes him a 50% reliable source, but it’s pretty much what a “Trade Rumor” is all about, don’t you think…

So here’s a couple of things I still have in mind: As we spent a lot of time talking about the Habs, let’s start with them…keep in mind, this is what he said, and it doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen…just thought I’d share that with you…

Montreal Canadiens

Gainey was trying to get Lang, before he was dealt to Detroit. Apparently, Gainey offered the same deal he offered to Suther for Alexei Kovalev. Washington however was asking for Alex Perezhoggin and a 1st Rond Pick, which Gainey refused.

My Take: This could be true. I know Gainey was trying to get a tough right-handed center, and Lang at 6’2, 216 pds fits this description perfectly…

He also told me Montreal, prior to Kovalev trade, knocked on a few doors. Some names I still have in mind were Buffalo Taylor Pyatt and Jay McKee, Columbus Geoff Sanderson, Minnesota Andrew Brunette, and Washington Jeff Halpern, Anson Carter and Mike Grier.

My Take: I can see the Habs going after Pyatt and McKee, since one of them is pretty young, plays left-wing (which we lack) and the other is a solid left-handed defenceman, which Gainey said he was looking for at some point. Sanderson, Halpern, Carter and Grier, I’m not sure about…but I also think Brunette could have been in Montreal’s plan at some point.

Here’s an interesting one, but pretty long to explain, so follow me. He told me that Montreal was very close to a deal with Carolina, that was set to happen right after their last game. As reported, Montreal were tempted by O’Neill and Hill. The first reason why it didn’t happen is because Hill didn’t, at that time, say that he’ll waive his no-trade clause. The second reason why it didn’t happen is because Rutherford suddenly changed his mind on the offer, and decided to reject it.

The initially approved offer was, as reported, Richard Zednik, and a fourth round pick for Jeff O’Neill and Sean Hill. Rutherford decided that if he was going to move O’Neill to Montreal, young right-winger Michael Ryder had to be a part of the deal. The trade was cancelled then…

But !!!

Montreal apparently is still talking daily with Carolina…and he told me that’s the reason why Montreal went in New York to get Kovalev. He said Kovalev was brought to Montreal to fill the hole in case Montreal traded Ryder to Carolina. The reason why the trade didn’t take place right after is because Gainey wanted to see how Kovalev would look on the ice before. Unfortunately, he got injured after seven minutes of play, and that might cancel the plan if the injury is serious. Apparently, the offer Montreal was going to make to Carolina was:

Michael Ryder along with either Hossa, Higgins or Hainsey, and a 2005 2nd Draft Pick in exchange of Jeff O’Neill, Erik Cole and Sean Hill.

My Take: I would prefer the Canadiens to get their hands on Hedican, but having Cole and O’Neill on our team would be just terrific. I would hate to see Ryder go tough, as I truely believe he’s going to be a good top-6 foward in any team soon.

The other team Montreal is currently talking with is the Washington Capitals, trying to get their hands on Brendan Witt (if the Carolina deal doesn’t work). Grier is also interesting for Montreal, but the price is too high for Gainey.

If I belive him, Carolina and Washington are the only two teams Gainey is really talking with, so any other rumor concerning them aren’t true.

Other Notes

Here’s a couple of trade he told me were discussed currently…keep in mind he’s saying that, not me, and he may be right, he may be wrong…but again, I guess that’s what a rumor is all about…

San Jose would be interested by Pittsburgh Aleksey Morozov, but are just talking right now. They might make an offer in the next couple of hours with Marco Sturm injury.

New York are still looking to get rid of some big salary players, and if all he said is true, look for Jagr in Colorado, Rucinsky in Vancouver and Poti in Dallas.

Cassels to Calgary and Gratton to Colorado is some other trade he told me were currently discussed.

Still in the “Rumored Trade” section, he told me Ottawa knocked on St-Louis door regarding Keith Tkachuk. I’m having hard time believing this one, but I tought I might as well include it…

Now, let’s move on to three of the most interesting players available out there; Miroslav Satan, Brendan Witt and Shawn McEachern.

Miroslav Satan: Buffalo received two concret offer so far. The one reported a couple of hours ago from the New York Isles, and the other from New Jersey, which he said was:

Brian Gionta and a high ranked prospect (which again, I can’t remember the name) for Miroslav Satan.

There’s other team interested in Satan, but only the Isles and Devils made a concret offer so far…

Brendan Witt is the most asked player in the league right now. He told me that Toronto is the frontrunner right now, offering Stajan or Steen with another prospect and/or one or two low draft picks, but a lot of team are about to make concrete offers. Washington is waiting at the last minute to get the maximum value for him.

Finally, Shawn McEachern is definately going to Boston, and injured defenceman Jonathan Girard could be in the deal. If not, usual combination of prospects and draft picks could be the solution. The only team that could ruin Boston chances to get McEachern would be the New York Isles, but they’re currently waiting to see what’s gonna happen with Satan.

Well that’s it. Like I told you, the guy is well informed about what’s going on, but sometimes, his “sources” aren’t that efficient, so do like the title says, and take it for what it’s worth…

47 Responses to Take It For What It's Worth…

  1. Kashin says:


    they might have offereed Parise for Satan, however they arent as strong players as the islanders are. I doubt they offered Gianta since he is a key player and they wont break anything that isnt essential.

    The thing with Brenden Witt is the guy who is wanted more then he should be. For a guy with 11 points and a -16 maybe the team who will get him might overpay for him.

    Pittburgh might get Morozav and tarnstrom for a first rounder. San Jose cant just have Stuart and Mcclaren who is injured

  2. Komic-J says:

    Thanx Lint for posting it…I sent a couple of quoted rumors yesterday, and two of them weren’t posted, even if sources were quoted, so I thought this one had no chance to go through…but it did, so thanks…and I really hope the guy is right, cause I know “I” will suffer if he’s not…

    Anyways, so as a Habs fan living in Montreal, what do you guys think about that Kovalev/O’Neill/Ryder thing…it’s kinda too big for me to believe, but I would do it right away if Kovalev injury isn’t serious…

    What do you guys think ?

  3. Lint07 says:

    No problem at all. When I was still a relatively new member here, Trademan & Mikster had the guts to post my ”Breaking News” story about Patrick Roy not going to the olympics even though I had no source and no website or tv shows anywhere were reporting it. 3 days later, the news was everywhere…

    Your article/rumors made alot of sense and living in Quebec myself, I heard about some of those rumors.

  4. Beckfan5 says:

    How are the Islanders strong players for Satan. They were supposed to get him for three straight years now and hes still in Buffalo. And as for what Michelletti (sp) said on the game last night, Dinkelburry told his team that hes probably not going to make any deals.

    If thats the case you can kiss the 8th spot goodbye.

  5. greatlife15 says:

    good post komic, except i don’t like t.o. giving up steen or stajan for witt. those r our best prospects! No offense to u Komic.

  6. NYR-Rangers says:

    Jagr is not going to Colarado, the Rangers will not let him go and even if he did go, he won’t do good in Colorado because Colorado will sitck him on the 3rd line with Kariya and Sellane ( don’t mind my spelling)

  7. NYR-Rangers says:

    Is that guy Psycic you were talking to?

  8. Beckfan5 says:

    Why not let Jagr go? They have no use for him because their not making the playoffs next year and most likley the year after that as well. Trade him and get some more pics and/or young guys. There is absolutly no need for him to play here anymore.

    And whats wrong w/ a Jagr/Selanne/Karyia line?

  9. MAniac29 says:

    Tarnstrom AND morozov are worth much more than just a single first rounder. Look at what leetch and gonchar went for. Tarnstrom is in a tier below, but he is still an extremely good offensive dman, who is currently leading the league in powerplay goals for dmen, and he’s on th epens..

  10. BayStBully says:

    Well for one thing, they’re all wingers…

  11. seinfeld says:

    If toronto traded Steen or Stajan ++ for Witt, i’d cry. I don’t even like Witt personally, and he is defenitely not worth that. If the leafs wanna avoid another decade like the 80’s, they better keep their youth now, and give themselves a chance to have a chance at the cup every year, except 1 year out of 5.

  12. Killa_Bs says:

    I also think McEachern would be a perfect fit for Boston. He is from the area, has played for the team before and is experienced. In addition he has a great character, speed and is no stranger to scoring goals.

    However, I don’t think Girard would be included in such a trade. He is just getting back from an injury that could have cost him a career. I think Atlanta has had enough of those. I also think Girard would be a little too much. I say we send a couple of draft picks or someone like Zdenek Kutlak. Kutlak is still young but I don’t see him becoming a regular in Boston. There are just too much talent at D right now. Mark Stuart is soon a regular, Milan Jurcina is the same kind of D that Kutlak could be but I think the B’s will wait for him.

    So with McEachern on the team I think the Bruins would be more prepared for the playoffs, both talent- and depth-wise.

  13. sportside24 says:

    Anybody hear anything about Jagr to the leafs? I heard the leafs aren’t going to hold back this year about adding salary, the owners are willing to take on the salary, so Jagr would make sense, or O’neil, they will get somebody, this is about as close as they are going to get to the cup, so there going for it..

  14. natural says:

    Jagr to the Leafs, yeah, right. The only thing the Leafs are going after now is a top 4 defenceman like Hill or Witt, and perhaps Kolzig.

  15. nhl_trade_007 says:

    komick meant that apparently colarado was the front runner for him when he was still a capital but then he went to new york!!!

  16. Beckfan5 says:

    I knew someone was going to bring that up. You dont think Karyia could play center? Or even Jagr?

  17. Bishop7979 says:


    He got it in exchange for deffering 1 million dollars a year for the remaining life of his contract.

    Jagr has wanted to be in new york since he left pittsburgh, he’s not going to leave after only a couple weeks

  18. wingerxx says:

    Well…you need a center on that line for starters. And all three of those guys need to be playing with guys that have a defensive conscience/and can go into the corners and play against the heavy traffic. It’s one reason why the Kariya/Sakic/Selanne combo wasn’t all it was hyped up to be. Selanne usually plays on the third line in Colorado right now. If Colorado got Jagr, Selanne would be a full time third liner, which would not make him happy.

  19. Scott24 says:

    Jagr has also said that he loves in New York even though they won’t make the playoffs. He will not waive his no trade clause for any team.

  20. wingerxx says:

    Agreed. Even with a salary dump going on in New York, it makes very little sense to trade him. The return just wouldn’t be worth it. Plus, it would totally decimate their right wing depth.

  21. Viller says:

    montreal trading Ryder is the most idiotic shit I heard in about 6months…

  22. wingerxx says:

    Plus, they already have Mogilny, Nolan, Tucker, Domi, etc. playing on the right….With Jagr in there, thats way too crowded.

  23. HabsNick says:

    If Gainey could’ve gotten his hands on *both* Cole and O’neill, then sending Ryder along with another prospect to Carolina would still be a good move.

    I don’t think the Habs want to part with Higgins though since he could make it in a regular spot as soon as next year. It really all depends on if the Habs try to re-sign Kovalev in the offseason (it all depends on if he starts fitting well with the team and is willing to accept a pay cut) and if Dagenais can step it up more. Because when Dagenais doesn’t score goals, well he’s not worth much. He doesn’t use his size efficiently, he’s a very mediocre skater and he’s not too good in his own end. The only thing that lets him have his regular spot is that he has a killer shot, plays well with Ribeiro and they *hope* he’ll start using his size.

    It’s too bad that Kovalev got injured so soon, thankfully it doesn’t seem too bad. He really needs a few practices with the team to get in the system though, he really looked lost on some moments there.

  24. PurpleHelmet says:


    My mailman let out a loud fart the other day and it sounded like his fart said ” Pronger to Toronto” it must be true.

    I was also visited by the ghost of Napoleon the other night and he told me that Jagr is going to Philly. Must be true again.

    My dog pissed in the snow the other day and it said Sakic to Detroit. Must be true.

    My alphabet soup spelled out Hill to Montreal. Man that must be true.

  25. coderaspberry says:

    “Michael Ryder along with either Hossa, Higgins or Hainsey, and a 2005 2nd Draft Pick in exchange of Jeff O’Neill, Erik Cole and Sean Hill.”

    I STRONGLY doubt that Carolina would allow Montreal to up and, basically, rip them off like that.

    Ryder’s good, and he’s worth O’Neill, I think. But how in the world are one of those prospects and a 2nd rounder worth Erik Cole AND Sean Hill? Maybe one of the two, but not both, and even then, I’m dubious.

    Marcel Hossa will never be what his brother is. Hainsey is solid, and I haven’t seen Higgins enough to comment. Erik Cole is still maturing, and can be downright scary sometimes. Good hands, huge body – Carolina would be nuts to trade him. Sean Hill, while overrated in the big arms race, imo, is still a quality d-man, and Carolina KNOWS they can get good returns for him.

    If this happens, I will seriously wonder if Gainey has mind control powers.

    Also, I want Witt in Toronto, but not for that much. How about Kaberle going? It’s a rumor I’m trying to start, based on the fact that I’m tired of Kaberle :).

  26. KUBLI-KAHN says:

    anyone hear about Gretzky going to Toronto? heard that JFJ was working out the contract………..then I took a crap and looking at the pile of dung the face of pat quinn appeared to me and said ” keep it a secret but we are going to make a play for Forsberg”……and he also told me ” we are trying to move the franchise to Portland, there are too many damn arabs in Canada”

    -these must be true as well

  27. KUBLI-KAHN says:


    you talking about Terrell Owens?

  28. wheresthesoda says:

    in newsday today(sunday) there was a small article about jagr saying he would love to spend the rest of his career in new york.

    he wont get traded.

  29. PurpleHelmet says:


  30. kingbobert says:

    If montreal trades away Ryder, thats it I’ve had enough.

    But it wont happen..trade away you #2 scorer????

    who by the way is a rookie???

    I still believve gainey grabbed kovalev as trade bait…Hill isnt comming to montreal…we dont need to get older and hill pretty much plays like souray and one D like that per team is enough…

    if we do get a D it’s gonna be gauthier for pereault…

    Gainey will probably use kovalev to get one or 2 big names from a playoff cotender (Edmonton, LA buffalo…but most likely from the west)

  31. gr8haluschak says:

    Ha Ha Ha, now that was funny, especially the Pronger one.

  32. greatlife15 says:

    t.o. is toronto

  33. Beckfan5 says:

    The return wouldnt be worth it? They gave up Anson Carter for him. You dont think they couldnt get a top prospect or a first rounder for him. Id take that over Carter any day.

  34. HabsFan2004 says:

    I got the feeling that Kovalev might be used as bait for someone else. Him buggering up his shoulder doesn’t help though!! The Carolina deal sounds awful….Ryder will be up for the Calder Trophy this season – Higgins I’m not so worried about, but Hainsey is going to be a top 6 someday! I don’t know who the Habs can really go for now, but they do need some defense and a big forward….Maybe bouncing Kovalev to another team packaged with a prospect might nab them a couple good players?

  35. thomas2984 says:

    not that i think this would happen – but i’m sure that they would be able to make room for him on the rigth side…nolan, tucker, domi?…gimme a break…jagr skates circles around all those guys…

  36. Montrealsdogg says:

    personally, i would never trade Ryder even for O’Neill… O’neill is subject to hot streaks, but also to many cold streaks, if he doesn’t/wouldn’t mesh with the rest of the team, it becomes a steep price since Ryder is amongst the leading candidates for the rookie of the year candidate, and his popularity in Montreal is growing.

    the only prominent things Montral would be in need right now is a gritty forward (i.e. someone who isn’t afraid to park his kiester in front of the net a la Andreychuk (not saying they should get him, horrible skater, and old) ) and a steady reliable D-man, maybe Witt could fit in there, but i would LOVE to see Berard…

    here’s the reason why this is the second time i mention Berard:

    Montreal’s PP is not amongst the best in the league, but having Souray on one unit and Berard on the other would give the Habs two strong point shooters which aren’t total defensive liabilities to the club. Now, the question remains, who would Montreal trade for Berard? maybe Hossa and a late round pick… with Sullivan going for 2 draft picks and Zhamnov going for not too much either, i don’t see Berard being too expensive… this isn’t a rumor that i’m making outta my ass, nor something i heard, just something that could possibly happen…

  37. Montrealsdogg says:

    even if Kariya would go center (which would not suit his style of play) why would Colorado dish out any kind of money towards Jagr when they have already millions locked up in other players? That’s all i’m gonna say about that

  38. Montrealsdogg says:

    naw, Toronto would love to have him, but they’d have to give either 1 or 2 top prospects or at least a good roster player… would JFJ be dumb enough to ruin the psyche of the team by first ripping them of a roster player, then have everyone try to adjust to Jagr’s primadonna style? don’t think so

  39. Komic-J says:

    I know, Jagr being sent to Colorado is pretty big, and could end-up being only a rumor…

    But here’s why I think it COULD BE true…

    – Lacroix is used to make some pretty surprising deal, especially close to the trade deadline…

    – Kariya (and Selanne as well if I’m not mistaken) are both signed for a year only, which means they maybe gone next year (if there’s a hockey season that is)

    – Ottawa is currently playing with three offensive lines, playing guys like Spezza and Havlat on their thris line. Why would Colorado do different ? Having a first line with Tanguay – Sakic – Hejduk, second line with Konowalchuk – Forsberg – Jagr and third line with Kariya – Nikolishyn – Selanne ?

    I still think is pretty unlikely to happen, but with Lacroix, you never know…

  40. Komic-J says:

    Good for you…

    But you know what, those can be seen as “Trade Rumors” as well…


    Do you even know what rumors mean ?!? It can be seen as legends, or fairy tales…something to talk about, that is uncertain…maybe those deal were just discussed at one point…and to make it constructive, I’ll show you an example…

    Pronger to Toronto: Would be a terrific addition to Toronto line-up, but St-Louis won’t deal him away. If they are selling their star player, they’re going to rebuid the team around him…

    Jagr to Philadelphia: The Flyers are currently shopping for defenceman, and I don’t think they can afford Jagr right now. This is, again, seen as the last playoff run for the Flyers. If they don’t win it, look for them to be like the next New York Rangers…

    Sakic to Detroit: I have no problem thinking that Detroit would love to get their hands on Sakic, like any other team would. But if he ever gets traded, do you think Lacroix would be dumb enough to trade him to Detroit…I don’t think so…

    Hill to Montreal: Already made an offer for him, and Montreal may still be looking for a left defenceman. That could be true, but a lot of team are still talking about him…

    Now that would be a discussion…your mailman/ghost/dog/soup story isn’t helping at all, and shows that you have absolutely no concrete opinions/thoughts to share about this article…

    But hey, you still made my day with all these funny lines…so take care !!!

  41. Komic-J says:

    As I said, this is “apparently” the trade Gainey was going to offer Carolina, if Kovalev didn’t get injured AND if Kovalev was playing well in Montreal’s roadtrip. But it doesn’t mean Rutherford would’ve accepted it. Apparently, Gainey’s feeling that if Ryder has to be a part of the O’Neill deal, Cole has to be a part of theirs…

    Now is it a rip-off ? Depends how you see it. The best thing for Carolina, if a trade like that happen, would be to take Higgins, who almost made Montreal’s team this year. Hockey Future ranks him thris I think, behin Kastsitsyn and Perezhoggin, but I really think he’s the #1 prospect here in Montreal. Rutherford officially said he was looking for young players for O’Neill, and a deal like that would give him two top-notch young player, and an interesting draft pick. Hill is purely rental, and will surely sign back with Carolina after the season…so see this deal more like Ryder, Higgins and a 2nd Round Pick for O’Neill and Cole…it isn’t that bad I think…

  42. Komic-J says:

    As much as I would like it, I doubt Calgary would trade Gauthier for Perreault. If they do it, well I’ll welcome Gauthier with open arms !!!

    I can see Kovalev being acquired by Montreal as a trade bait as well, but I doubt they’ll trade him to Edmonton…Buffalo was reported to be pretty high on him a few days before the trade, but are they still interested ? Who knows…we’ll see…

  43. Habfanforever says:

    I agree. Carolina will not let the Habs rip them off like that. And also in the long run, Habs might rip themselves off in this deal. Sounds like an awful trade for both sides.

  44. Bruins4771 says:

    I tihkn you are right Girard is going no where…the B’s love this kid…and sadly he is a gamble for any team to take at this point….hope he gets better though

  45. AxisofEvil says:

    Zach Parise would be a great part of a deal for Satan from the Devils….

    Brian gionta is also well respected in the western New york area becuase he grew up and hour from Buffalo, but he’s a real small speedy guy on a team already filled with small speedy forwards

  46. Byzz33 says:

    It’s kinda too big for me too. Now that O’Neill is gone for the season anyway, I can see Cole coming but who would trade a young gritty winger like him now? Carolina will make trades for sure but they will throw away veterans only for my opinion. And I’ve never seen a team trading away their Calder candidate.

    If Montreal moves again, it will be a 4th line big guy, or Barnaby.

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