Take on the Caps #1 overall pick, Minor Trade

Is George McPhee the right person for the Caps?

NHL.com and TSN both are reporting that he doesn’t know if he wants to draft Ovechkin!

He is considering going with Evgeni Malkin if their talks go great, or even dealing the pick.

“It would be an absolute bombshell if they didn’t select Ovechkin,” says ISS.

NOW, if you are George, you MUST pick Ovechkin with this pick. From there you either deal him, or keep him. Dealing him after you pick him means that the NHL will allow some cash to be involved in the deal. And if the Rangers or Flyers offer a package like Lindros’, you take it.

If George doesn’t take Ovechkin, HE MUST BE fired!

Possible deals I could see happenning are the Rangers giving up the 6th overall, cash, and a great prospect like Lundmark, Balej, or the other 1st rounder, plus a couple of seconds.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Columbus trade up their either. Ovechkin, Zherdev, and Nash would be a great line!


Also the BJ’s aquire Arturs Irbe for future considerations. With Denis their #1, and Freddy B #2, he will be in the minors, unless injuries occur.

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