Take Over Your Team

Everyone has there own opinion on there Favorite team, What do you feel needs to be done in order to complete your team for the start of next season.

Your the GM and Coach…. What are your lines and realistic moves to bring your team to the next leave?Whether it’s the goalie situation, The need of a power forward or speedy winger, the lack of center-men, or even the upgrade on Defense. Everyone has there own ideas on what there favorite team should do.

Take over your team for the day….

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  1. garry1221 says:

    i see your point chaos…. also just read somethin on zetterberg…. shows him as a c/lw… not rw other possible lines

    shanny – feds – drapes

    zetterberg – dats – hull

    malts – avery – mac

    dev./robi – igor/willams – homer

    …..williams has shown skill to be a good centerman but with our depth will be relagated to 3rd or 4th line if injury should occur

    ….. much as i’d like to see robitaille stay here if i could get a young winger or d or high pick i’d trade for it…..

  2. garry1221 says:

    the depth of dallas’ d… hmmm….. granted they’ve got a strong core, but if u can’t think of any may i make a few suggestions: Red Wings, being completely unbias here, we have the best defensive core that i can see, old mixed with young, and all have talent, …. granted some still have much to learn, but that’s what the next two years will be for

    next may i suggest the avs, granted their d core always looks shaky, but they grab the right players to fit and become pretty solid

    ….as far as turco goes…. how can you be absolutely positive that tugnutt won’t have a super camp and come out as the starter…. quite frankly that’s what i feel the trade was for….. so if turco goes under or if the confidence in him isn’t as highly touted as it was

  3. Overtime says:

    Great stuff!! How true.

    Isn’t it amazing how many poor souls actually believe in Bobby Clarke and the Flyers? We have many of those slow learners who are regulars at his web site. They ride on the short bus.

  4. Overtime says:

    Good Post. I’m not sure what you can get for Robitaille in a trade. Probably not much. He did score 30, mostly on the pp – not bad, but he tanked in the playoffs.

    What I find amazing is that Zetterberg had his number retired by his junior team in Sweden and he’s being compared to Forsberg. WOW. Got to find a spot for that guy, right.

    I agree too about the defense. I like the Suter idea. Put Suter with Cheli and Fischer with Lidstrom. Let Dandenault work with Max or Wallin. Slegr has a history of injuries and coughing up the puck. I think he’d be worth keeping just for depth. Duchesne? What the hell did that goof do? Didn’t he have an option for $1.6 million that he didn’t exercise, and now no one wants him? I know hockey players are often not the sharpest knives in the drawer, but that’s just unbelievable. But hey, he makes up for sheer stupidity with lots of heart and a great sense of humor.

    Williams always impresses me. This guy is going to be excellent. What’s interesting is if you remove Yzerman, Hull, Robitaille and Larionov – the 4 oldest forwards all Hall of Famers- and replace them with Zetterberg, Williams, Hudler, Avery and Grigorenko, things aren’t all that bad. Those are big shoes to fill, but Detroit’s prospects are not exactly chopped liver. And there’s the FA market to get a player or 2.

    Stefan Liv will replace Cujo.

    Chelios will be harder to replace. Norris trophy D-men are very hard to find. I want to find out more about Danny Groulx – the defenseman Detroit signed recently. He had awesome stats. He’s 6’1″ 205 with 57-209-266 with 460 penalty minutes in 206 games. I want to see this guy.

  5. Overtime says:

    Right on!! Zetterberg had his number retired by his junior team. He’s being compared to Forsberg!! And we’re going to trade him for injury-prone McClaren??? I don’t think so. Maybe McClaren, Samsonov, and Gill for Z.

  6. PensRuleAll says:

    Also, the only way Daigle makes the PENS roster is if he has a good enough camp to play on one of the top two lines. He will not be signed to play on the 3rd or 4th lines.

  7. garry1221 says:

    not so sure bout this liv replacing cujo… once the hall of famers retire and the youth movement comes into play here, legace will be our number 1 goalie, hard to say bout our young d men, cept for wallin, and kuznetsov i don’t know much bout our prospects there… but in datsyuk, devareaux, avery, williams, zetterberg, and whoever else i just can’t think of now we have a strong team

  8. bones says:

    garr, your comments are totally bias. You’re a Wings fan touting the Wings. It doesn’t get any more bias than that.

    From what you are saying about Detroit’s D, the same can be said for Dallas. Old mixed with young and all have talent. But frankly, to say Colorado and Detroit have a better D than Dallas is ludicrous. Let me just spell out the two defences you speak of.



    There’s your defences. Take them off your teams and you won’t even place 10th and 11th in the conference.

    Oh, and as far as the Turco,Tugnutt thing, they both know it’s up for grabs who starts this season. But I think Turco does pretty well against Detroit don’t ya think?

    Enjoy that cup while you got it up there garr, cuz we’re gonna take it away from you and stick it up your ass till it go click. That creep can roll man!!!

  9. bones says:

    This year Joseph is your D. Definatley NO Hasek or Roy. And without “Bosley” on the bench, you’re team is toast.

  10. bones says:

    you guys are screwed on d no matter what you do. And the balls of this team???? If it’s not the injuries that kill the wings, it’s gonna be heart attacks. A lot of teams licking their chops this year. Once that cup is gone fellas, it’s not gonna be back for a long, long time. Enjoy it while you got it.

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