Talks Between Wild And Gaborik Get Ugly

Brad Richards’ new contract with Tampa Bay may

prove to be disastorous for the hopes of keeping

star winger, Marian Gaborik in Minnesota.

The Wild used to compare Richards to Gaborik and

after Richards recieved a 5-year/39 million dollar deal, Gaborik wants around the same amount of money.

Here is a quote from Marian Gaborik’s agent, Ron Salcer, Gaborik’s agent, said the Wild “can’t just use comparisons when it’s convenient.” “Winning a Cup is a function of an organization and what they’re able to assemble as far as a team,” Salcer told the Star-Tribune. “Marian is a great player.He’s only one man. It’s up to an organization to build a team.”

The two sides have not spoken since Marian Gaborik reportedly rejected a 5-year/26.5 million

dollar deal.

“Things can work out,” Salcer said. “We’re not saying they can’t. But the Wild seem to always play hardball and draw a line in the sand. I’m not sure that’s always the best way to do things.”

Gaborik is eligible for arbitration this summer and could become an unrestricted free agent on July 1, 2007.

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  1. Marky2Fresh says:

    What about when they finished out of the play offs for 8 years?

  2. Genejoke says:

    Get a new joke. Boy, haven’t heard that one before. Maybe the Sens should get Gaborik so he can choke in the playoffs. Maybe he should sign with Montreal so he can perfect the art of diving. I mean really, grow up. The Leafs weren’t mentioned anywhere in the article so for you to rehash the same bad joke is ridiculous. You’re worse than Leafs fans.

  3. bleedingblu says:

    Gaborik would look great playing with Montreal. Maybe with Bonk and Kovalev after their stellar seasons this year. Bonks 6 goals and Kovalev’s 23 goals. Poor Kovalev….. scoring 44 goals one year with Pittsburgh and now …. almost half. Alex go to team with more talent!

  4. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    since when is being canadian being a euro.

  5. toronto77 says:

    An NHL team with quite a few European players.

  6. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Ha! Good one.

    Actually, I don’t really think calling 24 a frog is racist, is it? Isn’t racism based on race? I wouldn’t know what his/her/its race is, so how can I be racist?

    I believe culturally prejudice would be more appropriate, although that’s not nearly as sexy as racist or sexist.

  7. Stuv_Dogg says:

    i think so two petit cheri.

    My comment was more like irony, or how do you say in Montreal, la irony?

    That’s me being a racist again.

  8. 92-93 says:

    sure – a guy like Nathan Dempsey – to me is better, younger than Richardson.

    i dont see why the leafs should waste their money on him – and i dont like the whole experience argument either.

    with Pilar returning – and he is healthy according to all reports – why not take your chances and try for a guy like McKee or even Baumgartner and if it doesnt work – end up with Dempsey. i’d much rather have those guys than Richardson.

  9. nyrhockey094 says:

    If you want to talk about euro’s… Then New York Rangers?





    That as a offense would do a hell of alot better then last years.

  10. dre2k5 says:

    just my opinion, but during the offseason I think the Ducks may look to add an offensive minded winger. If the cap situation makes sense, which I have no idea about, Gaborik in socal looks like a good fit to me. The core of that team is strong and even if they get swept by the Oilers, I think they are potentially a “one piece away” team

  11. Radio says:

    As I said in the “New NHL” topic. Pretty soon there won’t be enough total league cap space to afford elite players = cap changed or league meltdown.

  12. Radio says:

    Tampa also overpaid on St.Louis. They are really digging themselves a deeper hole. Maybe they can deal Martin.

  13. Radio says:

    “Last I checked, there was still a cap… and we have not seen Holik signed for 9 million or Lapointe for 5 million.”

    The point is that then, someone was willing to pay that much for small talent, wheras now, owners are not allowed to really outbid each other. Huge pay increases over a league average happens all the time in the MLB. Money follows money. But success doesn’t always follow money, so the the whole justification of the cap for that reason is B.S.

    You’d think that the example of the Rangers being the worst team in the league (prior to this season), and yet having the biggest payroll, would have made the NHL realize that there are still consequences for Holikish financial decisions in a non-capped market.

    There were two other reason for the cap.

    One was the fear that smaller market teams with owners who aren’t willing to dish out as much money as TO or New York — would not be able to compete, or would go bankrupt. But as you can see from contrasting this year’s Buffalo squad, to say, previous years Ranger squad, this is simply not true.

    And even if teams go bankrupt….so what?

    Businesses go bankrupt all the time. We don’t shift our entire economic system to socialism too accomodate this…

    Finally, the last reason there was a cap instituted was because owners supposedly were finding it difficult to make a profit.

    First off, no one gets rich from a sports team to begin with. Maybe they make a profit, but in order to get the money to buy and finance the team at the begining, it had to have come from somewhere else, ie.: the owners other business’.

    A sports team is not a vending machine. It’s a very expensive Ferrari. The goal is to enjoy the ride, not to rent out the Ferrari so you can make insurance payments on it.

    If you are an owner, your approach to the game should be: I am ridiculously rich and I love the sport, thus to entertain me, I will pay for the team. Profit is a non-issue. For the not so rich: It’s like buying yourself a home theatre system, you dont expect to rent out your living room to neighbors to watch movies in your house, what you gain from it is the experience it provides.

    Ticket and merchandise sales can help subsidize things on a sports franchise. And hey! You might also make a buck or too. But to see a sports team as a business first, before seeing it as entertainment, is a mistake.

  14. Habs_no1_fan says:

    Thank you for the history lesson professor!

    Sorry I didn’t use the right word, I thought you’d be smart enough to understand, but I think my expectations were a little too high. After all, you’re just a leafs fan.

    But I think you still got the point after all since you said yourself that you’ve got prejudices. I’m glad that deep down inside you, you know that you don’t know anything about french-canadians, so you just like to bash on em to feel a little better about yourself… Don’t worry, I know you cry at night cause you call only speak one language, but it’s not your fault! And don’t worry, your leafs may make the playoffs before Sundin turns 70! You’ve got to believe!

  15. Habs_no1_fan says:

    First of all, if english is supposedly your first language, you should at least be able to write it correctly! It’s spelled too!!! Repeat after me T-O-O! See it wasn’t that hard! Even a leafs fan can do it!

    And the word you’re looking for isn’t irony, it’s la stupidity, but again I forgive you, you probably don’t know what that means either.

  16. Habs_no1_fan says:

    Yeah, 44 goals one year… 5 years ago!!! And playing with Lemieux, Jagr and Straka in their prime!

    After that?

    32 goals (67 games)

    37 goals (54 games)

    10 goals (24 games)

    14 goals (78 games)

    And this year, 23 goals and 65 pts in 69 games

    But do you know that he only made more then 70 pts 2 times in his career??? And more then 30 goals also 2 times?

    I hate to say it, but Kovalev is not a 100-pts scorer. He’s a little overrated because of its puck-handling skills, but that’s what you should expect from Kovalev, 70-80 pts season that’s all, and that’s what he’s doing!

  17. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Oh, buddy. Where to begin?

    First of all, I do only speak one language, and that language is English. BUT, I do speak that one language properly.

    You all French-Canadians don’t speak French properly, ask anyone who is from France and they cringe whenever they hear your version of their language. Anyone from France would rather listen to nails on a blackboard than that garble that you guys call your language.

    I don’t think I need to describe how you bastardize the English language, either. Anyone who has been to Montreal knows that you clearly resent anyone who does not speak your primary language and you ‘do your best’ to accommodate by conversing in English. Well thanks, but no thanks.

    Next, I must thank you for the deep psychoanalysis (read it slowly and you’ll understand the big English word). I do hope that the Leafs make the playoffs before Sundin turns 70, but who knows, $hit happens. Montreal made the playoffs that clearly demonstrates that sometimes the impossible can happen. But then they got destroyed by the Canes, and the Cinderella story was done. As you might say, c’est dommage!

    And just to correct you once again before I get on with my day, I don’t think correcting your use of the word racism is really a lesson in history, more a lesson in the English language (and we all know what I think of your English language skills). If I had given a review of political, cultural or racial tensions between Upper and Lower Canada you might be more accurate in using the ‘history lesson’ reference, but I did not, so once again I have to correct you, son.

    As that dancing pineapple (anana) used to say in Grade 6 French class, “Ah, zut!”.

  18. Aetherial says:

    I think, in the end, that it doesn’t matter. They are in no position to contend next year anyway. If some younger guys would benefit more from experience in the minors then put whoever on D this year.

    Seriously, look at the Sabres. If they had Kalinin, Connelly, and Numminen healthy then they are a young team who is probably the best in the league right now.

    In fact, bring back those guys healthy and they are the best team I have seen in a long long time. I can’t see the Leafs ready to compete on that level any time soon.

  19. Aetherial says:

    I really wonder about the possibility of sign and trades. Obviously this is because I wish the Lafs could do that with McCabe.

    Players seem to want no-trades now, and the decent players can probably hold out for it.

    Yes, every team can afford one player at that rate, maybe even 2, depending on the depth of their youth and how high the cap is.

    I just don’t see Gaborik as that level of player that he should be your Franchise guy.

  20. Aetherial says:

    I already think that, healthy, Buffalo is in a class by themselves.

    If Gaborik could fit in chemistry-wise, and the sabres wanted to open up the bank vault, then sure he would look great there.

    On the other hand, Buffalo has a more level salary structure and it seems to be working that way.

  21. Aetherial says:

    I was thinking about this yesterday.

    I watch the Sabres and the ‘Canes play, even Edmonton the way they have played in the playoffs… and I think any of them would have swept Tampa in their cup year.

    Unless they can unload St. Louis for a good goalie, then that team is just built wrong salary-wise.

  22. Aetherial says:

    I am not sure what your point was here but there are a lot of owners who DO want and expect to make a profit. The cap DOES prevent salary escalation among the middle or lower tier players… THAT was the purpose.

    There is still a “market”. It is just a market that allows everyone to compete on a more level ( not completely level) playing field.

    Tampa can have Richards and St. Louis at those prices… but that doesn’t mean they can buy a cup or even buy there way close to one again.

    and Gaborik is not going to bring you a cup anyway, unless you are already close.

  23. Habs_no1_fan says:

    Here we go….

    First of all, I’m living right now in Europe, Poland to be exact, for a couple of months and I happen to hang out with 10-15 french people. And none of them have ever complain about my french! Of course they notice the difference, but its the EXACT same shit with british and english-speanking north americans. In case you didn’t know, you are a british colony, so technically, you have an accent too. I don’t want to get into that stupid kind of fight about language. I’m just saying that both french-canadians and english speaking north-americans speak a language from europe which has been slightly altered with time, like it can be seen everywhere around the world.

    As for the language situation in montreal, some people are not bilingual, but they at least try to speak your language. It’s call politeness and having an open mind. We know that we live in an english country but our official language stays french and I always have a hard time understanding why so much people don’t respect that! Do you just want us to stop speaking a language our ancestors have spoken for hundreds of years just because people living close to us speak a different one? Canada has different cultures and that’s what makes it a great place to live!

    As for the Habs getting “destroyed” by the Canes…

    We lost the 4 games all by one goal… Is that really your definition of destruction??? If it is, I would like to know what you call losing 6-2 and 5-1 in your last 2 games against the Habs… Annihilation maybe??? It’s just a suggestion, maybe you’ve got a better word, I’m supposed not to know how to speak english…

    And for all this stuff about racism, my point was just saying that all this stuff you say is discrimination of culture, which is basically the same attitude then racism. And it had no link with my english language skills, because racism is the exact same word in french. I just didn’t use the right word, but you still got my point!

    But let’s stay civilized dude! Bullshitting about hockey is always fun, and it’s what this site is for, so let’s keep it about hockey!


  24. the_word says:

    I like Dempsey too, why the leafs let this guy go is beyond me, he was an awesome call up in those playoffs with a deplete leafs squad. I could see JFJ getting Dempsey just to stick it to Quinn (although common sense tells me their animosity was over hyped). But you can’t compare McKee to Richardson, McKee is a top four defenseman and Richardson is number seven, having him gives you some diversity.

  25. the_word says:

    Ever market has its fantatics, well everyone expect Toronto.

    Their approach is survive, tred water, don’t swim but don’t sink, the Blues made the playoffs for something like 28 straight seasons with this approach, but no one noticed.

  26. the_word says:

    And I used to wonder why Quebec wanted to separate.

  27. my_sphincter says:

    I am just trying to make a point.

    The point is, although Richards is getting paid too much, it is the medicre players pay scale getting out of whack that will ultimately cause problems for the league.

    I used the Leafs as an example (because I was responding to LeafsLeafsLeafs), but you really can look throughout the league and see this trend.

    Domi, whether he is good for business or not, is paid too much. If every other 15 to 20 point per year player got paid that much (and that is what the arbitrators look at), the league would fold. Richardson may have been a rental, but he is still too expensive. Belfour, with his history of back problems, should not have even played this year, let alone for that amount of $$$.

  28. Habs_no1_fan says:

    Now you know…. Only because of leafs fan… no political reasons! Just wanna be in a different country then em! (o:

  29. tacitus says:

    Gaborik is a 5 mil guy i dont see him making a big win in arbitration if he opts for that. Regardless if i had his talent i would want out of Minn as soon as possible. The best player he has had to play with was Rolston and Daigle and then they demoted Daigle. I feel bad for anybody with great talent on that team cuz they will never surround u with talent to make u better. I hate defensive minded teams go to jersey

  30. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Since when did being from Southern Ontario (2hrs west of Toronto) make me a frog?

  31. 24_cups_and_counting says:

    Your right. Leaf fans are the last people to propose stupid trade ideas or signings. A-la Trade deadline day when the Leaves were supposedly getting Tyler Arnason for Nic Antropov, and last years off season when Peter Forsberg was supposedly signing in Toronto. My bad.

  32. the_word says:

    What are the chances of you posting that again in both in both official languages? Si vous ples

  33. Aetherial says:

    The market will correct itself when teams figure out the “winning formula” to work within the cap.

    I don’t think 3 or 4 players at 6+ is the way to do it.

  34. Aetherial says:

    Neither …

    Teams that overspend will just find out that they blew it. Teams will eventually figure out how to play within the cap and if they can’t they are dead.

    Basically, they should all call the Raptors and findout how bad big contracts can KILL your team for years!

  35. 92-93 says:


    never said that the leaf fans are INCAPABLE of doing such stuff. never said that once.

    learn how to read.

    Arnason for Antropov is that unrealistic?!?! i mean, Arnason was benched for the rest of the year and Antropov is a career point-for-every-two-game guy.

    what is so unrealistic about that? are you just saying that because it was a proposed transaction that involves the leafs? becuase if that is what you are doing – you have no credibility anymore because the leafs DO MAKE TRANSACTIONS believe it or not and leaf fans should be allowed to speculate like everyone else.

    i remember that Forsberg thread, nobody said that Forsberg WAS SIGNING WITH THE LEAFS FOR SURE, it was all ‘i hope he does and he’d look good beside Sundin, etc’ kind of talk.

    why is that unacceptable?

    your useless.

  36. Habs_no1_fan says:

    hehe… Why not!!

    Now you know…. Only because of leafs fan… no political reasons! Just wanna be in a different country then em! (o:


    Maintenant tu le sais… Seulement par la faute des fans des Leafs… aucune raisons politiques! On veut juste être dans un autre pays qu’eux!

  37. habsoverserver says:

    Gaborik plays for a defensive team and has

    never had the same linemates two years in a row. Despite that, he was on pace to score 48 goals this year. He’s 24 years old and knocking on the door of scoring 50 goals per year.

    The knock against him would be that $7.8 mil should bring more leadership and he doesn’t play a great team game.

    He’s not your franchise guy. He’s they guy you reach for if you already have a franchise guy and are willing to pay up for a scorer in his prime.

    The Isles, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Washington, Columbus, Chicago, Nashville, Edmonton, Boston and Calgary would not pay up for him.

    Of the teams who would pay up, Detroit, Phila, NJ, Vancouver, Tampa, Dallas, Ottawa, Atlanta and Colorado don’t have cap room.

    That leaves the Rangers, Toronto, Montreal, Florida, St. Louis, San Jose, Anaheim, LA and Phoenix as possible destinations for Gaborik.

    I left out Carolina. I am not sure if they need to improve their team, or if they will keep Weight.

  38. Downtown says:

    Exactly. Ask them about Alexei Yash… I mean, Hakeem Olojuon.

  39. habsoverserver says:

    According to the Tampa papers, St. Louis has a no trade clause. For everyone who has him going somewhere for a goalie – it’s not happening.

  40. the_word says:

    Viva la nouvelle Canada

  41. the_word says:

    Who wants him, if he pulls this stunt ever time his contract is up, he should go play in Ireland with Owen Nolan.

  42. the_word says:

    A salary cap is socialism? Don’t use terms you don’t understand. How is it socialism when a union is locked out? The owners wanted to minimizes losses, all of them did and did so in the interest of the bottom line.

    As for your delusion of how owners act, look at Melnik, he fits your profile as guy who loves the entertainment he gets out of owning Ottawa and is involved with other businesses. He is still very conscious of what he spends. ie the Alfferdson rule.

  43. FlyersfanKyle says:

    HA! JFJ has nothing even close to the worth of Gaborik

  44. FlyersfanKyle says:

    we should go down to tampa and lay the cybosch on all of them

  45. kamullia says:

    LMAO. You forgot to ask for the flying pig and the magician too in that trade!

  46. kamullia says:

    I agree with what boneheaded contracts those two are. I have no clue what Feaster is thinking. In fact, I think he overpaid Lecavalier also.

  47. kamullia says:

    The answer is any team that needs goal scoring. That’s who needs him the most.

    Blues and Penguins are at the top of that list, but I would be shocked if Gaborik would end up in either one.

  48. mtl_prince says:

    St. Louis No-Trade Clause only goes into effect on july 1st 2006!

  49. my_sphincter says:

    Hind site is 20-20 I guess. How can you say that Tampa overpaid St.Louis? He won the Hart trophy during the last NHL season. Did he underperform this year? YES. But how can you say that the MVP of the league (which he was when he was signed) was paid too much?

    This is a really bad comment.

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