Talks Between Wild And Gaborik Get Ugly

Brad Richards’ new contract with Tampa Bay may

prove to be disastorous for the hopes of keeping

star winger, Marian Gaborik in Minnesota.

The Wild used to compare Richards to Gaborik and

after Richards recieved a 5-year/39 million dollar deal, Gaborik wants around the same amount of money.

Here is a quote from Marian Gaborik’s agent, Ron Salcer, Gaborik’s agent, said the Wild “can’t just use comparisons when it’s convenient.” “Winning a Cup is a function of an organization and what they’re able to assemble as far as a team,” Salcer told the Star-Tribune. “Marian is a great player.He’s only one man. It’s up to an organization to build a team.”

The two sides have not spoken since Marian Gaborik reportedly rejected a 5-year/26.5 million

dollar deal.

“Things can work out,” Salcer said. “We’re not saying they can’t. But the Wild seem to always play hardball and draw a line in the sand. I’m not sure that’s always the best way to do things.”

Gaborik is eligible for arbitration this summer and could become an unrestricted free agent on July 1, 2007.