Tampa Bay Is Screwed – Hooray!

This is an example of something that is wrong with the market, something that prevents competition, and, in this case, helps soothe the nerves of one bitter Calgarian Flames fan.

It has been said before, but the chances of a repeat for the bolts are slim. Here is why (glee!): They owe too many good players raises. They got sort of lucky, but now with the likes of Ruslan Fedotenko, Martin St. Louis, Cory Stillman, Kubina and Freddy Modin due for a pay raise, how the heck are they gonna manage this one?

As a flames fan, I too know the troubles of small-marketness. However, I am proud to announce that my team PLANNED for this sort of thing. Look at this, our list of players due for a raise: Kiprusoff, up from 860k and maybe iggie, but they both deserve it for carrying this team. Otherwise, our resident genious, Mr. Sutter, has to fork out marginal sums for the flesh and blood of this team – the grinders.

I never approved of Southern expansion, and while it may be important to send out our men to collect some dough from the locals, it really has hurt the game. Overexpansion is my favourite problem to hate.

So, T-Bayers, congratulations on your win. I hope/bet you contract from the league before this happens again.

Also, I think that one of the key issues that should be addressed with the new CBA is salary sharing. The only league that really enforces that kind of stuff is the NFL, and gee whiz, wouldja lookit that, parity. Bettman, figure it out or just get out.

I’m still a little bitter for some of the things that happened in that series, the unnoticed goal, some crappy calling straight through the playoffs and the nagging injuries. This is just my little bit of consolation. That said, GO FLAMES GO!