Tampa Bay starting to think trade

Tampa Bay.com is reporting that a late season fade could have huge trade ramifications for the Lightning.

It is reported that if the Lightning are not able to climb into playoff contention in the near future then the Lightning will try to trade some of their soon to be unrestricted free agent players such as Vinny Prospal, Chris Gratton and Johan Holmqvist.

The one team that has been rumoured to be heavily scouting the Lightnig of late is the Dallas Starts. While it is not mentioned in this article the Dallas/Tampa rumor that keeps arising is St. Louis for Turco.

It is also reported that some of the other big players could possibly be available. Although no specific teams are mentioned it is speculated that the Lightning may be willing to part with Lecavailer or Richards.

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  1. BruMagnus says:

    The Stars are looking at Prospal. Fact.

    The Stars will not trade Turco for St. Louis. Fact.

    The Lighning will fail to make the playoffs. Likelihood.

  2. A-Train24 says:

    Fact, is defined as "a truth known by actual experience or observation; something known to be true"

    Do you know, by actual experience or observation, that your "facts" are true?  Kinda doubt it

    That being said, I think that St Louis for Turco is a fair trade, benefitting both teams, BUT, Dallas would need to aquire another goalie, as insurance, in case Smith is not ready.

    All that being said, do I think it likely the trade will happen, no, but I am not rulling it out completely.  But it would be arrogant of anybody to rule out such a balanced, beneficial trade.

  3. sjconnick says:

    Francaise goaltender for a 1st line RWinger is not a fair trade.
    St Louis would have to score 4-5 points a game in Dallas for that trade to even out.

    Turco is the Glue of Dallas you take him out and they drop right out of the playoff picture.

  4. wingsfan13 says:

    well, i don't think prospal, gratton, or st. louis are gonna be traded. prospal is a decent streaker who completes tampa's 1st line.  it wouldn't make sense for tampa to trade either prospal or st. louis because they make up the top line.  if they're traded then what do the lightning have? Lecalvier and Richards, two first line centers and no 1st/2nd line wingers.  i think richards for turco makes the most sense considering that he's an overpaid 2nd line center capable of being a 1st line center. although that would give dallas the same situation that tampa bay has with richards the first pivot and ribeiro the 2nd. it does however make sense than st. louis or prospal.  gratton is a third line center who could become the 2nd liner, what's wrong with that?

    Tampa: Turco, 4th Rounder
    Dallas:  Richards, 2nd rounder, Homlmqvist

    sounds even to me.

    prospal, lecalvier, st. louis
    hlavac, gratton, oullet
    Darche, Craig, Ward
    McDonald, Tarnasky, Roy
    Boyle, Kuba
    Ranger, O' Brien
    Lukowich, Lundin

    Jokinen, Richards, Lehtinen
    Morrow, Ribeiro, Miettinen
    Eriksson, Modano, Hagman
    Lundqvist, Halpaern, Barsh

    Zubov, Nostrom
    Boucher, Niskanen
    Robidas, Daley


  5. Habs_pm says:

    Easy solution:

    Brad Richards & his $7.8 Million Contract need to go!

    Hes not a bad player but he needs a fresh start with another team that will give him the #1 center job.

    T-Bay can't build with that kind of salary going to one player…He needs to go to a team that has the cash to throw around:

    New York

    Richards should be step 1 in rebuilding the franchise.

  6. CanadaIsGold says:

    It’s looking like my prediction before he was dealt the first time to the Montreal Canadiens is coming alive more and more. I hope Tampa Bay continues to struggle because before you know it, Vinny Lecavalier will be coming home to lead the Habs to the promise land, just watch and see people, sources from Satellite Radio and numerous conversations within the Montreal frenzy believe Lecavalier will become a Canadien if he is asked to be traded anywhere, just watch and see, I believe and I have hope this will happen. GO HABS GO!

  7. canuckstocup says:

    As I'm sure this will come up on this post (canadaisgold has already mentioned it), but has Lecavailer ever actually said he would like to play for Montreal or if Montereal has ever been his favorite team???
    I remember before the canucks picked up Luongo there was talk on this site that Luongo would be traded back to his home team that he has always wanted to play for. After the trade he was getting interviewed here in Vancouver and they asked him who his favorite team was growing up and he said the Oilers.
    Just wondering if this dream of Levacailer going to Montreal is based on anything beyond his birth place. 

  8. CanadaIsGold says:

    His own father has told people he wants his son playing for the Habs someday because its his favourite team and Vinny use to grow up watching and wanting to play for the Habs, I'll go by my sources, you go by yours.

  9. nosnow_here says:

    Yeah!  Without Turco, who would Dallas have available to choke in the playoffs??  Turco is a joke.

  10. BruMagnus says:

    Call it arrogance, I call it confidence/knowledge.

    Unless the trade happens, I am right and that's all that matters. Fact!

  11. BruMagnus says:

    At first I was going to say that he wouldn't be a first line center on Detroit, but then I realized that he wouldn't be on ANY of those teams!

    NY – Gomez, Drury?
    Montreal – Plekanec, (Koivu) where would Richards play and then where would the above two play?
    Toronto – ONCE Sundin retires, quits, gets traded, OK, Richards could be the #1, but until then, he'd be an expensive #2 line center.

  12. FarFromFreedom says:

    i think Richards would flourish and be worth the 7mil cap hit. his linemates have a combined 28 points… he has 41… all of his points have mainly come from the PP or when he played with St.Louis for a couple weeks. I would love to see him in Toronto but i doubt it will ever happen.

  13. FarFromFreedom says:

    if Tbay is trading anyone its either Boyle,Richards,St.Louis. There not gonna trade their most productive player on the roster. even if there was a very tempting offer, the deal would be turned around and Feaster would remove Lecavlier and replace him with one of the 3 mentioned above. i just dont see Vinny going anywhere until Tbay is incapable of signing him in the distant future.

  14. wayne2 says:

    I want to comment on those who mention Lecavalier in the ''big names''
    that could be out of Tampa Bay:Richards,Prospal and St-Louis are all big names that could bring something decent back but as for Lecavalier yes he is a big name but he has one step ahead of the rest of that list,he's a
    franchise player and you dont get that many so when you got one you keep him.You can built a team around him,guys like Crosby,Ovechkin etc but not around Richards or St-Louis.
    My two cents.

  15. Kramer says:

    Lecavalier was cloned from Gretzky's DNA. That's why they look alike. Wake up to reality man.

  16. 36crazyfists says:

    hahahahahaha lecavalier was cloned from gretz's DNA…pass that stuff to the left buddy

  17. GhyBarr says:

    A huge trade with the Habs.

    Mathieu Dandeneault to Tampa
    André Roy in Montréal.

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