tampa / Dallas Trade Brewing

TBO is reporting that the Dallas Stars have been heavily scouting the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Apparently, on Tuesday both Brett Hull and Dave Taylor were in attendance at a Tampa Bay game sparking rumors that the Stars and Lightning may be working on a big trade. Although no direct names are being tossed about HTR has to wonder if the Stars are looking at one of Tampa’s top three players. It is well known that Tampa Bay is in serious need of scoring depth and it is possible that a blockbuster trade could be in the works.


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  1. BruMagnus says:

    There will be NO Turco for St. Louis BS.

    The Stars would be looking at an affordable option like Prospal.

  2. tacitus says:

    The only think i could see Dallas looking at in Tampa is Forwards. Considerig where Dallas is in the standings i wouldnt make sense to get rid of a key roster player and i dont think they have enough prospects to get a martin St louis or brad richards.

    Maybe if Dallas was gonna part with Turco and go with Smith in the pipes but i doubt they would while being 5th in their conference and will improve greatley when Boucher returns.

    Maybe Prospal would be on the move but i think as the deadline approaches this guy might fetch a lil more

  3. bernonedown says:

    I have to say that Dallas would only be looking at St. Louis and Richards. Tampa would be stupid to get rid of Lecalvier unless Turco came the other way. Prospal is a more affordable option, however if Tampa is looking for secondary scoring, then they would have to get rid of more salary. Lets just say the likely target is St. Louis. I know hes one of the big three, but Feaster would be wise to give him up for less than hes worth simply to get free from his salary. And I could actually see St. Louis giving up his NTC to play there.

     Possible Trade:

    To Tampa: Jussi Jokenin, 2nd rounder.

    To Dallas: St. Louis.

    This trade may seem like a rip-off for Tampa, but lets consider everything.
    Jussi Jokenin does have huge potential still, and if I was Dallas I would consider him almost untouchable. Jokenin would definatly in one of the top 2 lines, not to mention power play and shootout. Thats say 16-20 minutes a night on Tampa. Young player in Jokenin, and a fair bit of money left to grab a goalie and grab a few guys on free agents to fill in the 3rd and forth lines.

    I think this trade is really unlikely, but Tampa MUST clear cap space next year to be successful. Even if they take less return for the player. In todays salary cap we see it all the time, just to clear cap room.

  4. careyprice31 says:

    i dont know about that one i think thats not enough for st louis. If tampa is in need of goaltending and dallas does not want to part ways with turco a possibility can be smith and a first rounder or smith jokinen 3rd rounder

  5. tacitus says:

    I think Tampa is done trying project goalies and potential starters….Denis, Holmqvist, Burke, They havent had solid goaltending since Khabibulin left. If i am tampa im not giving up one of the big 3 unless i get a goalie of worth… And if im Dallas im not giving up Turco cuz then ill be stuck looking for a goalie for the playoffs…

  6. marcstaalscrazy says:

    not goin to lie i think thats a ridiculously one sided trade..i mean yea, jussi jokenin has great potential but st. louis. let's not forget that he's been one of the most dynamic forwards these past years after the lockout. i would say jussi jokenin and maybe a 1st nd 2nd round pick or jokenin and a goaltender or someone like joel lundqvist or one of their up and coming players who show spurts of potential..

  7. papichulo71 says:

    Tampa doesn't want Turco, they want Mike Smith.

    To Tampa: Smith, Jokinen, 2nd

    To Dallas: Richards

  8. Hockeyjunkie says:

    Tampa does need a goalie bad.  But they need a really good one.  Smith does seem like he has a lot of potential.  This is a weird situation though.  Smith has to come in a be outstanding, for a guy like Lecavalier to want to return when his contract is up.  Why is he going to want to stay if Tampa is going to be a crap team again.  Also, if St. Louis is part of the deal, then it will affect Lecavalier's game aswell cause those guys are awesome together.  Plus, Dallas only has about 2 millon in cap space, so how are they going to get under the cap for this trade to happen.  Plus, St. Louis has a no trade clause.  I don't know, it's hard to see how a deal could get done but you never know.

  9. ovechkin8 says:

    more like:
    to Tampa Bay:
    1st rounder
    to Dallas

  10. ovechkin8 says:

    add smith too

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