Tampa Walks Away from Arbitration with Stillman

The Fan 960 is reporting in Calgary that Jay Feaster and the Tampa Bay Lightning walked away from Forward Cory Stillman in arbitration. The Arbitrater awarded Stillman $3.5 Million. With Tampa walking away, it makes Stillman an unrestricted Free Agent. This is the first time that in a while that a team has walked away from player arbitration.

Last year Stillman had 25 Goals with 80 Points.

I’ll pose a question to you people reading this article, is Stillman worth the $3.5 Million?

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  1. Rico420 says:

    Probably if he were a consistent 80 point player..even if he were a consistent 60 point player he may in the economy of the NHL at this moment be worth 3.5 million.

    But if the new CBA includes some form of a salary structure he’s worth about 2 million tops.

  2. koolcory77 says:

    He’ll be a Leaf..o what the heck…might as well just do the lines just to annoy the bashers…

    Roberts l Sundin l Mogilny

    Stillman l Nieuwendyk l Nolan

    Kariya l Lindros l Murray

    Tucker l Stajan l Domi

    Extra: Belak, Perrott, Ponikarovsky, Wilm

    Leetch l McCabe

    Kaberle l Klee

    Colaiacovo l Pilar

    Extra: Berg





  3. NYRules says:

    Mogilny might be done so theyre going to need kovalev just incase and they should probly get demitra palffy and bondra to fill out the 4th line.

    D is a little weak too… should try to sign schneider chelios and then trade pilar for bouwmeester and klee for komisarek and kaberle and mccabe for lidstrom and hatcher

    And then in june can trade colaiacovo for crosby

  4. ranger_fan says:

    Damn right, he will be a Leaf. Just like Kariya Selanne Kovalev. And do you know why? Because everyone just wants to go to a team who hasn’t won since 1967. God that was a shitty year

  5. wayne2 says:

    He would be a nice addition to Vancouver or Colorado.

  6. movingfire says:

    I heard 3.9 million not 3.5

  7. movingfire says:

    and they got Prospal to replace him at 1.4 million less per year

  8. cgolding says:

    he’d look good in a LOT of uni’s out there.

  9. habsoverserver says:

    you are correct

  10. big_booty says:

    Stillman could still remain in Tampa – he’d be crazy not to.

    I agree with the sentiment that a consistent 80 point player would be worth $3.9 million, but he’s been a consistent 40-50 point guy for the majority of his career.

    He should go back and accept his qualifying offer, stay with the Lightning, and enjoy the ride. If he pulls a Conroy, he’ll regret it.

    With Prospal coming back (essentially the same player, except a couple of years younger), Stillman’s got no leverage.

    For only the third time since its inception, arbitration has worked.

  11. EmptyNetter says:

    Hmm. . . He’d look good in Boston. Thornton arbitration results come in today. Maybe GM Mike O’Connell will have some of his allowance left and we’ve got a potential new wing/center.

  12. Minky says:

    omg no, he isnt coming to TO, were gonna get a few guys out of retrement.

    lines would be



    Borque|Sundin|George Armstrong








    omg, we will win…

  13. BADBANNER says:

    lol i love those lines 🙂 But i dont think having a salary over 100 mill willl get them to far………especially if the is a salary cap. 🙁

    Heres my fantasy version of the leafs:


    To Tor: O’Neill

    To Crl: Kaberle, Ponikarovsky, 2nd round pick

    To Tor: Bouwmeester, 3rd round pick

    To Fla: Nolan, Colaiacovo, 2nd round pick

    With these MINOR adjustments 🙂 the team would look like this:

    Roberts / Sundin / O’Neill

    Tucker / Neiuwendyk / Mogilny

    Antropov / Stajan / Domi

    Kilger / Wilm / Belak

    Extras: Druken, Perrott, Gavey, Wellwood

    McCabe / Leetch

    Bouwmeester / Klee

    Berg / Pilar

    Extras: D’Amour, White, Harrison (its about time prospects get a chance to play if theres injuries)



    Extra: Centomo, Ford

    As for the two trades, first off i think O’Neill would excell as a leaf becasue he would finally some skilled players to play with(Sundin, Roberts). He only scored 14 goals last year but look at who he had to play with. Not to mention that after losing Hill, Carolina is probably looking to get a top blueliner which kabelre is still cabable of doing. As for trading Nolan and Colaiacovo for Bouwmeester may seem far fetched, but it really isn’t. Florida would finnaly get a top line player to play along side Jokinen on the top line, and would also get a top prospect in return, Colaiacovo. This trade would also be a huge salary dump for the leafs, losing Nolan’s 6.5 million dollar contract. Also to, if Leetch decides not to resign with Toronto next year, it wouldn’t so bad having McCabe and Bouwmeester as the top two dmen.


  14. stallion51680 says:

    if milbury doesnt go after stillman, i will personally shoot mike myself

  15. Keith_Tkachuk07 says:

    St.Louis needs a scoring forward.. Maybe it would be in Pleau’s interest to bring back the former blue…

  16. FlamesRock says:

    Sorry I made a mistake

  17. NHLkid says:

    Crosby 4 Colaiacovo

    Kaberle & Mccabe 4 Lidstrom & Hatcher

    Piler 4 Bouwmeester

    Yeah Right!!!

  18. NHLkid says:

    Those trades are very evenly match but what about signing?

  19. Kraut182 says:

    Just out of curiosity, what are the other two?

  20. chevykurt says:

    Either learn to spell or shove it, dumbass

  21. chevykurt says:

    Better yet, shut your mouth completely.

  22. big_booty says:

    Boston walking away from Dmitri Khristich in ’99, and the same Bruins walking away from Bryan Berard in ’03.

  23. TheCoach says:

    “As for trading Nolan and Colaiacovo for Bouwmeester may seem far fetched, but it really isn’t.”

    I know this is your fantasy team (that will never happen), but I had to comment on that statement. Jay Bouwmeester is a future Norris trophy winner, who in his 2nd year, is already in the top echellon of defenders. The guy is also only 22.

    Carlo Coliacovo is a solid, but not great defensive prospect. He has not shown anything that would suggest that he will ever become a top blueliner. Maybe he will, but he is the same age as Bouwmeester, and Jay is already 5 years ahead in his development.

    Also, the fact that Nolan makes 6.5 million coupled with the his injury problems and his drop in production, makes him virtually untradable.

    I would have to say that this trade is very far-fetched and has no chance of happening.

  24. rojoke says:

    1 year, $6+ million. Anyone got that Nancy Sinatra record handy?

  25. BADBANNER says:

    Well i guess this team could use a more solid backup. Prehaps signing Weekes to play backup, and then take over when Beflour retires. Prehaps maybe another high scoring winger to.

  26. BADBANNER says:

    I do agree with your statements because most of the Leafs top forwards, like Nolan, Mogilny, Roberts, Neuiwendyk are all virtually untradable. Its very unfortunate. I also agree that Colaiacovo hasn’t proved anything compared to Bouwmeester, cause they are the same age and Bouwmeester is already Norris material and is playing for Team Canada.

    But if the leafs ever wanted to get Bouwmeester, what do you think it would take to trade for him?

    Also do you think that the O’Neill trade is a possibility?

  27. rc21pa says:

    I’m sure alot of teams will throw out offers. I wouldn’t be surprised even if the Pens throw one out there too.

  28. EmptyNetter says:

    Well, Thornton is staying, but I can probably rule out Stillman coming to the Bruins. According to Boston sports writer Kevin Paul Dupont, our GM wants to cut the Bruins payroll to about $32 million.

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