Tanguay Re-signs

Well, after all the predictions in having Tanguay traded, it comes down that he has resigned, source: www.thefourthperiod.com

And Arnott, Kovalev, Burke, Reasoner, and possibly even future NHL leaguer Brian Gionta? Stick Around

Avs ink Tanguay to a 1-year deal


(TheFourthPeriod.com) — The Colorado Avalanche have signed restricted free agent Alex Tanguay to a 1-year contract. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Tanguay, 22, scored 13 goals and added 35 assists in 70 games last season.

The 6’0, 190lb. native of Ste-Justine, Quebec was originally drafted 12th overall by Colorado in the 1998 Entry Draft. He made his NHL debut on October 5, on year later, grabbing an assist against the Nashville Predators.

In three NHL seasons, he has accumulated 57 goals, 119 assists and 95 penalty minutes in 228 games

(Also, unrelated to the Tanguay topic, there has been a rumor going around that Arnott could be traded for Alexie Kovalev, Kovalev seems to want more money and Dallas could possibly sign him.)

(And another trade waiting to happen is that I don’t agree should happen, that Sean Burke could be going to Chicago for future considerations, Boucher could fill his spot if this trade happens)

(Marty Reasoner from Edmonton is also on the rumor list, he could be packing his bags anytime soon possibly to New Jersey, Edmonton seem to be interested in Brian Gionta)

Rumor source, The Hockey Trade News newspaper, in the “What will J.R. be laughing about now?” article.

13 Responses to Tanguay Re-signs

  1. TheRumourGod says:

    I like the fact that Tanguay is signed, but I have the feeling that he will now be traded, as teams will no his price tag. As for the rumours….come on….Arnott for Kovalev is laughable

  2. CaptainCanada19 says:

    Ok…I’m sorry but this has to be said.


    He’s been an all-star for the past two years, and is the only reason Phoenix has had a chance to win games on most nights the past two years.

    Boucher was brought in to be the #1, yes, but when Burke retires! Until then he will learn from Burke and the goalie coach (I think his name is Benoit Allair, not sure) who is pretty damn good and is the reason Burke is an all-star, Burke said so himself.

  3. mikster says:

    Avoid the f word.

    If Boucher wins the games, and plays better than Burke….then Burke loses his position. Team comes first, not players. I doubt they’d trade him, since playoffs are significant, but he could definitely lose his number one spot.

  4. tgray says:

    I can’t see any reason to make any of these trades first, kovalev is way too injury prone, let dallas play before making more adjustments

    The sean burke deal is absolutely insane, i have no idea who would waste the typing to suggest it in the first place.

    The final one is insulting to brian gionta, its way to early to put him into marty reasoner bust category

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  5. Nemix says:

    Yeah on an american team taken from a better hockey city here in canada.. Let me give a resounding “i could care less if harry balls was the goaltender” Oh well if espn carries any of the games its fair revenge anyways.. While a goal is being scored..thier explaining the redline and what tony amonte’s favorite sandwich is. Ahh how sweet it is

  6. Forsberg21 says:

    I don’t know why everyone thinks that there is no way that Phoenix will trade Burke. Burke is winding down in his career, so why would they wait untill he retires to let Boucher (who is wasting valuable time as a backup) takeover, when they can trade him now, while he still has some decent trade value. But if he is traded it will be for more than future considerations.

  7. guinsfan4life says:

    That’s funny. I thought he was supposed to be traded by now?

  8. guinsfan4life says:

    Kovalev for Arnott?!?!? you must be kidding. Kovalev is a real live hockey superstar (to quote bigg sexxxy), why would they trade him for a moody Arnott?

  9. mikster says:

    I’m sorry HTR, i forgot to tell you that tgray is held in a mental institute and is given time to go on the internet. I think he had enough for today…

    J/K tgray!

  10. Bishop7979 says:

    first off, the trade will not happen because pittsburg isnt going to trade one of the highest skilled offencive players in the lague for a sloppy power forward whose lost his game. second kovalev is not “injusry prone” Koivu is injury prone, messier is injury prone, lindros is injury prone McLaren is injury prone, Kovalev is not injury prone. and third, that last part was an utter waste of space

  11. Tradedude says:

    hey dont blame me, i read it in an hockey news article, i disagree with some of them too, but i was trying to get it said, GOD! im not mister hockey news reporter here,

  12. Leaf_Expert says:


  13. Leaf_Expert says:


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