Taylor or Tyler?

So, which one do you like better? I realize this question has been beaten to death, reincarnated, then beaten to death again everywhere, but it’s now official who will be picking first, and who will be picking second.


(A) What player will end up being the better player?
(B) Who is a better fit for Edmonton?
(C) Who is a better fit for Boston?
(D) Who do you think Edmonton will take?

Here’s my opinion:

Go with the best player available, regardless of position. Things can change, and you don’t want to be the team that missed out on a guy because you didn’t forsee that your depth at a position was not as strong as you originally thought it was.

What I think the Oilers will do is pick the sexy name. There’s no question that Hall is that player this year. It’s kind of similar to Tavares vs. Hedman last year in that both were looked at as franchise-type players, but Tavares was the sexier name to draw in more fan support (I’m not saying that was the only reason he was picked).

Here’s my breakdown on their individual skills based on what I’ve seen (which basically solves nothing due to how close they are):

Top-end Speed – Hall
Quickness – Seguin
Acceleration – Hall
Shot Velocity – Hall
Shot Accuracy – Seguin
Passing – Seguin
Hockey IQ – Seguin
Defensive Awareness – Seguin
Physical Play – Hall
Stickhandling – Seguin
Stickhandling at Top Speed – Hall
More Likely to Disappear – Seguin (I guess)
More Likely to be Captain – Seguin

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3 Responses to Taylor or Tyler?

  1. reinjosh says:

    A) Im not sure who will be the better player. I want to say Seguin but I'm starting to think Hall will be. I can't help but think one will get the short end and will not be as good as people think.

    B)Apparently Tambellini has said that they have a center as top priority but seeing as they tried to get Heatley in the offseason and they have lacked a true goal scorer since Gretzky, I find it hard to believe they wouldn't go after Hall. But, Seguin seems to be the more composed player and they might want that. Still Hall is the more marketable player and that is as important as often in the NHL now so I think they grab Hall. Its become almost as big as the talent of the player himself (which is why Tavares was always the choice over Hedman for the New York Islanders). Therefore I think Hall is the better pick and the pick they will make.

    B) Hall is the better fit. They need scoring and Hall fits the sniper mold more than Seguin does.

    C) Hall will go first overall. I think Seguin over Hall is a ratings and news story grab personally.

  2. Redwings3019 says:

    (A) What player will end up being the better player?

    I think theyll be different types of players so its hard to judge which will be better. From what Ive seen Hall makes everyone around him better while Seguin is a great player alone. Its basically compairing a Kovalchuk (Devils game is on so best example I can think of) type player that has natural goal scoring talent and can get around 50 goals a season or do you go with an Yzerman/Thorton type player who can score goals but seems to make other players better. In the end I think the same amount of goals get scored…

    (B) Who is a better fit for Edmonton?

    Looking at Edmonton's roster Id say Hall will make their team better. They have O'Sullivan, Cogliano, Horcoff, Gagner, and Brule for centers. Now they can probably take some of these guys and trade them to fill in the other areas if they take Seguin but I think if you have talented centers and dont have that many wingers, why take another center?

    (C) Who is a better fit for Boston?

    Boston is simple, they need scoring so Seguin is the best fit for that. They need to replace Kessel and thats what Seguin does. He is going to go out and score goals. They already have Lucic for a physical type game they need the guy that simply shoots the puck.

    (D) Who do you think Edmonton will take?

    Edmonton will take Hall because even though you said they should look at who will be better down the road I think theyll notice that they have the talent in the middle and taking Hall is the right choice for their team. You cant say who will be the better player because its a team game. A team with a player who scores 50 goals isnt going to always make the playoffs, look at Tampa. So Hall makes a great team while Seguin makes a great player.

  3. number15 says:

    I pick Nazem Kadri

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