Team…. Quebec!!

The crazy sepratist party of Canada who is holding the goverment hostage for it’s laughable cause has made another suggestion. This isn’t about my political views on the Bloc Quebecois threatening to leave until we give them more money. This is about Gilles Duceppe, local genius, and loon, proposing that Quebec have it’s own National Hockey team…My team would look alot like this…


Daze-Lecavalier-St Louis










Now, of course, I can’t find two more Quebec d-men, I had to bring a guy out of retirement for this list. Any suggestions would help. I know I’m forgetting someone good.

Another Posting on the Same Topic

One of the federal parties of Canada has called for Quebec to have their own representation in international sports events, including hockey.

Now before laughing there is some precedent as the UK does field 4 teams ie Scotland, Wales, England & Northern Ireland several of which are high calibre teams not jokes in various sports.

So who would be on the Quebec hockey team if such a thing ever came to pass (I am neither advocating nor predicting here, just speculating)? Quebec has produced some of the best players in hockey history, with Maurice Richard, Guy Lafleur, Patrick Roy just to scratch the surface, there are dozens of hall of famers and all stars hailing from this province. So who could they field now?

Goaltender: Without a doubt the strength of the team, young boys growing up idolizing Roy has produced serious goaltending talent in the current generation of Quebecers: Brodeur, Luongo & Theodore are the top 3 with Fleury waiting in the wings for the future.


2 Habs vets lead the squad in Desjardins & Brisebois, other candidates would be EDM Bergeron, DAL Boucher, MTL’s Rivet & Dandenault, Denis Gauthier of PHX… not a strong point for this team!


Well Mario Lemieux is the captain, can’t argue with that one. And offense is the name of the game with Simon Gagne, Vinny Lecavalier, Alex Tanguay, Martin St Louis, Daniel Briere, Mike Ribeiro, PM Bouchard, Patrice Bergeron. Marty Lapointe, Steve Begin and Martin Gelinas make for an interesting checkers. Maybe throw in Pierre Turgeon and Scott Mellanby as the token veteran and anglo.

I don’t know how much they would win, but they’d make for fun games: Outstanding Goalies, fast skilled playmaking forwards and laclustre defense!

What do u think? Not about whether it will ever happen, but how good would they be, what would other provinces teams look like if they went that route also?

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  1. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    the person who wrote the second part not leafymcleaf had a more accurate route. leafymcleaf needs to do some research before posting.

  2. MTLROCKS says:

    They should call it the pepper team.

  3. morrissey says:

    thanks very much

  4. Mikeyribs says:

    Ducepe currently has 53% of all the votes in Quebec, so if you call him a clown a clown, your insulting a whole lot of people. Ducepe is a little of. We don’t even want a hockey team. We prefer to see our player play for team Canada where they have a very good chance of winning,

    Whats with the Ribeiro hate BTW, hes a very skilled player. He had 65 pt in trap hockey in 2004. I could understand if you hated dirty player like Domi, but Ribeiro!? He dived in the playoffs but sincerely, is this a reason to hate a player? Its guys like McSorley and McLaren you should hate. Diving is nowhere as bad as injuring intentionally a player.

  5. Mikeyribs says:

    Why? No racist joke plz.

  6. noty87 says:

    true, he’s from noth bay. played junior in kingston for the fronts.

  7. noty87 says:

    ok, not sure if it’s been said yet, but i dont think so. The thing is, even if any such ‘National’ team were to come into exisistence, players like Lemieux, Lecavalier, St. Louis, etc., would not be able to play for the province for one simple reason: they have already taken part in international competition with Canada. An example could be taken from Steve Yzerman when he received duel citizenship with the United States. not that he ever threatened to play for the U.S. national team, but he would have never been eligible to as he had already competed with Canada. the same would occur if the goddamn french get their own team. you’d have to wait for the next shipment of ‘talented’ little turds like ribeiro and co to weasel their way up the ranks.

    go english

  8. rojoke says:

    You couldn’t have a 10-team tournament if you were limited to NHL players or minor pros only. I know that Newfoundland couldn’t ice a full team – no goalie for starters – and PEI would be in a similar situation. I couldn’t really say anything about NB and NS. I know in the under-17 tourneys, there’s 4 or 5 teams representing the various regions of Canada, with BC, Ontario and Quebec having their own teams.

  9. rojoke says:

    There ain’t enough alcohol in the world to get me that drunk.

  10. rojoke says:

    However, when the former Czechoslovakia split into their respective halves today, the IIHF allowed players, such as Peter Stastny, to play for Slovakia in Nagano, when he had previously played for Czechoslovakia at the Olympics and world championships.

  11. thatleafsguy says:

    you could pick players from any league or any player not even in a legaue that would be the beauty of it, where ever you were born or where ever you reside yo could rep your province no matter what hockey credentials you have or dont have, the decision of what players make a team would go to that of the designated coach or management team.

  12. Mikeyribs says:

    You should change your nickname to Snoty87. Insulting a whole nation make you an asshole.

  13. habs_punk says:

    Maybe a Maritimes team. Instant credibility with Sidney in there. But goaltending still a major issue.

  14. habs_punk says:

    What about former Soviet players, and more recently former Czechoslovakia players?

    Your ignorant comments make the rest of us English folk look bad. Shut your mouth jackass.

  15. hockey_expert1 says:

    They would choose to play for Quebec.

  16. panpeter says:

    Come on, your just showing here your poor knowlede of history.

    The English let the French Canadians keep their langage and religion only because they have no choice. They Independance war in the US put a lot of pressure on the English. They had to do something to avoid the French Canadians to join Americans and kick totally out of North America the britishs.

    Go back to your history books. Nice enough… really funny, ah! ah! ah!

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