Team Rosters Complete

First off I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the HTR stats collection to this point.

The team roster phase of this project is now complete. In the next few days we will move to Phase 2 – stats imput from the 2003-2004 hockey season.

Sneak Preview of this project – NHL Team Roster Sneak Preview

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  1. pie_man says:

    I will finish the Bruins… sorry about that. I was away since Friday.

  2. trademan says:

    Thats cool,


    Trade Man

  3. pie_man says:

    Ok… I finished the Bruins… I just don’t have a back-up goalie.

    So…. when the Bruins have their goalie ready I will be ready to put it in.

  4. trademan says:

    thank you for finishing the bruins. As far as i can see – yes you will be able to add extra players as they sign.

    Thanks again,

    Trade Man

  5. Azalichio says:

    Could do it for the Habs.

  6. Stevenw003 says:

    I’ll do the sharks… i got plent of free time available tomorrow so i should have no problem getting it done.

  7. trademan says:


    I have entered you into the database you you now have the ability to add and modify polayers from teh Hsarks,

    Just follow the instructions above and you shouldn’t have nay problems.

    Questions???? Just let me know.

    Trade Man

  8. trademan says:


    I have entered you into the database you you now have the ability to add and modify players from the canadiens,

    Just follow the instructions above and you shouldn’t have any problems.

    Questions???? Just let me know.

    Trade Man

  9. titans says:

    Phase one…sign up thirty people to write articles!


  10. Stickers says:

    I can help with the habs if the other guy wants


  11. trademan says:


  12. trademan says:

    Thank you for entering the Habs on short notice

  13. kamullia says:

    Who is taking care of the Pens’ roster? He needs to make two quick corrections.

  14. trademan says:

    Please indicate wht the two changes are so they can be made. I will change it idf need be.

    Trade Man

  15. kamullia says:

    Upon further review, there’s more than one correction to be made and things to point out for you guys to decide how to manage the list:

    1. Lupaschuk will not be playing for the Penguins or any Penguins affiliated team this year. He will be playing in the Eliteserien for Mora IK this year. See here: I also had read somewhere else he had notified the club he officially won’t be playing for the organization this year. The Penguins do retain his rights, however. This is the same case with Martin Strbak, but Strbak is not on the list. So I figured that either Strbak has to be added or Lupaschuk deleted.
    2. Lasse Pirjeta is a signed forward that should be on the list.
    3. Matt Murley is also a signed forward that should be on the list. He has a two-way contract and played a couple of games for PIT during the last season where he impressed.
    4. I do not believe that Alain Nasreddine has a contract to play in the NHL, but only in the AHL. Regardless, if Nasreddine (a carreer minor leaguer) is included in this list, then David Koci should also be on the list, being that he has a two way contract, regardless of his chances.
    5. The Pens own the rights to Morozov, Kraft, Malone, and Orpik. However, none of them are signed, since their qualifying offers all expired. There is HEAVY confirmed rumors in the press that the Pens are shopping Kraft for certain, and perhaps otherhs in this list. Not sure how you guys want to handle that (whether to keep them or take them off the list), but I figured I would point it out. Also, Tarnstrom filed for arbitration which means he doesn’t have a contract right now and the Penguins could potentially even walk away from him if they don’t like the arbitrator’s ruling, so I’ll point that out also in the same line. It’s highly unlikely Tarnstrom won’t be playing for the Penguins, but I am just trying to be thorough and give you all the info possible.
    6. Thibeault is on the list twice.

    Just trying to help you guys have an accurate players list. Hope this helps.

  16. trademan says:


    Some adjustments have been made.

  17. UsedPuckBag says:

    sorry about the roster, my comp crashed due to a virus. im glad someone else was able to step in.

  18. dudemar says:

    Sorry about that, guys. I had to leave town for a few days. Didn’t expect to be gone the majority of the weekend. Great job though.

  19. jrl2282 says:

    Dany Sabourin is not a Penguin.

    At least I don’t think he is i read about the pens everyday and never heard of him.

    31 year old Martin Brochi is their 5th goaltender.

  20. kamullia says:

    Sabourin was originally signed to a one year contract at the beginning of last year (during the lockout), to be the full time goaltender for the organization’s affiliate, the Wheeling Nailers in the ECHL. He was signed as a free agent after having had a short stint in the NHL with the Calgary Flames.

    However, he was doing excellent during the season with the Nailers, while the Baby Pens had Fleury and Chiodo both struggling at one point, so management called up Sabourin to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton and sent Chiodo to Wheeling.

    Suprisingly, he did so well during the season, that Sabourin ended up taking over the starting goalie position over everyone (including Fleury) leading WBS down the stretch into the AHL playoffs while Fleury did the occasional starts for WBS, and Chiodo although improved, was the odd man out since there was no justification to demote the overachieving Sabourin back to Wheeling.

    Now, in the AHL apparently you are only allowed to carry two goalies into the playoffs, and coach Therrien thought Chiodo was the better performer of the three during pressure filled (playoffs) situations, while he also had little confidence and had been critical of Fleury’s play at the time, and wanted to carry Chiodo in the lineup for the playoffs. Misteriously, right before the playoffs started Sabourin came down with an undisclosed injury: Enter Chiodo into the lineup.

    Therrien proved to be right. Fleury faultered in his few outings, while Chiodo just totally excelled with the added pressure and saved the Baby Pens from elimination in the first series of the playoffs. The Baby Pens (and Chiodo’s) playoff run eventually ended by losing to the red-hot Philladelphia Phantoms who ultimately won the Calder Cup.

    As for Sabourin, the staff has been incredibly impressed with his showing of last year, and therefore has given him a qualifying offer in the form of a two-way contract (NHL/AHL), for what I believe is only this year.

    So when training camp starts for Pittsburgh, expect to see a tooth and nail battle to get that backup position to Thibeault. They will have Sabourin, Fleury, Chiodo, and Caron (who was not allowed to play for the organization during the lockout) all “fighting” it out. And by the way…if Caron doesn’t get the back-up job, he would have to clear waivers to be demoted, and probably get picked by another team since he is also considered promising as at least an NHL backup, and there is plenty of franchises who don’t have a deep and promising line of goalie prospects (St. Louis and Toronto, for example).

    Basically Pittsburgh has a logjam of VERY promising goaltenders. It’s going to be interesting to say the least.

    You can find Sabourin’s news about his signing at the bottom of the story in this link:

    And you can also find him (along with Fleury and Chiodo) in the team roster of the Baby Pens in this link:

  21. kamullia says:

    If you meant Martin Brochu, he has not been in the organization since the end of the 2003/2004 season. He was basically Wheeling’s goaltender before they signed Sabourin for 2004/2005.

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