Team USA Projected Roster

OK in the spirit of the article about the Canadian team’s projected roster I have prepared what I think will be the US roster that will defend our World Cup Title. 20 Skaters and 3 goalies.GOALIES (3)

This was a tough one because there are a few very close calls here with Esche, DiPietro, Boucher, and Dunham. The one clear cut choice is Grahame. He is having a great year and deserves to be the starter. Having said that I think Boucher and Esche should be the other two goalies, however I have to think Dunham will be chosen because he has been there before. That leaves Boucher and Dipietro on the outside looking in.

G = Grahame-Dunham-Esche


Another tough one becuse there are a few choices that can go either way. I have to go with the usual suspects to start. Chelly, Rafalski, Schneider, and Hatcher are all no brainers if they are all healthy. I suspect that you can’t have a US team with out Leetch either. The last spot goes to Tim Gleason (U-22). That leaves Ken Klee and Jeff Jillson on the outside looking in.

D – Random Pairings




Gleason (U-22)


This was a relatively easy choice. The usual suspects again. Modano, JR, Weight, Drury, and Todd Marchant. Leaving Gomez and Smolinski not chosen unless Roenick doesn’t play. If JR can’t go I have to think Smolinski gets the nod over the offensively uninspired Gomez.

C = Modano, Roenick, Weight, Drury, Marchant.


This was a tough one, not as tough as the LW’s though. The top 3 are easy – Hull, Guerin, Amonte. After that it gets tough. Dustin Brown satisfies an U-22 roster spot here. That leaves Knuble, Langenbrunner, Parrish, Klatt.


This was VERY tough. Tkachuk is an no brainer. LeClair and York have to be there too. That leaves Zach Parise to satisfy the U-22 rule. There were so many good LWs to pick from Blake, McEachern, and Rolston were all legitimate picks.

FINAL LINEUP (not in lines)











There is obviously alot of tinkering that can be done with this lineup. Especially with quality players like Smolinski, Langenbrunner, McEachern, Blake, Rolston….among others not making the final cut. When you get down to the final few at each position one is just as good as the other. Very tough.

I am sure that some of you have different opinions and I would love to hear them. Especially on the U-22 players. I had a tough time finding them.