Team USA starts picking players and Vinny signs with Russia's AK Bars Kazan

The American Junior team has already selected 12 players to participate in the world junior hockey championship.The series will take place in Grand Folks, North Dakota from December 25th to January 4th. Out of the twelve players already selected, eight of them were part of the last junior team that went 6-0-0.

Al Montoya will be the goalie. He recorded 1,33 GAA in the last championship, while forward Patrick O’Sullivan, who scored 2 goals in Team USA’s 4-3 win over Canada, in Finland, was among the forwards selected.

Nashville Predators defenseman, Ryan Suter, who was part of the last three formations was selected on defense.

The roster so far looks like this:


Al Montoya


Ryan Suter

Matt Hundwick

Jeff Likens


Mike Brown

Ryan Callahan

Jake Dowell

Dan Fritsche

T.J. Hensick

Patrick O’Sullivan

Adam Pineault

Drew Stafford

Other Notable Information:

Group A Group B

USA Canada

Czech Republic Finland

Russia Slovakia

Switzerland Sweden

Belarus Germany

Team USA Schedule


Sun., Dec. 19 USA vs. Univ. of North Dakota (exhib.) Grand Forks, N.D.

Wed., Dec. 22 USA vs. Germany (exhib.) Thief River Falls, Minn.

Sat., Dec. 25 Russia vs. USA Grand Forks, N.D.

Mon., Dec. 27 USA vs. Switzerland Grand Forks, N.D.

Wed., Dec. 29 Belarus vs. USA Grand Forks, N.D.

Thurs., Dec. 30 USA vs. Czech Republic Grand Forks, N.D.

Sat., Jan. 1 Qualification Round/Relegation Grand Forks, N.D.

Sun., Jan. 2 Semifinal Round/Relegation Grand Forks, N.D.

Mon., Jan. 3 Semifinal Round/Relegation Grand Forks, N.D.

Tues., Jan. 4 Medal Round Grand Forks, N.D.

Vincent Lecavalier signs with Russia’s AK Bars Kazan.

He stated that Brad Richards will shortly follow and sign on.

AK Bars Kazan already has signed the likes of Ilya Kovalchuk, Darius Kasparaitis, Ruslan Salei, and goaltender Fred Brathwaite.

Lecavalier said he always wanted to play in Europe, and especially in Russia.

12 Responses to Team USA starts picking players and Vinny signs with Russia's AK Bars Kazan

  1. Freeze says:

    With there being so many NHL players playing in Europe, I wonder if anyone has thought of televising those games for the hockey starved folks on the other side of the pond. Seeing the likes of Vinny playing for Russia seems intriguing to me. Would this idea be too appalling for Hockey Night in Canada on CBC or TSN? Forget the USA. Hockey doesn’t sell in too many places there.

  2. hockeyhead says:

    oh thanks freeze….i keep forgetting its canadas game.

  3. Freeze says:

    Judging by the lack of TV revenue in the USA, I’d say so.

  4. 19Yzerman says:

    I have to admit that Hockey is more popular amoungst Canadians than in the USA. I would be willing to bet that Calgary sold more Jersey’s and Hats this last spring the the Ducks and Carolina did in the two preveous springs combind.

    I hope that we get some coverage on this. Fox Sports has been televising more CCHA hockey which is good however what is hard to unerdstand is why ESPN isn’t showing anything. Wait Texas Holdem , Pro billards, Dream Job and bowling.

    UofM #7 TJ Hensick is a playmaker last year as a freshman he LED the Wolverines in scoring. The first time I saw him skate was at an Intra-Squad scrimmage and After his first two shifts I knew we had a DANDY. This guy might go under the radar being somewhat small. However make no mistake about it this guy is noticeably gifted.

  5. greatlife15 says:

    i guess it wouldn’t be Hockey Night In Canada anymore, more like Hockey Night In Russia or Finland. Maybe they could just change the name to Hockey Night On the Earth.

  6. Freeze says:

    Yup, that should cover it.

    I think by January you’ll see MANY more NHL players head for Europe. By then, there will be no hope for this season and the players can still make some money and stay in shape. The quality of European hockey should go up.

  7. NjDEVSFN says:

    why cant Americans get to see hockey games? its not our fault that ESPN is 100% incompetent when it comes to hockey…they didnt air the Heritage Classic until a week later, and they didnt even air the USA v Canada WJC Final last winter either

    it seems like Americans dont care about hockey because the major sports channels DONT SHOW IT because theyre incompetent

  8. hockeyhead says:

    right on bro….you go to new england and minny and northern regions of the usa and you WILL find people that love hockey.

    as harry sinden put it…”if you live in new england, you know at least one hockey player”

    oh, and i saw kenny linesman last night in a pool league.

  9. 19Yzerman says:

    YEA!!! Hockey night in the Milkyway Galaxie will be sponcered by Milkyway candy bars. ESPN can televise these games and milkyway candy bars can be the official sponcer of the ESPN goal cam.

    This would actualy be a good time to send the whole core of hockey broadcasters in the USA regardless of what net work and send them to canada to interact with those who do the same jobs in canada.

  10. 19Yzerman says:

    Darren McCarty plays in a band called Grinder which played at a small bar (Blindpig) here in Ann Arbor this last weekend.

  11. 19Yzerman says:

    I posted an erticle on here a week ago in atempts to try and raly fans to contact network and request hockey what ever level of skill they can show us.I have done so and have noticed FOX SPORTS DETROIT has been televising some CCHA NCAA hockey which is great.ESPN?I wrote them and it has fallen on deaf ear. simply put they have some sort of finance issue as though they are holding hockey hostage and are looking for ransome.

  12. shortcat1 says:

    You can now add Alex Kovalev and Brad Richards and Nicholai Khabibulin to that mix. Woah! What a rich soup that makes!!! Loads of talent!!!

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