Teams looking to upgrade for the playoffs should look to Carolina

Carolina potential available players: O’Neil, Hill, Boughner, Wesley, Irbe, Brind’Amour, Francis, Hedican.With the Hurricanes obviously going to miss the playoffs this season, and having a good bunch of talented guys who are veterans making money, Carolina will be busy from now until the March trade dead-line looking to unload salary and bring in youth (or for some cases just draft picks will probably do).


-The forward who has been getting a lot of attention is Jeff O’Neil who is having one of his worst seasons at 11 goals, 18 assists for 29 pts in 58 games. Contending teams looking to add a tough guy who can put the puck in the net should keep an eye on him.

-Rod Brind’Amour hasn’t been mentioned in any rumors as far as i know but at age 34, the veteran centre would be a valuable trade commodity.

-Finally Ron Francis has been mentioned in the news apparently if he agree’s to be traded. He only has 7 goals this year, but would bring in veterenship.


-Glen Wesley is a solid 3rd Defensman good for any playoff team needing some depth on defense (which is most teams)

– Sean Hill has also been mentioned, and with 7 goals and 24 points this season (on the lowest scoring team in the league) he could prove to be very valuable to a contending team.

-Bob Boughner has been much talked about and is a reliable, hard-hitting guy on the blue line.

-Bret Hedican hasn’t been mentioned in any trade rumors as far as I know, but at age 34 you can’t count him out as the Hurricanes are looking to decrease their salary and pick up quality young players.


-Arturs Irbe has been called up. Although it apparently wasn’t to showcase him for a trade, many assume it was.

So Here is where I project they could end up:

All of them in Toronto….

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way:

O’Neil – Vancouver and Detroit were both linked to Alexei Zhamnov, now that he’s off the market, why not look at Jeff O’Neil. I realize he’s a different kind of player, but he still add’s another strong Centre to the line-up. I think the Canucks should persue him as a depth move to keep up with Colorodo, and Detroit as one of the contenders in the West.

Brind’Amour – Although there is a chance he could stay right where he is, he could easily move also. If the Dallas stars are looking for an offensive tough guy, He looks like a good fit there, although they have quite enough centres, Arnott is apparently on the way out and could be dealt for a winger, O’Neil takes Arnott’s spot in the middle, and Arnott’s replacement plays the wing. Or Stu Barnes can play wing if he needs to.

Francis – Because he isn’t really producing this year, he doesn’t offer much in the way of offense. But brings a lot of veteran leadership. I think the Calgary flames should add him as a 2nd/3rd line guy, if they only need to trade a draft pick or mediocre prospect to get him. He would be good in Calgary and fit right in as Conroy along with others have been struggling offensively for the Flames. He would have fun, and have a chance to play a playoff series or two. (or 3 or 4, who knows?) and would be a guy who young players on Calgary could learn from, Calgary is overall a very young team.

Wesley – The Toronto Maple Leafs. He played a tough 7 game series for the Buds last year, and was close to signing with Toronto in the off-season. Ferguson Jr. is obviously looking to upgrade the Defense and Glen Wesley would be a welcome addition.

Hill – Buffalo Sabres. Their offense is clicking lately, and they could use a solid guy like Hill on the blue-line. He would fit in with Buffalo and help their special teams. (A deal bringing Hill to Buffalo depends on Buffalo’s performance from now until March 9th, as well as the performance of Montreal and Long Island.)

Boughner – Lots of teams could be interested in him, and if St.Louis picks it up a bit and are looking okay by the deadline, I think he would help take some of the load off Pronger. If St.Louis falls a bit and is not a buyer Boughner could end up pretty much anywhere as everyone is looking for a solid defesman and I don’t think Carolina expects much for him.

Hedican – Don’t know that he is going anywhere, but maybe Toronto or Nashville would want a mobile defensman like him. Other than that, see my post St.Louis Boughner comments.

Irbe – New York Rangers are the team reportedly interested. Sounds okay to me. However, if Colorodo is looking for a back-up upgrade, it probably wouldn’t take much at all to get the 2.5 million dollar goalie off Rutherfords hands, and would be a decent back-up in Denver.

So that’s it, my Carolina available players guide. Hope you liked it.

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  1. trailerparkboys says:

    Vancouver has to make a trade if they want to get past the 2nd round. that team is laking in depth with the sedin’s starting to play like they were supposed to they still need a Quality Center between them.

    Maybe they should go after Ronnie Francis . He would come relivly cheep 2rd maybe , But he would be good on the nuck’s ,With the devopeing of the twins plus His leadership will take some presure off the big line!!!!

    Francis Production has been down this year but he still has enough in him for last run at the cup.All in All the canucks Have to make a move if they want to go deep in the playoff’s.

    What do you guy’s think.

    Bubbles out……..

  2. trademan says:

    I agree with you that they need a trade. I’ve been saying francis for years now. I think that his leadership would help the nuckers out quite a bit.

    ** Right now the canucks havea double barrel shit shotgun loaded and pointed right at them. ***

  3. trailerparkboys says:

    When you are getting belted with SHIT BALL’S Randy it is time to pick up a SHIT BAT

    Mr. Leahey out……..

  4. trademan says:

    The problem here really is that a shit apple that falls in a field has no choice but to grow up to be a shit apple tree.

    I think we have a 10-27 over here Randy

  5. Canesfan says:

    Jim Rutherford has said publicly that teams have inquired about Jeff O, and have made really dumb offers, like offering single draft picks. If anyone gets Jeff, they’re going to have to give something up for him. Even though he’s having an off year, Rutherford knows that O’Neill is still the best offensive weapon his team has.

    Brindy has a no-trade clause, and he said last week that he has not been approached about waiving that. But, his name has been thrown around by the Devils. Plus, he’s the highest paid player on the team, and would come with a hefty salary.

    Same goes with Francis… no-trade clause, and he’s happy in Raleigh.

    Rutherford said recently that Glen Wesley doesn’t want to be a rental player 2 years in a row, and Jim would more than likely honor that…. but then again, the right deal could potentially spring Wesley.

    Hill and Boughner are highly likely to be moved… Hill has turned up his point production recently, and Boughner is just a good gritty d-man.

    Hedican also has a no-trade clause, and I doubt he’d waive it.

    If someone took Irbe, that would be a huge coup for JR, as he’s pretty darn expensive for an ECHL goalie.

  6. trailerparkboys says:

    What is Mr. Leahey talking about “SHIT ROPES” ,Ricky What the fuck is a “SHIT ROPE”?

    I love it not to many Americans get the name.

    Bubbles out…….

  7. trademan says:

    Trailer Park Boys is the best show ever.

    J roc turn that music down, J rok what are you doing in there.

    hehe – by the way i’m very very canadian.

  8. Treva says:

    An unreliable source has told me that vancouver has offered something along the lines of Jaroslav Obsut (a 5th or 6th d-man on anyteam but vancouver or detroit) and a second or 3rd in 2004 for oneil.

    Carolina may look at this as Obsut may fit into the “budding defensman” category. If the canes deal all their D – they must be looking to the future.

    I have a funny feeling Thomas Mojis (spelling) would desirable to a team like Carolina but there is no way the canucks would let him go.

  9. trailerparkboys says:

    Hey I’m from Halifax where they film the show .The boys are at the bars all the time it is pretty cool . Where r u from?

    Randy u cheeseburger eating mother fuoker.

    J to the the r-o-c

    J-roc out…..

  10. Bruins4771 says:

    Last night on ESPN they reported the Bruins were interested in Francis. I dont know what they would give up for him, possibly one of their young prospects, or zamuner. Just what I heard.

  11. 24cups says:

    O neil would be a perfect fit in MTL. I dont know what Gainey in waiting for. We have so many good prospects to offer. Anyway, he ll probably end up with the Wings for Josh Noname!!!

  12. Primis says:

    In related news, Toronto and Leafs fans reportedly wants to trade for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE PLAYERS listed above…

    — Primis.

  13. Next_Semenko says:

    If I were Vancouver I might even make a pitch for Irbe…I know they wont, but Cloutier looked awfull last night..I think he had 6 saves!

    He seems to find a way to choke in the playoffs as well…I know Irbe isnt too much of an upgrade but at least hes got playoff experience…and has been to the big show

  14. Treva says:

    I think the trade went something like Antropov, renberg – not carlo colviaidon’tknowhowtospellitcio because he is the future of the leafs, AND t.o. is going to want a first round pick.

  15. Beckfan5 says:

    Thanks, Irbe. About as good as when they signed Herbert a few years back. Maybe they can sign Muzzatti as a extra back up too.


    The only way I like a trade for Irbe is if they give up Hlavac, which even shit ass Carolina knew sucks, or Mellon Head Poti.

  16. The_Coach says:

    Man, is this ever getting old!!!!

  17. TheMinister says:

    Henrik Sedin is a center. Daniel is a left wing. They need a right winger.

    Jeff O’neill is a RWer… not a center.

    Yes, the Canucks should trade for O’eill

  18. wheresthesoda says:

    irbe wont make the rangers a playoff team..

    believe me the rangers have tried these past years by picking up veteran goalies such as herbert and kirk mclean.

    never worked…i dont really see on how this would work either. the best goalie available is khaboulin. tampa will ask for lundmark or tjutin.

    so khaboulin doesnt work…so

    olaf kolzig. if sather thinks his star-studded club could make a playoff run it w/out giving up the top prospects its going to be olaf kolzig or mike dunham.

    i think mike dunham is the rangers best bet. thats my opinion..last season dunham played amazing..wasnt enough due to lack of offense(now they have)

    dunham doesnt have what he had last my mind the season has been over the past 3 weeks.

  19. mojo19 says:

    I think the Canucks should bring back Andrew Cassels actualy. He’s available and knows pretty much the whole team. He’s a pretty good playmaker too.

  20. mojo19 says:

    Cloutier is too hot and cold, but Irbe isn’t the answer. They should think about Olaf Kolzig.

  21. Killa_Bs says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Francis in Boston. He would provide great experience, character and face off skills to the Bruins in the playoffs. The only thing that the Bruins need right now is a seasoned veteran, someone who has been to the playoffs and won. I can imagine how the young players would look up to a guy like Francis. I brought this up earlier before it was a rumour and I still want it to happen.

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