Teams making decisions as the New Year approaches.

With the December NHL schedule kicking into high gear most of the NHL teams are beginning to find out where they fit in terms of the overall standings and the playoff pictures. Furthermore, some teams such as the Tampa Bay  Lightning have many decisions to make as the season progresses and may look to move some big name players such as Ben Bishop to help them to fill voids left behind as a result of the Steven Stamkos injury. There will be many decisions to make for those who like to bet on sports online  as to where the teams will end up at the end of the season.

One of the most interesting and surprising teams to  keep an eye out for this season is the Columbus Blue Jackets. It seems that the Jackets have found a groove playing in front of Torts. No one who is into nhl betting would have predicted that after 24 games they would have a record of 15-5-4.  Even guys like Hartnell that they were looking to give away last season are producing with 15 points.

On a different note, teams who are looking for goaltending help do not have to look too far to find that the Lightning are looking to trade Bishop, who is in the final year of his contact. One of the aspects that may be holding up such as deal is the fact that he presently earns 7 million per year. Matt Larken of The Hockey News, indicates that one of the teams that is showing interest is the Dallas Stars.

Another team who is looking at their options in goal is the Maple Leafs. This tweet by Darren Dreger.

It is obvious that the Leafs are not happy with their goaltending and are hoping that Ramo will be able to rekindle some of his magic that he had several years ago with the Calgary Flames.  If he looks good after a few games with the Marlies it is said that they have the inside track on a potential signing.

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