Teams scouting the Jackets

Toronto, Tampa Bay, Winnipeg, Ottawa have two scouts in Nationwide.!/Aportzline/status/124252981079183360

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  1. JoelLeafs says:

    This site needs some writers. This passes for an article? nine words and a dead link? Wow. 

    I suggest we turn this into a conference shuffle thread. 
    Seems easy to me: swap Detroit and The 'Peg. Otherwise too many toes will be stepped on. I, frankly, like have the Jets in the east, trading them for a powerhouse like the Wings would just make it much tougher in the east. And on that vein, I think the East could soon take over as the dominant conference (maybe 1-3 years). So many young up and coming teams that look like they could be cup threats (Pens, Caps, Bruins, Philly, maybe NYR [always a ? there], Stars look good [somehow], Tampa, and [MAYBE!] the Devils). 
    No matter what they do they will piss off GMs and teams. Why not go full boar and really shuffle things up. I'd love to see the Leafs in the West. 
    And finally: playoff format. Why not spice things up a bit. Gotta lose that BS top three spots go to the division leaders (how many years did Tampa finish in 3rd with like 8 pts less than 4th?). Maybe even incorporate a cross-over rule for the 7th and 8th teams, or just the latter. They've been fvcking with hockey so much in recent years, why not try some more new stuff? Hell, we have shootouts, is a different playoff format that crazy an Idea?
  2. Steven_Leafs says:

    here is my idea for a cross-over playoff structure:

    What they should do is change the whole playoff structure. I’m ok with the division thing and even 3rd place going to the division champ as long as they change the playoff structure to this (using 2010-2011 playoffs as an

    Round 1:


    1) WSH (107pts)
    8) NYR (93pts)

    2) PHI (106pts)
    7) BUF (96pts)

    3) BOS (103pts)
    6) MTL (96pts)

    4) PIT (106pts)
    5) TB (103pts)


    1) VAN (117pts)
    8) CHI (97pts)

    2) SJ (105pts)
    7) LA (98pts)

    3) DET (104pts)
    6) PHX (99pts)

    4) ANA (99pts)
    5) NSH (99pts)

    The way it goes now, each conference is re-seeded and we got:

    WSH vs TB
    PHI vs BOS

    VAN vs NSH
    SJ vs DET

    The way I think we should do it is to re-seed the whole nhl together, not just by conference. This will allow cup finals of TOR/MTL, EDM/CGY, PIT/WSH, etc. Ignore the Division Champion bonus and re-seed by NHL point standings (regular tie-breaker rules apply):

    1) VAN (117pts)
    8) NSH (99pts)

    2) WSH (107pts)
    7) TB (103pts)

    3) PHI (106pts)
    6) BOS (103pts)

    4) SJ (105pts)
    5) DET (104pts)

    Now this season was not the best example since the matchups ended up being the same. But if you go back for the last 10 seasons you'll find that this is the only one to do so. Anyway for the next rounds simply re-seed the same way we always did:

    1) VAN (117pts)
    7) TB (103pts)

    4) SJ (105pts)
    6) BOS (103pts)

    There now it is different, and there is a chance for a VAN/SJ or BOS/TB Stanley Cup final. I think this format is much better overall, as it forces teams to work hard all year to get a top spot, teams that squeek in will have to work even harder since they will have to play the top teams in both conferences before playing for the cup, so it should make every 2 points that much more important. It also makes sure that the weaker conference doesn't get an advantage by having to beat easier teams to make it to the finals more refreshed and less beat up than their final opponents.

    This change isn't too radical since the divisions are still relevant, winning your division still gives you guarenteed home-ice advantage in the first round but now if you didn't work hard enough to get more points you will suffer in the 2nd round. There are many other little advantages to doing it this way, but the biggest plus to this is the possibility of ANY cup finals match-up. We all want to see another TOR/MTL final, if we don't change the playoff structure it wont even be possible.

  3. JoelLeafs says:

    That is a very interesting idea.

    How about instead of a top 3 spot in the conference for the division winners, they are guarantee a top 4 spot? This will make it less likely that a team in 3rd will have less points than one in 4th, or even 5th, and they still get home ice advantage in the first round. 
    MTL/TOR cup finals? Oh s!it, half the country would burn down regardless who won. 
  4. Kramer says:

    Very good article. I like stuff when you don't have to think too much.

  5. Steven_Leafs says:

    haha… ZING!

  6. thisgamewelose says:

    It's a good idea and it goes well with NHL changing the east vs west all star game. the 2 best teams should be the 2 best teams at the end, regardless of which division they're playing in. 

  7. FlamingHomer says:

    If the league ever ends up with A Calgary/Edmonton final you can kiss hockey goodbye. I'm sure the interest in Alberta would be through the roof but I don't think that would be enough to carry the loss of a disinterested Eastern and US market.
    Terrible idea.
    You need East/West representation and hopefully at least one US team to maintain TV revenues which are rather important.

  8. Steven_Leafs says:

    that is the dumbest thing I ever heard. No chance the NHL goes belly up because of the loss of 1-5% of their U.S. viewers. If they only watched hockey because U.S. teams were in it then every single EDM/CGY or TOR/MTL game would ALWAYS be unprofitable to air. Also no way Eastern Time-Zone Canadians choose not to watch the Stanley Cup final with 2 Canadian teams in it.

    I LOL at your post.

  9. FlamingHomer says:

    5% of the US population is very close to 50% of Canada's population. Still think that's insignificant? Statistics show that less than 50% of Canadians watch the Stanley Cup final. I don't have the time to explain TV revenue and advertising to you but trust me, major sports needs the US market.

  10. Steven_Leafs says:

    oh no not less than half of a country watching the Stanley Cup final? whatever will we do? Losing 5% of the U.S. market for one round will not bankrupt an entire league. Besides if your right then why hasn't anyone considered putting every Canadian team into one conference so that there is no Toronto / Vancouver final. I mean if the NHL would go bankrupt if that happens then why risk it? Oh I know why, because your dumb. There are many reasons people can argue for not doing the playoff structure I suggested, yours is just, well, dumb. LOL

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