Teams that let UFA's walk are cashing in

As the season draws near the quarter pole, the teams who most suggested as the “big losers” in the off season, are all looking down from the top.When the Bruins let unrestricted free agents Byron Dafoe and Bill Guerin walk, many ruled them out as playoff contenders. It didn’t help when top defenceman Kyle Mclaren demanded a trade either. But now the Bruins have the last laugh as they are once again sitting a top the Eastern Conference, and saving a bundle in the process.

The same goes for the Vancouver Canucks, the notoriously frugul Burke waved goodbye to Scott Lachance and Andrew Cassels who both signed with Columbus. The Nucks are currently riding an 8 game win streak that has carried them all the way to second place in the overly-competitive Western Conference.

The New Jersey Devils, St. Louis Blues and the Pittsburgh Penguins are all enjoying similar success as they chose not to fold into the contracts desired by key members of their teams.

Meanwhile teams on the other side of the free agent fence are crying all the way to the bank, Phoenix, Anaheim, New York, San Jose, Washington, Toronto, Detroit are all below .500 or off their mark from last year.

The only winner in the UFA market this year was the Dallas Stars, who spent ridiculous sums to push their team to the top. But even then I think the Stars are just as good a club without Guerin and Young, and could have saved big by just signing Boucher who has been the best UFA signee this year.

So what have we learned from all this? hopefully owners will realize that shelling millions to lure UFA’s to their clubs is a mistake, unless youre going to go all out like Dallas, your better off promoting from within. Glen Murray and John Grahame have played well in replacement of Guerin and Dafoe, Eric Boguneicki stands in for Young in St. Louis, Aleksy Morozov for Lang in Pittsburgh, and in Vancouver’s case, the whole team.

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  1. mikster says:

    We’re just a bit over the first quarter of the season. But yeah, so far that’s the picture for now.

    Did everyone have a happy Thanksgiving watching the Rangers humiliate themselves on national TV?

    I did, they deserved to lose worse than that actually. After player solid games they showed that shit effort against the worse defensive team? I am glad Lindros and Bure are starting to come along, though.

    Will it be 9-3 against Dallas? I’d bet.

  2. Tony says:

    It worked good for Detroit last year.

  3. nucks2001 says:

    bahaha it was on national tv in Canada too bahahaha the Rangers really do suck bahahaha

  4. mikster says:

    They didn’t suck in the past 8 games.

    I think they want to beat Atlanta in most goals against though, hehe.

  5. philbruin says:

    I agree about the Bruins all the “experts” said they would miss the playoffs,but they have a lot offence which they showed last year and this year,so the experts know nothing I would say,as the facts speak for themselves.

  6. titans says:

    I told y’all Boston would be the team to beat this year!!! HA!!!

  7. beckfan says:

    I have a question for the fool that wrote this article, what New York team are you refering to as to crying all the way to the bank?

    If your refering to the Rangers, and im sure you are, name me a UFA that they signed this season besides Richter which is one of their own? Everyone on their current roster was with the team at the end of last season with the exception of three players and they are:

    Ronald Petrovicky; claimed on waivers

    Krzystzof Oliwa; aquired in a trade

    Ted Donato; OPPS! sorry about this one, he was signed as a free agent. Damn what a real vault buster it must have been to sign him.

    Dude, get your shit straight before you decide to write an article because i aslo dont understand whats wrong with Anaheim, San Jose and Detrioit either?

  8. Prosaic says:

    So Holik and Kasparaitis weren’t free agents eh??

    Try getting your shit straight

  9. Habfan1234 says:

    No, that unfourtunate honour will go to my Montreal Cabadiens.

  10. saksfan says:

    And don’t forget the playoffs, titans. Hehe.

  11. MantaRay says:

    No team has ever won the Stanley Cup by signing a big priced UFA and probably never will. You have to build through chemistry and strong farm systema and the draft. History repeats this lesson over and over.

    Some teams just love to humiliate themselves and use the UFA system to hide poor management and poor scouting.

  12. MantaRay says:

    Detroit didn’t over pay for high priced free agents.

    They let go of Lapointe, made some great trades (Chelios, Shanahan, Hasek), and utilized their strong drafting (Yzerman, Fedorov, McCarty, and minor league development system (Fisher, Datsuk).

    The UFA’s they signed were support players who actually had to take pay cuts (Hull and Robatille).

  13. Captain27 says:

    Just because Holik (1g, 1a) and Kasparaitis (-9) are invisible this season doesnt mean that the Rangers didnt sign them as UFA’s this season.

    Did you really forget about those signings or is just wishful thinking on your part, beck?

  14. mikster says:

    I was only 12 years old, but didn’t the UFA thing work with the 94 Rangers? Or, it was mostly via trades?

  15. titans says:

    “No team has ever won the Stanley Cup by signing a big priced UFA” You said that right???

    Well than what did Detroit do last year?? They signed three of em’. Hull, Robitaille and Hasek.

  16. TML_4EVER says:

    well toronto lost cujo, belfour is picking it up. but the leafs need to sign people, they arnt doing to well, even though they beat good teams like philie and boston, they lose to shitty teams, so do the leafs need to sign new good players, or lose the shitty euros like reichel and hoglund?

  17. BudMan says:

    I think that it is a combination of both they have to get rid of their shit reichel, hoglund etc. Hopefully make a little trade here and there. And hopefully next year sign a decent goal scorer, and/or a d’man.

  18. MantaRay says:

    Huh??? What are you talking about? UFA is Unrestricted Free Agent.

  19. MantaRay says:

    Hasek was via trade (Kozlov).

    Robitaille & Hull were free agents, but support players and not expensive free agents (under $5 million). Both players were signed to contracts which were less than what they both made the previous year.

    The Core players were via trades made based on good scouting, drafting, and minor league development.

  20. titans says:

    Support players????????? Robitaille is the greatest left wing in hockey history!! And Hull has scored like half a trillion goals in his career! Neither of them were anything close to “support players” when they came to Detroit. They were both the franchise players of their former teams. Just because they made slightly under 5 million each doesn’t make them throw ins. 5 million is still a good bit of money in the NHL (unless your a New York Rangers.

  21. MantaRay says:

    At one time in their careers YES, these players were some of the greatest scorers in the history of the game.

    That was yesterday, Dallas essentially gave up on Hull as did Los Angeles with Robitaille.

    Neither one of these players were in much demand during the Free-Agent shopping season. As those honors went to Jeremy Roenick, Martin Lapointe, Pierre Turgeon, Igor Ulanov, Dave Karpa, Donald Audette, Sean O’Donnell, Rob Diamio, Bob Boughner, Alex Mogilny, Steve Heinze, Jason York, Mike Wilson, Eric Weinrich, Mike Keane, Andes Eriksson, Yanic Perrault, Mike Sillinger, Rob Zamner, Andrew Brunette, etc, etc.

    In fact, Hull wasn’t signed until August 22, 2001 after being passed over by 40+ other UFA’s.

    The core of the Wings were drafts picks (Yzerman, Federov, McCarty, Datsuk, Fisher, Lidstrom, Draper) and trades (Hasek, Chelios, Shanahan, Dushnese). The Hull & Robitaille were suppliments, albeit future hall of fame suppliements.

  22. rrudd says:

    1. “frugal”, not frugul.

    2. it might be just a smidge early to declare detroit a failure.

    3. the stars spent a lot to get to the top, true. but you say guerin and young have not contributed? guerin has 11 goals, young has 6 in the last 8 games. what about ulf dahlen with 10 goals? you forgot him. was that a wasted one million dollars?

    4. everyone who says you can’t win by buying free agents is an idiot. true, the truly good teams are good because of sound decisions, which usually entails good drafting and intelligent player development. but the teams that get to the top generally have to make one or two big name free agent signings along the way.

  23. mikster says:

    I know, but you said no team has won the Cup by signing UFA. I asked you, since i cannot remember, if the Rangers won the Cup in 94 mostly by signing players or landing them via trade.

  24. titans says:

    I believe they had just had 30+ & 40+ goal seasons. Are you trying to tell me Steve Heinze, Mike Keane or Bob Boughner was more sought after than Luc Robitaille?? No. Brett Hull didn’t sign untill as late as he did becauser he wanted too much money, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that at the time they were premier players.

  25. mike_ahq says:

    YOOOOO BECKFAN!!!!!!!!

    i am not supporting this article or anything….but NYR signed two big UFA


    So, know your shit b4 posting any comments…

    As for the article, I think this is just a coincidence.

    Boston, Pitts, St.Lo , they will all make the playoffs but they are going to go down in standings. None of these teams have good goaltending. especially boston…

    Teams like Detroit, Toronto, SJ, and Colarado will come up and probably finish a top their conferences…

    i think we are going to see a Toronto and SJ stanely cup final with SJ winning it all.

  26. titans says:

    Boston’s going down in the standings??? which standings are you looking at?

    As for their supposed lack of quality goaltending Shields has a 2.19 GAA having had only 26 goals scored against him all year.

  27. Tradedude says:

    no more like lumme, reichel, eriksson, berg, belak, and yah basically the euros, edpecially lumme and reichel. shit they take up about 5.5 mil in the salary cap. almost enough to sign someone like amonte, even though americans HATE canada and their crap money, DAMN YOU CHRETIEN!

  28. MantaRay says:

    Boughner was. The others… eh…

    That fact of the matter is Hull didn’t get the money he was asking because no one thought he was worth it. Detroit gotta a heck of deal and would not have persued Hull had he not dropped his price.

    These players are great but they were not the UFA saviours that Holik, Guerin, Kasperitis and Roenick were supposed to be. It was still mostly Yzerman & Hasek en route to winning the Cup. Hull and Luc were great compliments, not saviours.

  29. titans says:

    Your saying Boughner was a highly sought after as Robitaille?

    And don’t mention Kasparitus in the same breath as Yzerman, Roenik and Guerin. When did he become anything more than a hard hitting average D-man?

  30. MantaRay says:

    Yes, sir. Tough, stay at home defensemen were at a premium last season both Boughner & Sean O’donnell got significant pay raises while players like Robitaille had much less interest.

    I only put “the ghost” (of a former defensemen) in the catagory (but not with Yzerman) because he was the type of UFA that this article was speaking about.

    P.S. The Vision would kick Martian Man Hunters A$$.

  31. titans says:

    WHAT??? I don’t know whats more ridiculous, your first statement or your second! Boughner is an average D-man. Robitaille an all time great. Robitaille didn’t have alot of people calling cause’ everyone knew he wanted to go to a serious contender.

    And the Vision beating…HEHEHE HAHAHAHA!!! Vision beating…hahahaha I can’t even say it!

    Martian Manhunter can do it all! As strong as almost anyone, heat vision, invisibility, heat vision, invulnderable, he’s gone toe to toe with Captain Marvel and Superman.

    Vision is a pussy, only thing he ever did right was bang the hell outa than minx Scarlet Witch!

  32. leafwatcher says:

    Actually, dude you should get your shit straight before you write. Anyone who knows anything about hockey knows about Holik and Kasparitus. They’re really earning they’re pay checks.

  33. BudMan says:

    I agree with ya 100% that sux. Oh well we’ll just have to make the best of what we got. Hopefully they can make a decent trade though.

  34. allenbo says:

    san jose, you must be kidding

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