Anaheim, Colorado, Dallas, New Jersey up against cap. Look for trades! (source:

—->Anaheim is $1,831,500 under the cap with two signings (Marshall and Popovic) undisclosed. They still need to sign Ruslan Salei and Samuel Pahlsson. That would leave them with a spare defenseman, and an extra forward or two to get, along with signing a backup. Someone might get moved, or more likely Anaheim will just settle for cheap alternatives.

—->Colorado is $831,628 OVER the cap, with J-M Liles’ salary undisclosed. They however do have 8 NHL level defensemen, so two could get moved. Boughner is the most likely, along with Straskins. That would free up about 2.4/2.5 million, which would be fine given they’d have 23 players under contract.

—->Dallas is $894,798 under the cap. This however is with 5 salaries undisclosed. They only have 6 defensemen. They have 14 forwards, but 3 goalies, two of which could be back-ups. It looks like a forward or two could be gone, probably Stu Barnes. Guerin might be on the block too, though with his huge salary there might not be alot of takers.

—->New Jersey is $1,267,206 under the cap. This is without Ahonen, Elias, Hale, Martin, Friesen, and White signed, and with only 5 defensemen. They also only have Brodeur signed with no backup, and their forwards only have 1 extra. Looks like someone could be on the move. It seems like Matvichuk (with Hale, Martin, and White behind him) at 1.368 million could go, along with possibly Brylin, at about 1.5 million. Another potential candiditate could be Madden, who for his skill level is pricy at over 3 million. He seems to be a key part of their plan, but with Kozlov, Gomez, and Parise, finances might make him expendible.