Teams willing to deal their draft picks?

Larry Brooks of the New York Post provides some interesting draft day talk. Brooks indicates that there are no “saviours” in this years draft and that each of the teams in the top three positions … Chicago, Philly and Phoenix are entertaining offers for their picks.

Phoenix Coyote G.M. Don Maloney is apparently not actively going out of his way to shop his pick but also indicates that if he is able to trade the third overall pick it will have to be packaged with Nick Boynton and his large 2.95 million dollar contract.

HTR’s thoughts … the one team that is often mentioned to be very active in acquiring one of the to picks is the Vancouver Canucks. The Vancouver Canucks are looking to pick Vancouver prospect Kyle Turris. The name that is most often mentioned that would be the centerpiece of a package is Cory Schneider who is said to be one of the top goalie prospects in the world.

Read the article from the New York Post here

2 Responses to Teams willing to deal their draft picks?

  1. nordiques100 says:

    usually all this amounts to is chatter and thats as far as it goes. they all say "in the end we simply couldnt pass up picking this player"

  2. Milohabs says:

    I agree, BUT….

    It's the GM's job to exhaust all avenues that may result in improving their club. so YES, all the GM's talk to eachother, and many scenarios come up, but at the end of the day there are always just a few deals that actually happen on draft day.

    We'll see a few picks swapped, and we'll see a few trades, maybe 1 blockbuster, that's it.

    Montreal may move up to grab Esposito because the 2 teams picking before them are also interested. (Florida & Carolina)

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