Teemu Selanne will make decision next week, waiting to see role

Teemu Selanne has been considering his options all summer long but is approaching a decision; will he play another season or retire? The Ducks will take him if he commits to coming back.

While Selanne isn’t quite ready to give an answer to that question, it’s coming. Soon.

“By next week, I know what I’m going to do,” Selanne said. Fair enough, straight forward.

As you probably always assumed, the decision will either be to return to the Ducks or not play at all in the NHL next season. The option of playing for another team isn’t something that’s really in play even if a previous quote hinted that it might be.

If you are looking for any hints as to Selanne’s thinking, it will seemingly come down to Bruce Boudreau. Specifically, how he plans to use Selanne. Teemu wants to continue to play a relatively big role, one that is commiserate with his production. He wants what is fair, if he is deserving of a bigger role than he wants it. If not, OK.



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