Tellqvist and Tucker Offered In Deal? is reporting that the Leafs offered

Darcy Tucker and Mikael Tellqvist to the Oilers in

exchange for Chris Pronger, here is the link:

3 Responses to Tellqvist and Tucker Offered In Deal?

  1. Rufusy says:

    so spend over half the amount of the cap on 4 d man, dont really see it happing. would be nice to get pronger for mccabe and and tellqvist, i would make more sense with the cap for both teams. still not going to happen

  2. Marky2Fresh says:

    I wouldn’t mind spending half my cap on 4 defensemen and spending the other half on forwards.

  3. 92-93 says:

    Gibson should have went further and stated the rest of his speculation … in response to another Oiler fan who scoffed at this deal (justifiably so), Gibson responded:

    “Just remember, Telqvist and Tucker have been offered, and one more player from the Leafs will be sent, could it be Kubina? or maybe even Kaberle if he agrees to leave. T and T are just two-thirds of the Leafs offer. Actually, Edmonton asked for Tucker.”

    well now this is different isn’t it?

    Kubina, Tucker and Tellqvist … that’s different isn’t it? i wish Gibson stated that from the outset.

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