Ten Step Program for NYR

Ten Step Program for the New York Rangers

– 10 Steps Along The Road To The Playoffs –
1) Get a new coach. Sather needs to step down as the head coach. Mike Keenan still does not have a coaching job and is the obvious choice for this underachieving, yet extremely talented team. Sather continues to make excuses for his team. He’s done an absolutely fabulous job as a GM, but the coaching just isn’t translating into wins and he should do what’s right for his team and bring in Keenan.

2) Bring in Jaromir Jagr. Yes, there’s been so much debate about this, and lately a lot of people have been saying that goaltending is now the Rangers biggest concern… I was at the garden for the 5-0 loss to Calgary the other night. Goaltending was not the problem. Markkanen can’t be expected to stop Jarome Iginla from 6 feet in front of the net all by himself! Not a single defenseman within 20 feet of him. The other two goals that Jussi gave up were deflections or screens in front and there isn’t anything he could’ve done to prevent them. I feel that it was a very stupid move by Sather to switch goaltenders for the second period. Markkanen played fine, the rest of the team played terribly. Dunham came in and gave up a horrible goal and the game was virtually over at 4-0. The fifth goal was a dump-in around the glass that bounced off the partition in the glass and was re-directed right into the empty net as Dunham was waiting for the puck to continue around the board behind the net. The fourth and fifth goals were very fluky. The Rangers lost because the Rangers didn’t get a single shot from the middle. Everything was from the outside. Calgary played a great team game, but the bottom line is that their team should not be able to contain every one of the scorers that the Rangers have. Kovalev has 6 goals on the season… He should be leading this team and he’s not. He’s still playing well but has failed to finish most of the spectacular plays that he starts. Jagr is like Bure. He can break games wide open and he’s continued to show that recently in Washington, even though he’s often been inconsistent from night to night.

3) Get rid of the useless players. The Rangers finally have enough depth and have plenty of young players in Hartford that can fill in if injuries become a problem. Get rid of the one year wonder, Hlavac. Get rid of Purinton. They’re not helping as healthy scratches and fill-ins from Hartford would be eager to earn a spot and would play with grit and heart which is much more than anyone can say about Hlavac.

4) Light a fire under Nedved. Petr Nedved needs to play with his size or he needs to be traded. He has become the player he was two years ago when the entire garden booed him. He plays on a circular rink and will shy away from any physical play. He’s way too soft and has no reason to be. It’s not like he’s a small guy. He’s 6’3″ 200 lbs! He’s also got one of the most accurate and best wrist shots in the game, hands down. You cannot argue with that. In the December 22nd game against Boston, he scored two goals with nobody in front of the net. He just stepped in and wristed a shot to the top corner and it was in the back of the net before the goalie even reacted. Why can’t he do that every night? Inconsistency once again. The other team doesn’t put the kind of defensive pressure on Nedved that they do on Kovalev and Lindros, so Petr can easily be the key to turning this team around. He needs to hit the net more and get the puck deep instead of trying those backhand, no-look passes at the blue line. If he can’t do that, he should be packaged in a deal with Hlavac and Purinton for a big defenseman (ie: Brendan Witt, Dan McGillis) and possibly a center to fill Nedved’s spot even though the Rangers have enough depth with Rheaume now to fill their spots, especially if the Rangers acquired Jagr.

5) Keep Anson Carter. Contrary to what I’ve heard many of you say, Anson Carter is a great fit in New York. He hasn’t found the same game he had in Edmonton because New York plays a much different style than Edmonton did then. Garbage goals are still goals. I don’t hear anyone saying that Keith Tkachuk isn’t playing well because 85% of his goals are garbage goals. We need guys like that. Anson needs to be more consistent just as

Kovalev, Leetch, and Lindros do, but Keenan should definitely be able to help with that as well.

6) Put Bobby Holik back in front of the net on the powerplay. This was a great idea and improved the Rangers struggling power-play, but for some reason they have stopped doing that. Lindros or Holik should be in front of the net as much as possible on the powerplay to screen the opposing goaltenders, deflect shots and pick up the rebounds. Lindros and Holik are two of the best at those three things. Why the coaching staff has

not continued to use this strategy is beyond me.

7) Shoot on the powerplay! Does this team realize that nice passing and always being unselfish doesn’t win games? Why are they afraid to shoot? Kovalev, Leetch, and Poti have excellent shots from the point and continue to pass up every opportunity they get. Instead of the chants of “shoot” heard throughout the stands on a powerplay, Ranger fans have started to chant “Pass!” sarcastically because the Rangers powerplay has become a How-Not-To video for running a successful powerplay. Passing the puck back and forth around the perimeter won’t eventually open up a magical opportunity for an easy goal. You need to shoot the puck. Penalty kills these days have becoming increasingly

aggressive instead of the old style of sitting back and collapsing around the net. And teams have especially been aggressive against the Rangers because they know they don’t shoot the puck.

8) Hold an extra 30 minute practice every day for Malakhov and Mironov to practice hitting the net from the blue line. These two must combine for the most missed shots in the entire league. Night after night we are seeing the same thing. Kovalev carries the puck in, beats a defender, drops the puck back to Mironov or Malakhov at the point and they miss the night by 10-15 feet. This can’t continue to happen.

9) Slap some sense into Poti and Leetch. They are being outplayed by deVries and Kasparaitis every night. Kasparaitis is finally shooting and making excellent outlet passes to start the rush and deVries is picking his spots perfectly and jumping into the play and having great success. deVries and Kaspar look like Poti and Leetch should, while Poti and Leetch have played quiet games and their plus/minus stats are not nearly where they should be while Darius and deVries are among the lead leaders. Poti remains a defensive liability but Leetch hasn’t been playing that great either and isn’t giving Poti a lot of help. Poti may be moved in a deal to bring in that big defenseman I was talking about to pair with Leetch if he continues to go for the puck instead of the body in his own zone.

10) Do not make a goaltending move. Dunham is a perfectly capable goaltender to lead this team in the playoffs if they can make it there. For now, I would continue to play Markkanen, I think he played fine in Calgary. None of the goals were his fault and any goaltender would have let them in with the way the Rangers played defensively and took offensive zone penalties in that game. Start Markkanen until he shows signs of fatigue and until Dunham feels back to form. He’s admitted he’s still missing a step in his game and that’s understandable. No, it’s not an excuse, but it’s understandable, and bringing in a new goaltender and shopping Dunham would be a big mistake at this point. Once Dunham gets back his confidence he’ll be at the top of the league once again, and Markkanen will continue to be Sather’s best off-season move. He’s a wonderful young goalie with a world of potential and the thing that impresses me the most is the way he carries himself. He’s very confident and doesn’t get shaken up. He’s always so calm and laid-back. He’s not at all cocky, he just doesn’t get rattled and is hardly ever out of position. Much like Sean Burke and Brodeur, he’s always in position and makes a lot of the difficult saves look easy. This is the form that Dunham needs to get back to, so let Markkanen play until Dunham can be the clear cut starter.

81 Responses to Ten Step Program for NYR

  1. trailerparkboys says:

    Do you think that Sather and keenan can live under one roof ? To much ego. And yeah I understood that Sather would step down as coach.

    How do you know that he is not a cancer? All the fingers seem to point in that direction. Do i have to be in the room to figure it out . When was last time you heard that ” Jajr is good guy ” Coming out of the players mouth ? Never !!!!.

    And yeah !! The Rangers players may have been leaders on other teams ,But Somthing happened on the plane . To say that the Rangers have leaders like the Wings!! NO NO NO . He Would not walk in the Dressing room in Detroit, Like he would in the big apple!! Come on man, Think about it . Detroit is a true team . As well as to sign key players they also built from within. Detroit has a beter dressing room period. And No I have never been in either dressing room.

    Good goltending to get them in the playoffs, maybe? But the money they spend, No my friend they have to have better!!!!!!

    Bubbles out

  2. trailerparkboys says:

    Man !! I have to think that Detroit’s room gels better!! Did they have to ban cell phones in their room? They just don’t have the chemystry that Detroit has 3 cups !! I think that Jajr would play better in Detroit. Because he would be going there with a good understanding of where he stands .

    I never said get rid of the veterns.

    It may be streaky but I love it “OILERS HOCKEY”

    He may be coming around ! but until I see him running over people .. He just will never be the same to me

    I think that the oilers got York because, Didn’t Sather draft Poti? Plus he has so much of a up side offensivly . But it is his lack of heart. Either that or he is actuly scared. I still scratch my head at him.

    Maybe it is the owner . But goaltenders have big names too . Just ask Hasek he’ll tell you….

    Bubbles out

  3. Bretzky says:

    yea, good idea asshole. we’ll keep “puritan” and “Havlat.” Refresh my memory, who did we trade to Ottawa to get Martin Havlat? Oh wait, that’s right, he’s not on our team you dumbass. Did you mean Hlavac? Get it right, or pay the price.

  4. Bretzky says:

    lol what a genius. yes the team was playing bad, but you still don’t pull the goalie when the goalie isn’t playing bad when the reason you started him was because your starting goalie was in a bad slump.

  5. Bretzky says:

    and then i was proved right when dunham came in and let in 2 more goals and the first one he let in was a pitiful goal that shouldn’t have even brought dunham to his knees but he fell down and it went through his legs. i love when people make comments like this and start off with “DO YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HOCKEY? HAVE YOU JUST STARTED WATCHING / PLAYING HOCKEY? OMG” and then don’t back up anything they say. Really weak attempt.

  6. Bretzky says:

    lol. keenan is the epitome of the kind of coach you described.

  7. Blastocystosis says:

    What are you on about? I didn’t even say anything bad about hispanic people. Are you just trying to say in other words “Hey, I’m really dumb.”

  8. Leaf_Expert_hater says:

    Agreed. Phrased that way, you plan seems to be a great way to not only teach the kids, but give them the playing time they need to develop, while keeping the budget light….

    Problem with the Rangers is Lindros, Kovalev, Poti, Holik, Nedved and Hlavac are TERRIBLE role models….. ship’em all out, or the kids will grow up to be the same sort of whiny, selfish punks that the aforemetnioned players are…

    The Moose’s effect seems to also have finally dried up….

    Every NYR fan should get in line and orally pleasure Mike Dunham for making the Rangers at least sorta respectable…

  9. GretzNYR99 says:

    This is why I said it starts from the top, and goes to the bottom. Jim Dolan doesn’t care, he’ll still get his money, so if his team sucks, he doesn’t care. Sather doesn’t care because the owner doesn’t care. The players don’t care because the coach doesn’t care. The fans SHOULDN’T care because THE WHOLE FUCKING CLUB DOESN’T CARE. I’ve spent years and years cheering for this team, unfortunately, I’m a loyal dog, and it’s as addicting as alcohol, even though in the end, I know things are going to suck.

  10. Beckfan5 says:

    O.K., you go first.

  11. GretzNYR99 says:

    Bona-fide Veterans?

    Buchberger isn’t a real impact player who can take control on the ice, McKenna is a FIGHTER at best, Eastwood is a career 4th line guy, Holzinger had a few good seasons back when the NHL was more offense oriented, and Berehowsky is a decent defensive defenseman. Those guys aren’t great leaders. Something better than that has to come in and help out.

    I think YOU need to quit posting.

  12. The_Conductor says:

    I don’t know, but just a gut feeling about Jagr. I cant say he will or wont workout in New York, but he just seems like a gamble.

    As well he has been quoted as saying he hates the Washington coach and he doesn’t like playing there. To me that is a cancer for a team… we he vocalizes his opinion about the coaching staff.

    (The source I had heard this from was “That’s Hockey” and from a local sports radio station talk show).

  13. beefer says:

    So I guess tonight was another example of the Islanders embarassing the Rangers???

  14. GretzNYR99 says:

    “7) I love sitting in the blue seats at the Garden and counting consecutive passes w/o a shot on the powerplay… but I love seeing five shots on the PP and PP goals much, much more.” – Heh, I noted that you did that somewhere else on this article, or another.

    Alright… as for your points…

    1. Agreed completely, have I not said that Sather has no control of this team? Very good points about how he would use the right players better in the right situations.

    2. I don’t agree with the Kovalev clone thing. Jagr is a guy if anything is Alex Kovalev but with better finishing skills and he’ll shoot more than he’ll pass. Jagr may be a puckhog, but he scores enough to back it up.

    3. I’ve said this about the fire call many times… NO. Call up some youth, but not all of it. It stunts their development when they have no leaders and they’re all fighting for spots.

    4. Deadved’s been playing good lately, but was a shadow earlier.

    5. Laraque would be a great fit here. He reminds me a lot of Adam Graves, but more of a fighter, and less skilled.

    6. Agreed, he’s been scoring goals in front like Crazy.

    7. I already commented on.

    8. I’ve been saying this, Malakhov is dragging down Mironov.

    9. Tjutin’s injured, as is a good percentage of the Pack. Poti needs to go, I never wanted York to leave.

    10. I’m liking what I’m seeing from him, the urgency and the good positioning is there, and the Rangers have been playing MUCH better for him.

  15. Beckfan5 says:

    Well, you should have expected a reply from this Ranger fan Motherfucker! Dont ever expect me to hide when it comes to the teams I follow!

    1. Your a moron for even suggesting that they go out and get a new coach w/ 39 games left in the season. Your one of the people out here that bitch chemistry, chemistry, chemistry! Why fuck with it now? You think Keenan is going to come in here and go w/ the same system? Come fucking on! If anything Renny should take over IF they were to make a change since hes been there all season.

    2. Jagr dosent have to play D?! NO! Neither dose Poti, Malakohv, Messier, Nedved, Simon, Hlavac and Carter, so why not add one more to the mix?

    And WHAT makes you think that the Caps would want Poti or Carter or Hlavac or all three for him? They SUUUUUCK!!!!

    How did I know you couldnt conjure up a deal? Because your wishfull thinking.

    3. Why do I respond to your article telling you exactly what you say? Read Fucker! I didnt tell you anything you said. As a matter of fact I mentioned FIVE useless players to your lone TWO. And one that you mentioned, I didnt.

    4. You lame duck. I QUOTED YOU YOU MORON!!!! Dont put your words into my mouth stating im the one who said it. You said hes got one of the most accurate wrist shots in the game then stated he needs to hit the net more, go back and read the origanalarticle you wrote PLEASE?!!!

    And what are you talking about calling Bettman and stop playing games??!!! Stop it, STOP! Your making no sence.

    Nedveds never going to hit to create space for himself, period. He either a. needs to use his speed or b. needs a big guy on his line to create space for him. Like Holik dose for Kovalev and Ruchinsky and like Simon did for Messier in the begining of the season. Lindros creates space for himself and Nedveds not that type of player.

    5. Anson Carter dose not suck, Oh my God, here we go. Did I hit a sore spot w/ this one? What kind of depth dose a second line winger provide when he misses backchecks and cant hit the net? Common.

    What kind of sucsess dose a player thats in his tenth year have with only 24 games of playoff hockey under his belt, last one four seasons ago? Not much. Not to mention he has only 13 points and is a -5 in those 24 playoff games, YEAAAAHH!

    When did I mention that they bring up a kid from Hartford in my #5 post? Huh?

    Give up? Your damn right im giving up on him. Hes the second line RW for crying out loud thats played w/ Messier, Lindros, Holik, Kovalev and now playesw/ Nedved and he gets plenty of PP time and he only has NINE GOALS in 48 games. And how come you didnt coment on when I said he dosent shoot, backcheck or hit? Is it because im right? HE FUCKING SUUUUUUUUUCKS!!!!!!!!

    6. Thats because they practice the PP FIVE ON OOOOHHH! Why do you need a guy in front when you practice five on 0 when all you do is pass, pass, pass, pass then shoot with no one defending. Do you read the papers? He was at the blue line tonight because your boys Poti and Carter dont man the point like their supposed to. Theygot to net so players like Holik and Lindros are usually the ones covering their asses.

    7. Your a dick.

    8. Your whole post was a joke, why make people try and figure it out by #8?

    9. Dont blame Leetch for Potis fuckups. Potis the bigger out of the two and Leetch is the one trying to clear the crease. Plus maybe you forgot but Leetch didnt have a training camp.

    As for Purinton, WHY NOT?! Beukeboom was the #2 to Leetch so why not teach Purinton? What, you dont think Beuk overcame his dumb penalties? Well no he didnt, but he learned to control them, like Purinton is doing right now. FYI, Beukeboom had 201 pim in his first full season. But i guess none of them were dumb right?

    Oh and Adam Foote or a Ed Jovanovski didnt take bad penalties either in their first few seasons? Not saying Purinton is going to be as good as these guys but they werent angels either when comming up so your big guys have to start somewhere and learn to be sucessful. Right? RIGHT?!

    10. Oh sorry, my bad. You compared the BACKUP to Broduer. Even better.

    Dude, do us all a favor, become an Islander fan, your better suited.

  16. Beckfan5 says:

    Didnt he have a problem in Pittsburgh with Constantine and Hninkla ( whoever the Czech coach was) too?

  17. Beckfan5 says:

    Nor is there enough pucks.

  18. Beckfan5 says:

    Yeah but when the team isint playing well in front of him and the defensive zone coverage is breaking down left and right, you dont let the guy just sit there and get roasted and embarassed!

    Why the hell do you think Roy left Montreal? Do I have to teach you everything?

  19. Bretzky says:

    LMFAO, you’re so dumb. Just out of curiousity, how old are you? I’m not even going to waste any more time proving you wrong. Everything you said is either irrelevant, untrue, or I have already thoroughly explained why you’re wrong. Wow. Get a clue.

    One thing I thought was funny though…

    “Your making no sence.”

    How ironic that you spelled “sense” wrong… hmm


  20. GretzNYR99 says:

    Roy left Montreal because he was unhappy with the management.

  21. GretzNYR99 says:

    Clean house… look at Pittsburgh, I’ve explained this already. Enough said.

    Bure? 8 of his 10 mill is paid by insurance.

    Lindros may have a guaranteed $9 million this year, but for all the other years, it was 3.3 guaranteed. I think that’s a bargain. So you don’t give one of the better defensemen in the NHL $6.5 million to come back and anchor your defense? Ok buddy.

    I’ve explained Holik’s situation before… look into it… Supply and Demand, free agent market, bidding war. Rangers won the bidding war, end of story. It’s the owner’s faults, get over it.

  22. GretzNYR99 says:

    1. I like the idea of Renney being the coach, Sather obviously has no control over the team, maybe Renney will. You’re right on Keenan, he’ll come in and throw a curveball on how things should be done. That change should have happened earlier.

    2. I’ve said this time and time again that Jagr is a defensive liability… NO SHIT HE IS, but we NEED a finisher to come in and score big goals. It’s either him or Billy Guerin, and although I would have love to have gotten Guerin in 02 and would still love to have him now, I don’t think he’s gonna leave.

    3. I agree on the 5 useless players, the only difference is Nedved’s had success here before in more than one season, the others, haven’t and won’t. Carter, Hlavac, Poti, Malakhov.

    4. Nedved is phyiscal only when he wants to be or when he has to get the fans off of his back.

    5. Carter needs to go, I’ve said this all along.

    6. LOL, I heard that also. They need real pk guys in here, bring in a Matt Cooke or a Jere Lehtinen, or someone who’s a real good checking center or winger. Hell, Yanic Perreault is available, inquire about him and send them Nedved with salary eaten. That’s even a little too much for Perreault who’s a UFA next season, and in this case, his trade value goes down, so I’d get him while we can, he’d be a great fit as a #2 or #3 center.

    As for 7 and 8, I’ll let you 2 work that out.

    9. Thank you, Poti has fucking sucked all year, he’s horrible defensively. So what, he has 7 goals… he’s also help let up about 70. Poti stickchecks and doesn’t play the body, and he even whiffs a lot on the stickchecks. He doesn’t come back at all to help when he gets caught up high. He needs to go, bring in Jason Smith and pair him with Leetch. That’d be the best defensive pairing we’ve had since Leetch and Beuke.

    10. I’ve already commented on that.

    I think what it comes down to here is that you’re more of a realist than Bretzky is. Bretzky’s got some very valid points, you’re just rather more realistic and borderline pessimistic about this team.

  23. GretzNYR99 says:

    You’re still here? You still haven’t gotten over the fact that I’ve schooled you 6 ways from Sunday on every facet of Hockey there is? Says a lot about you, kid. One thing…

    You need a life. 🙂

  24. GretzNYR99 says:

    1. Jagr would fit there, of course, but would be a better fit in NY.

    A. The bright lights and big city, he loves it.

    B. Being the center of attention, he loves that too, and is motivated and plays at his best when that’s the case.

    Jagr wouldn’t pull his shit in the Rangers locker room because of the fact that Sather would be there. That’s not very wise.

    I love watching Oilers hockey myself, Center Ice is one of the best things ever invented.

    He has been running over people, you must be watching Brett Lindros play in a recreational league or something. I was at the Ranger/Islander game on Saturday, and he was wrecking people. Against Carolina, he took out Danny Markov, and leveled Sean Hill.

    James Dolan, owner of the Rangers and Knicks is an idiot, had we still had our previous ownership, we wouldn’t have the highest payroll in the league, and we’d be a cup contender.

  25. Beckfan5 says:

    What did I say that was untrue? What Carter dosent suck? And you didnt thoroughly explain anything. You didnt check your facts on anything, nothing at all. Dude check your facts and stats before you post another thing about this team, YOU HEAR ME!

    Your an enbarasment to these fans you Jackwad.

    Next time I come down harder.

  26. Bretzky says:

    lmfao. oh, i see. so you’re one of those guys who acts tough behind his computer. “YOU HEAR ME!” ???? wtf is that? lmao. soooo sad.

    Yea, next time put your lips down harder around it. It feels better that way. And feel free to use your hands. Thanks.

  27. GretzNYR99 says:

    He won’t pull that with Sather, being that Sather is the GM and coach of the team. No, not happening. If JJ doesn’t like the coaching staff, he could just be put on waivers and leave the team.

  28. GretzNYR99 says:

    Hlinka, yes. But the team also couldn’t understand him, his English was horrible. Still is from what I’ve heard.

  29. GretzNYR99 says:

    When have the Asslanders embarrassed us? We’re 6-0-2 in our last 8 against them, they haven’t won a game against us since 2002, thank you very much.

  30. DirtySanchez says:

    Wow, schooled who…..I am just not on this thing for every comment made. You are dillusional because you have consistantly made an ass of your self since then and not only with me but in all of your postings on this article as well. People are actually siding with Leaf Expert over you…hahahahahahahaha. face it man, you are the laughing stock at this site.

  31. DirtySanchez says:

    Oh and by the way fuckface, the Isles have embarassed you by getting into the postseason while you have been one of the fans watching your dick shrink and jumping off the bandwagon. Face it, your MSG should be named the cottonelle center because everybody is wiping their ass with you team. ….and thank you very much.

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